Grits vs Cornmeal: Difference and Comparison

There are tons of recipes for corn to be made into thousands of different products · Corn is known to be a staple food for people across the globe and it is prepared differently in different cultures.

Cornmeal and grits are the two products made with corn and though. they are similar in many aspects, they have some differences that make them unique.

Key Takeaways

  1. Grits are a coarser form of ground corn, while cornmeal is a finer form of ground corn.
  2. Grits are boiled in water or milk and served as a breakfast dish, while cornmeal is used in baking and cooking.
  3. Grits are most commonly associated with Southern cuisine, while cornmeal is used in various dishes worldwide.

Girts vs Cornmeal.

The difference between Grits and Cornmeal is that grits are just like coarse cornmeal, but they are made traditionally with hominy which is also corn treated with lime, and Cornmeal is just made with some dried corns, which are available in a variety of grinds ranging from coarse, medium to fine texture.

Girts vs Cornmeal.

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Grits are similar to oatmeal made with boiled cornmeal. Hominy corn is used to make hominy grits and these corns are treated with alkali or lime in the process of drying.

Grits are served as a breakfast with many flavors to pair with and they can be both sweet and savory.

Cornmeal is a common staple food made from dried corn. It is made with flour, which comes in variations ranging from coarse, medium to & fine powder consistency, but not as fine as wheat or all-purpose flour.

If cornmeal is made with maize, which is kept and soaked in lime water, it is known as masa harina.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGritsCornmeal
How it is madeGrits are made with dried coarse ground corn.
Cornmeal is made with finely grounded dried corn.
TextureGrits are the mushier version of cornmeal.
Cornmeal is a little coarser than all-purpose or wheat flour.
UsesIt is served as a breakfast dish.
It is served as a meal and used as dust while baking.
Type of corn usedCorn has starch content and is a little softer than others.

Cornmeal can be made with every kind of corn available.
Color Grits are available in varieties of yellows and whites.
Cornmeal is available in almost every color from white to red or blue to yellow.

What is Grits? 

Grits is like breakfast oatmeal which is made with boiled cornmeal. Hominy corn is used to make hominy grits.

These corns are treated with lime water, soaked for a long period for nixtamalization, commonly known as maize preparation. Grits are served with a variety of flavors to add in and are both sweet and savory in taste.

Grits is similar to polenta which is a thick maize-based dish available across the globe. Grits have originated from the Native American tribe who use hominy, similar to corn.

The Native Americans taught the American colonist to cook this dish and soon it became their staple food. Grits are made when it is mixed With water or milk and cornmeal and cooked overheat.

Whole grain grits need more cooking time than Quick Grits to turn.

Some people love to serve grits with sugar, whereas the rest object to the idea of sweet grits, and they prefer it serving with butter. It is also available in different colors, depending on the corn they are cooked with.

Grits are also served with bacon, sausage, grated cheese, salt, and pepper. The grits that are left are congealed and sliced to fry and make fried grits or grit cakes.


What is Cornmeal?

Cornmeal is a meal made with. Dried corn. It is known to be a staple food and is found in varieties.

Of consistency, ranging from coarse, medium to fine, but not wheat flour fine.

Very finely grounded cornmeal is known as cornflour in Mexico. When maize is treated and soaked in limewater.

And then cornmeal is made with it, it is known as masa harina or masa flour.

Masa harina for making tortillas, arepas and tamales, Masa harina is used. In Italy, boiled cornmeal is known as polenta, which is also used as a bread substitute in Romania.

Cornmeal is found in many different colors depending on the color of the corn used. For example, blue-colored corn is used to make blue cornmeal.

It is made with dried corns that have been ground and made into fine to medium texture powder and has a sweet flavor.

In the United States, the yellow color Cornmeal is used the most. The husk And the germ of the kernel are Completely removed and it can be conserved for a year if it is stored in an airtight container which prevents moisture to enter inside.

In Africa, white-colored cornmeal is made with white corn and it is also very famous for making cornbread in Southern parts of the United States.


Main Differences Between Grits and Cornmeal

  1. Grits require less cooking time than cornmeal and have low nutrient value than cornmeal has.
  2. Grits are originated from the southern parts whereas cornmeal is an American dish.
  3. Grits are available in yellow and white colors whereas cornmeal colors have almost every color from yellow to blue to red.
  4. Grits can only be made with corns which have a starch level lower than others while cornmeal can be made with any type of corn.
  5. Grits are served as a breakfast dish whereas cornmeal can be served as a meal or used as dust while baking.
Difference Between Grits and Cornmeal

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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