Bakewell Tart vs Pudding: Difference and Comparison

Bakewell is a company which was established more than forty years ago and produced a large variety of freshly baked products which are famous worldwide for their taste and different flavours.

They are most famous for two products: Bakewell tart and Bakewell pudding. The two names are used interchangeably but have a vast difference.

Key Takeaways

  1. Bakewell Tart features a shortcrust pastry base filled with layers of jam and frangipane, topped with flaked almonds.
  2. Bakewell Pudding uses a puff pastry base, and its filling is a combination of egg custard and almond paste.
  3. Both desserts originated in Bakewell, England, but the tart is more widely known and popular.

Bakewell Tart vs Pudding 

Bakewell tart is a traditional English dessert with a short crust pastry base It has a thin layer of jam and a frangipane filling, it is topped with almonds. Bakewell pudding, on the other hand, has a similar base and filling but has no jam and is served hot with custard.

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBakewell TartBakewell Pudding 
IngredientsAlmond cake, jam, baked crust without eggsPastry, jams, almonds, and the batter are made with eggs.
TextureIt has a solid crust on which jam is spread and is topped with almond cake.It has a puffy pastry topped with different kinds of jams and crushed nuts of various kinds.
Serving The tart is served at a normal room temperature, mostly without whipped cream.The pudding is served warm alongside cream, ice cream or fruits.
Origin of the food itemIt originated when an employee lined the pastry liners and made the crust hard.It originated by mistake when an employee spread the jam first, and it became a worldwide hit.
Sweetness It is less sweet due to the absence of whipped cream in the traditional tart.It is sweeter because of the presence of jams along with whipped cream and fruits.

What is Bakewell Tart?

The tart is an important sweet dish made and popular in the United States and is made up of a solid crust on which jams are spread. Jams are of various flavours, like strawberries, blueberries, etc.

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Bakewell produces over 1000 tarts over different outlets each week and comes in the top 3 best-selling dishes at Bakewell.

The serving of the tart differs, and it depends on the person eating it. Most people prefer it warm. By the term warm, we mean after 10-15 minutes of its cooking, and others prefer it cold, which is about an hour after.

The tart can be consumed within 1-2 days and stored for a while in an airtight container to prevent bugs and insects from attacking it.

The cherry Bakewell and Bakewell tart are different from each other. The former uses cherries that are half baked and are individual servings, whereas the tarts are served in small portions to a group of 8-10 people.

The Bakewell tart has no eggs and whipped cream. Over the period, it has developed and gained more sugar content and can be cooked with eggs.

It was discovered by hardening a portion of the lined pastry and turned out to be a delicious experiment.

bakewell tart

What is Bakewell Pudding?

One of the classic desserts served by Bakewell has gained much popularity due to its creamy and smooth texture. The pudding taste is comparatively sweeter and served with jams and toppings.

The jams are made of fruits, and toppings vary from almonds to fruits.

The origin of the pudding is said to be a delicious mistake made by an employee in the 1880s. The cook had to make a pastry in which the eggs and the almonds had to be poured.

In place of this, the cook spread the batter on the jam and baked it. The end product was something like egg custard and was delicious enough to be sold. 

The pudding consists of eggs because it makes the pastry fluffy, but vegetarians can consume it if they ask for the eggless one.

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The pudding is served along with cream, ice cream and fruits. The warm and cold texture together has proved to enhance the taste, and it comes in various flavours.

The pudding can be preserved for a day or two without refrigeration. The only condition is that they should be kept in a cool dark place.

After that, they can be kept in an airtight container and frozen. Each portion is an individual slice, but it depends upon the weight of the pudding you ordered. 

bakewell pudding

Main Differences Between Bakewell Tart and Pudding

  1. The ingredients of the tart and pudding vary a bit but the taste changes. The tarts are made up of solid crust, which is traditionally eggless and have jams and almond cake as a topping, whereas the pudding has a pastry which is fluffy topped with jam and crushed almonds along with eggs.
  2. The tart can live up to 1-2 days without being refrigerated and stay frozen for a month, whereas pudding can stay up to 10 hours outside the fridge and be frozen for 15 days.
  3. The tarts are served cold or after 10-15 minutes of baking, along with some whipped cream if required, whereas puddings are served warm with cream, ice cream and custard to enhance the flavour.
  4. The tart originated when an employee tried to make the crust of the pastry liners hard, whereas the origin of the pudding was a mistake when a cook put the batter above the jam rather than mixing it.
  5. The tart is less sweet due to reasons such as no whipped cream and a solid crust, whereas puddings are sweeter due to the presence of jams and pastries. 
Difference Between Bakewell Tart and Pudding

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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