Difference Between Battleship and Destroyer

The maritime forces or the Navy is the branch of nay countries armed forces that protect or attacks the country or on behalf of it based on vessels that are accessible on the water. Just any battle or expedition on the water is handled by them. Battleships and Destroyers are two such naval ships used by the maritime forces.

Battleship vs Destroyer

The main difference between Battleship and Destroyed is that Battleships are heavily armoured, but Destroyers are not. As the name suggests, Battleships engage in battle and hence carry more ammunition than a Destroyer who seeks to attack only to destroy their opponent completely rather than engaging in battle for a long period.

Battleship and Destroyer

A battleship is a large-sized fleet or ship used by the Navy of a nation with powerful main battery and large ammunition to engage in a war with their enemy vessel. These boats are large and are heavily armoured, and during battle, are intimately associated with constant firing and engaging with the enemy vessel.

A destroyer is a comparatively smaller fast-moving vessel or ship used by the Navy of a nation, usually stacked with long-distance canon and guns used to particularly threaten to destroy or destroy the enemy fleet. They do not engage in battle as their ammunition are not highly stacked, but their firepower is greater than the battleships.

Comparison Table Between Battleship and Destroyer

Parameters of ComparisonBattleshipDestroyer
SizeUsually, Battleships are larger than Destroyers.Usually, Destroyers are much smaller than Battleships.
UseBattleships are used to engage in naval wars.Destroyers are used to either lead larger ships and threaten other ships of destruction.
Main batteriesThey have powerful main batteries.They have less powerful main batteries.
MovementBattleships owing to their large size, are slow.Destroyers are smaller swifter ships.
AmmunitionBattleships are loaded with more ammunition than Destroyers.Destroyers are stacked with less ammunition than Battleships.
ArmouryBattleships are heavily armoured.Destroyers are sparingly armoured.

What is Battleship?

Battleships are heavily armoured large ships used by naval powers to initiate and engage in battle with their naval counterpart. These kinds of large ships were heavily popular up till World War II. The first Battleship in history is said to be built and used by the French Navy, followed by Greece.

These ships are large and among the largest ships built. Today, however, they are no longer in use as battleships moved too slowly and, in battle, took more hits as they could not sail faster and escape. In short, it could be clumsy. Today smaller and swifter shops are used by the armies.

Battleships are provided with powerful main batteries and a huge amount of ammunition, and they rarely are short of ammunition. Usually, their exterior is made with bullet and fireproof steel, and their firepower is large and sends waves through the water. Two types of Battleships are found: Pre- Dreadnought and the Dreadnoughts.

There are a large number of crew members on Battleships to manage its guns and ammunition. Some of the most famous Battleships are USS Dreadnought, USS South Dakota etc. In the Indian context, INS Vikramaditya and INS Brahmaputra are the famous Battleships of the recent era.

What is Destroyer?

Destroyers are moderately armoured ships that are not as heavily armoured as battleships. They do not require continual firing but a provided with high power long distance firing guns and cannons used to aim and attack enemy fleet or even flying objects like small fighters and planes and destroy them in a few fires.

They were first made by the British and are actively used in today’s world. They are half the size of a Dreadnought and move much faster than them. Their swift movement is the reason for them surviving better on the battle waters. Their size is smaller than a cruiser. However, they are larger than other ships like frigates.

They were formerly called torpedo boat destroyers, a name denoting their size. Usually, the crew on them are minimal as the canons or guns installed on them just need manoeuvring. Today almost all naval procession are escorted by a destroyer as a threat and leader of their navies.

Some of the most famous Destroyers are VSS Lamson, MMS Hornet etc. In the Indian context, INS Vishakhapatnam, INS Ranjit are some of the important Destroyers of today’s age that have taken part in the naval expedition of the country.

Main Differences Between Battleship and Destroyer

  1. Battleships are twice the size of a Destroyer.
  2. Battleships are heavily armoured, whereas Destroyers are moderately armoured.
  3. Battleships have a large number of crew members on board, while Destroyers are more automated.
  4. Battleships are sluggish on the water, whereas Destroyers are swift.
  5. Guns on a battleship are short-ranged, while that on Destroyer is long-range.
  6. Battleships used to be popular a century ago today it is almost out of use and is rarely used in battles and are replaced by smaller yet powerful ships. Destroyers are the ships used today due to their high impact firing and smooth, fast motion.


The water bodies on the surface of the Earth, such as rivers, canals, seas, gulfs and oceans, have long been used as battlegrounds or, I would rather say, battle waters by humans. The first Navies were made and maintained by the Romans and Greeks. Soon British and American Navies developed. In India, the Cholas were considered to be an important naval power.

With the popularity of maritime forces, various types of ships have been made like submarines, dreadnoughts, frigates, destroyers and such. Today large boats even have helicopter pads and onboard fighter planes and jets. Each of these ships has a specialized function and are used to preserve the security of a nation.


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