BCom vs BBA: Difference and Comparison

After completing 12th, students look for a path that can lead them to better career opportunities in life. There are many programs, degrees, and diplomas.


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BCom and BBA are bachelor’s degrees. Both are very promising for students. They provide a wide range of experience and positions in the field of business administration.

Key Takeaways

  1. BCom is a commerce degree focusing on accounting, economics, and finance, while BBA is a business administration degree focusing on management, marketing, and entrepreneurship.
  2. BCom provides more depth in accounting, finance, and economics than BBA.
  3. BBA focuses more on business administration and management, including human resource management and leadership than BCom.

BCom vs BBA

BCOM (Bachelor of Commerce) is an undergraduate degree program focusing on business, accounting, finance, and economics. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is an undergraduate degree program covering various aspects of business, management, and administration.

BCom vs BBA

BCom is a bachelor’s degree in business. This program is very common in Commonwealth countries.

BCom was first introduced in the United Kingdom. It serves a vast area of managerial skills. BCom consists of a four-year program.

In some countries, the duration of BCom is 3 years.

BBA is an undergraduate degree in business administration. The structure of BBA is in such a way that it provides students with deep information about the functional aspects of a company.

BBA provides students with a wide range of core subjects and develops their communication skills. In short, it trains students for better results.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonBComBBA
ProgramBCom is an undergraduate degree in commerce.BBA is an undergraduate degree in business administration.
Full formThe full form of BCom is Bachelor of Commerce.The full form of BBA is Bachelor of Business Administration.
CriteriaCandidates of 12th with commerce can apply in BCom.Candidates of 12th from any stream can apply for BBA.
SkillBCom develops the managerial skills of students.BBA develops managerial and communication skills of students.
AttributeThe main attribute of BCom is that it is very theoretical. The main attribute of BBA is that it is practical.

What is BCom?

The University of Birmingham was the first institution to introduce BCom. William Ashley, who was a professor at the University of Toronto, offered the first school of BCom.

He taught Political Economy and Constitutional History in the faculty of Arts.

BCom was the first bachelor’s degree in many business-related degree programs. It provides a large number of managerial skills to students.

BBA builds competence in the area of business.

Students learn a variety of business principles, such as business management, accounting, finance, HR, and marketing. Mathematics and business statistics are basic required courses in BBA.

In BCom, academic discipline is established for undergraduate students.

The majority of its courses in BBA have been taken in business-related subjects, for example- Accounting, Advertising, Banking, Business economics, Entrepreneurship,

HR, Insurance, Management, Statistics, Taxation, Marketing, Transport Economics, etc.

BCom provides the whole field knowledge package, developing students’ business skills. Additional academic courses needed to be completed before applying for BCom.

The duration of completing BCom is three years.

In some cases, there might be a one-year program that is exclusively focused on a single subject. In countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and India, BCom is considered to be a post-graduate qualification.

The duration of BCom is different in different countries. The scope of getting placement after completing BCom increases because it has many branches.

Students can find a suitable position for themselves according to their department.


What is BBA?

BBA is also a bachelor’s degree in business administration. It is an undergraduate degree program.

BBA is designed to deliver a broad knowledge of the functional aspects of a company.

It gives detailed information about business administration and industries. BBA develops the communication and business decision-making skills of students.

It gives the capability to students for tackling real-time hardships in the industry.

There are many forms of training in the BBA program: presentations, internships, industrial visits, and interaction with experienced people.

These are called “case projects”.

BBA might seem like BCom from the outer view, but when we lay eyes on details, it is quite different from BCom. It is more detailed, practical, and structural. After BBA, candidates become eligible for MBA.

BBA is a whole coverage of mathematics. BBA is divided into 6 semesters which makes it a 3-year program. The speciality of BBA is that it is open to candidates of all streams (science, art, and commerce).

BBA also gives choices to candidates where they can start a job right after or pursue an MBA program. It is a versatile degree. There are a vast array of subjects covered by BBA.

BBA provides a great network of people working in different companies.


Main Differences Between BCom and BBA

  1. BCom is for students looking for a job in accounting and similar fields, while BBA works on skills.
  2. The applicant must have Commerce in 12th to pursue BCom. On the other hand, it is necessary for BBA.
  3. Students can get a better job after completing BCom. In the case of BBA, students have to complete an MBA for better job opportunities.
  4. BCom candidates’ positions are Operations Manager, CA, Finance Analyst, etc. Sales Executives, Office Executives, and Research Assistants come under BBA.
  5. Students can attempt MCom after BCom if they want. After BBA, MBA has to be pursued by students to get better job opportunities.
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