Bambuser vs Periscope: Difference and Comparison

We are living in a world of growing technology, and a lot of people are working in the digital sector as influencers, reaching out to people and helping them. With a lot of digital interaction going on, this has eventually led to the upcoming of a lot of apps, software, and platforms that make live streams seamless, aesthetic, comfortable, and also easy to use. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Bambuser and Periscope are two different live-streaming platforms used for different purposes.
  2. Bambuser is primarily used for enterprise-level live video solutions, such as remote training, virtual events, and customer support. On the other hand, Periscope is a social media platform allowing users to share live videos with their followers.
  3. While both platforms offer live streaming capabilities, Bambuser focuses on professional use cases, while Periscope caters to a more casual and social audience.

Bambuser vs Periscope 

Bambuser is a platform for interactive live video broadcasting, allowing users to live stream video from their mobile devices or desktop web browsers. Periscope was a live streaming app owned by Twitter, allowing users to share and view live video broadcasts from their mobile devices, but it has been discontinued as of March 2021.

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Bambuser, known as the Bambyser AB, is a country that traces its origin to Sweden. It was finally established in the year 2007. The company has its headquarters in the capital of its home country, Stockholm. It is a global organization that serves people of all regions irrespective of their locality.

Periscope traced its origin in America and was developed by the authorities and the offices of Twitter. However, the original authors of this app were Kayvon Beykpour, Joe Bernstein, Aaron Wasserman, Tyler Hansen, and Geraint Davies. It is compatible with both Android and ios platforms. Twitter acquired the rights and both the app from the original developers and made it theirs.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBambuserPeriscope 
Definition It is a Swedish company that provides live streaming of video easily and securely through different platforms and social media. Initially, they also offered live video streaming from computers.  It is an American-based live video streaming platform that allows people to live stream and watch videos with their smartphones.  
Launched in It was launched long before the latter, in early 2007.It was launched much later after the former, in the year 2015.
Number of UsersComparatively, it has fewer users.Comparatively, it has more users.
DevelopersIt initially started as a community and was slowly developed and modified by the users.The initial developers were Kayvon Beykpour, Joe Bernstein, Aaron Wasserman, Tyler Hansen, Geraint Davies.
OwnerBroadcasting channel YLE, though does not own this app, uses it as an alternative option.   Twitter owns this app.

What is Bambuser?

It is a platform that provides the service of live-streaming videos lives through a lot of platforms. Lately, the company has slightly shifted its perspective to concentrate on offering B2B. Their main task is to provide live video streaming options for mobile phones, app developers, and many organizations. The organization aims to provide the service easily and by growing and developing its business and management and especially focusing on its sales in European cities.

It found its place in the ranking list on Nasdaq’s first north stock exchange criteria. The company was launched in the year 2007 and works for the industry that streams videos live. It offers a seamless and perfect end-to-end solution for the users. The end-to-end approach promotes the quality and integration of various apps, facilities, and features to make communication secure and unerring.

This app allows the user to live stream video from both ios and Android platforms. Live broadcasts have become easier and more reliable. It was initially an online organization meant especially for streaming videos live with both a smartphone as well as a computer. It can also be easily relayed on different social media platforms.


What is Periscope?

Beykpour and Bernstein were initially enlightened with this idea during their travel abroad in 2013. During the outburst of protest in Taksim, Beykpour was in Istanbul. In order to throw some light on the issues, he opened Twitter, yet, unfortunately found no information regarding that. This was a motivation for them to get started with it. Started in 2014, initially, it came under the name of Bounty.

They gathered funding and donations and raised about 1.5 million dollars for their initiative. In 2015, Twitter took control by taking ownership and renamed it Periscope. It is written in Go. The unique feature is that it is a multilingual platform that allows many users of different cultures and languages. On March 13, Twitter made the acquisition official with their very first live-stream video through the platform.

In 2015, on the 26th of May, periscope for the Android platform was released. It experienced an unexpected amount of registrations as it crossed more than 14 million accounts within a very short period after which it was launched. In December 2016, Twitter inculcated some basic periscope features into their app, making it further official and integrating them together.


Main Differences Between Bambuser and Periscope

  1. Bambuser is a Swedish company, whereas Periscope is an American country.
  2. Bambuser initially also provided services for computers, while Periscope provided only for smartphones.
  3. Bambuser was launched much earlier than that of the launch of Periscope.
  4. Bambuser doesn’t have a specific developer and evolved over time and usage, while Periscope has a list of developers.
  5. Bambuser is not owned by any particular platform, while Periscope is owned by Twitter.

Last Updated : 30 June, 2023

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