Bagel vs Bialy: Difference and Comparison

People wish to eat various food items, and there are so many dishes in the World. Every Country, State has a lot of cooking and follows some traditional dishes too. Bagel and Bialy are the bread food items that are available in Poland and Israel.  

Key Takeaways

  1. Bagels are boiled before baking, creating a chewy texture, while bialys are baked, resulting in a softer crust.
  2. Bagels have a hole in the middle, whereas bialys have a depression filled with onions and other ingredients.
  3. Bialys originated in Bialystok, Poland, while bagels have uncertain origins, though they are often associated with Eastern European Jewish cuisine.

Bagel vs Bialy  

A bagel is a round bread roll that has a dense, chewy, doughy interior with a browned, crisp exterior. It has a hole in the middle. A bialy has a depression instead of a hole which is filled with ingredients such as chopped onion, breadcrumbs, poppy seeds, and garlic. It is softer, chewier, and lighter.

Bagel vs Bialy

Bagel is a round bread item that is available in Poland, Israel, and Germany. Jewish Communities in Poland prefer these Bagels. Bagel appeared in a round design that consisted of yeasted wheat dough.

It is roughly hand-sized. Later, it boils in water for a short period and then is baked. Bagels look like bread, but these are different from bread.   


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Bialy is a flatbread food item had originated in Israel and Poland. Polish Jews had created the Bialy. Bialy is a Yiddish word also known as Bialystoker Kuchen. The name Bialystoker Kuchen is from Bialystok city in Poland. Bialy is the traditional dish in Polish Ashkenazi Jewish Cuisine.   

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBagel Bialy 
Meaning    Bagel is a bread product with a rounded structure.   Bialy is a bread product with a flat structure. 
Originated      Bagel had originated from Poland and also available in Israel, Germany. Bialy had created by the Polish Jews and available in Poland, Israel.   
Ingredients      High-gluten flour, yeast, malt, salt, and water are the main ingredients had used to prepare the Bagel.   Bread, Onions, Flour, yeast, kosher salt, salt, and water are the ingredients used to make the Bialy. 
Difference  Bagel had rounded in structure and consist of a hole in the middle.  Bialy consists of depression where it had filled with ingredients and, it is flat structure bread. It consists of an open range compared with Bagel. 
Storage    A bagel can store up to 1 to 3 days at room temperature and lasts up to 4 to 6 days without moisture.   Bialy can be fresh up to one day at room temperature and lasts up to one month in certain refrigerators.   

What is Bagel?  

Bagel is a round-shaped bread that originates from Israel, Poland, and Germany. Bagels are bread products that appear round and include a hole in the middle. Jewish Communities in Poland prefer these Bagels. Primarily Bagels are hand-made items and baked finally. 

Bagel had appeared around and consisted of yeasted wheat dough, and it is a roughly hand-sized item. Then the dish was boiled in water for a short time and baked it finally.

The ingredients used to prepare the Bagels are Flour or High-gluten flour, Eggs, Yeast, Sesame, Salt and water, Poppy seeds, baking powder, and Greek yoghurt. Primarily Bagel doughs do not require eggs, but egg Bagels are unusual in taste.  

Each Bagel consists of 245 calories. Bagels contain the vitamins like B-6 and consist of Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron. The weight of each Bagel is 98 grams. There are 16 different Bagel dishes that an individual can eat. They are,  

  1. Cinnamon Raisin Bagels  
  2. Egg Bagels  
  3. Plain Bagels  
  4. Garlic Bagels  
  5. Everything Bagels  
  6. Chocolate Chip Bagels  
  7. Onion Bagels  
  8. Asiago Bagels  
  9. Blueberry Bagels  
  10. Poppyseed Bagels  
  11. French Toast Bagels  
  12. Whole-Wheat Bagels  
  13. Pumpernickel Bagels  
  14. Cheddar Bagels  
  15. Salt Bagels  
  16. Sesame Bagels  

The mythology says the Bagels had softer because New York had prepared the Bagels using New York City’s water. Water has low concentrations of magnesium and calcium and helps to make the Bagels softer.

Bagels had stored for up to 1 to 3 days at room temperature, and, Bagels can remain for 4 to 6 days in refrigerators. Sesame and Everything Bagels are known as the heart-healthiest Bagels.  


What is Bialy?  

Bialy is a flatbread food item that originated from Israel and Poland. Bialy is a Yiddish word also known as Bialystoker Kuchen. The name Bialystoker Kuchen is from Bialystok City in Poland.

The main ingredient used to prepare Bialy is Flour. Polish Jews had created the Bialy. Bialy is the traditional dish in Polish Ashkenazi Jewish Cuisine.

Bialy had prepared by rounding the flour, and the ingredients like onions and poppy seeds had been arranged in the depression of the Bialy. Then Bialy is baked, and it does not have a pull-away crust. Large bubbles will form on the bialy innards, and the Bialy dish does not shine.

Onion, Flour, Salt, Poppy seeds, Kosher salt, and yeast are the ingredients that help in Bialy preparation. A single Bialy possessed 180 calories when a teaspoon of butter with canola oil had added, and a Bialy consisted of 200 Calories.   

There are four ways to add taste to the Bialys. There are,   

  • Traditional- onion sauteed Bialy dish prepared by using olive oil, poppy seeds, and black pepper.  
  • Adding cheese gives a particular taste to Bialys.  
  • Marinara Sauce with pepperoni and mozzarella gives an allowable taste to Bialys.   
  • Adding a Slice of Jalapeno pepper and Shredded Cheddar cheese is another taste for Bialys.  

Bialys had designed to toast. Bialys last for one month when placed in temperature conditions, and they had stored for up to 1 day at room temperature.

The Bialy dish with onion flakes had preferred to eat as breakfast. Bialys contain low calories compared to Bagels. Bialys are in an open range in size than Bagels.  


Main Differences Between Bagel and Bialy  

  1. Bagels are available in Israel, Germany, and Poland, whereas Bialys are available in Israel and Poland.  
  2. Bagels are in a round structure, whereas Bialys are flat-structured bread items.  
  3. Bagels contain wholes, and Bialys consists of a depression that consists of ingredients.  
  4. Bagels had stored for up to 1 to 3 days at room temperature. In Contrast, Bialys had stored for up to 1 day at room temperature.  
  5. Bagels can last up to 4 to 6 days at some temperature conditions, and Bialys can last up to one month at some temperature conditions.  
Difference Between Bagel and Bialy

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