Diploma vs Associate Degree: Difference and Comparison

In earlier times, once a student completed post-secondary education, the most common career choice was to pursue a graduate degree. The traditional way was to go to a college for a four-year degree.

With the changing times, many options have been introduced for a student. Gone are the days when building a career meant attending college for four years.

So many options are available for students to choose from after they have completed their post-secondary. These options include- a certification, diploma, or degree program.

The most suitable option depends on the job a student is looking for and the time he or she has to commit to his or her education.


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Nowadays, more and more people tend to change their jobs and careers. Quite a few people realize their passion, at a later stage in life.

In such cases, too, there are various options that a person can choose from while changing career paths. Of the various options, a diploma and associate degree are the most common.

Key Takeaways

  1. A diploma is a certificate issued by an educational institution, such as a high school, technical school, or vocational school, that signifies the completion of a specific course of study or training program.
  2. An associate degree is a post-secondary degree awarded by community colleges, junior colleges, and some universities, completed in two years. It can be a terminal degree or a stepping stone toward a bachelor’s degree.
  3. Both diplomas and associate degrees serve as credentials for completing a course of study. Still, diplomas are issued for various educational levels and programs, while associate degrees specifically represent post-secondary education, often with a broader academic scope.

Diploma vs Associate Degree

The difference between a diploma and an associate degree is that a diploma is for a shorter period and focuses on acquiring a specific skill. On the other hand, an associate degree is for a longer period and is more of general education in a specific field of study.

Diploma vs Associate degree


Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDiplomaAssociate Degree
FocusA diploma focuses more on technical knowledge than on theoretical knowledge.An associate degree focuses more on theory-based learning.
Completion timeA diploma is for about 1 year.An associate degree is for 2-4 years.
CostDiplomas are cost-effective programsAssociate degree programs involve a higher amount of costs.
Career OptionsAfter completing a diploma, career options are limited to a specific field.After completing an associate degree, many career options are available.
Class ScheduleIn a diploma program, the class schedule is flexibleIn an associate degree, the class schedule is a strict one.
AttendantsIn a diploma program, most of the attendants are working professionals.In an associate degree, most of the attendants are students.
Institutions offeringA diploma program is offered mostly in technical and vocational schools and community colleges.An associate degree program is offered in 2 and 4-year colleges and universities.


What is Diploma?

Simply put, a diploma is a certificate issued by an educational institution that confirms that the person receiving it has finished a particular course of study. The duration of a diploma course is for about a year or two.

Diplomas focus on helping the attendant acquire a specific skill in a particular field. They do not concentrate on general training. They are more technical and less theoretical.

They help acquire the required knowledge in a specific field of study. They also help by providing hands-on experience in the specific field.

This enables the attendant to learn the practice the skills rather than just reading about them in books.

A diploma is a perfect option for people who change their career paths. They can be completed quickly and are cost-effective methods of acquiring knowledge.


What is Associate Degree?

An associate degree is an educational program that colleges and universities award. The duration of an associate degree program is two years.

This program helps to train students for a particular career. It is focussed vocationally.

This program is considered to have a greater level of education than a high school diploma.

The applicants of this program are students who have completed their secondary school. This program aims to provide the applicants with some basic academic knowledge and transferable skills, which in turn help them while seeking employment or pursuing further studies.

After completing an associate degree, students can transfer to a four-year college or university to achieve a full-fledged degree.

An associate degree makes it easier for students to get a better job in the market. They stand a better chance of earning high salaries because they are prepared for positions above the entry-level.

associate degree

Main Differences Between Diploma and Associate Degree

  1. A diploma is completed in about a year, whereas an associate degree is completed in two-four years.
  2. A diploma focuses more on technical and practical knowledge. On the other hand, an associate degree focuses on a theory-based form of learning.
  3. A diploma is a cost-effective method of acquiring knowledge, whereas an associate degree is costlier.
  4. After a diploma course, an attendant has limited career options. Jobs can be found in a specific field. On the other hand, after an associate degree, an attendant has various career options open.
  5. A diploma program is offered in technical and vocational schools, whereas an associate degree program is offered in 2 and 4-year colleges and universities.
Difference Between Diploma and Associate Degree

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