Block vs Unfriend: Difference and Comparison

Social media is a comprehensive platform to connect with people worldwide. These people can be your friends, family, and sometimes even strangers. It is an excellent way to stay in touch with everybody, but at the same time, it can create problems.

Sometimes you don’t like a certain someone in your friend list, so you decide to keep them in your friend list no more, so you unfriend them.

And sometimes, you almost want to think that a particular person does not exist for you anymore because things have become very negative between you two, and that is where you decide to block them.

Key Takeaways

  1. Blocking someone on social media restricts their access to your profile, preventing them from seeing your content or contacting you; unfriending someone removes them from your friend list, but they can still view your public posts and may be able to contact you.
  2. Blocking is used to restrict unwanted contact or harassment; unfriending is a less drastic option for distancing oneself from a social connection.
  3. Blocking prevents further contact or harassment; unfriending may still allow interaction or communication through mutual friends or public posts.

Block vs. Unfriend

Blocking is a feature through which you stop a person from reaching you on social media. Blocking a person will make you unviewable to that specific person. Unfriend specifically means to remove someone from your list of friends on a social media platform, but your account is still viewable to them.

Block vs Unfriend

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But you block someone when things have become terrible in your relationship or staying connected to them has become something negative to you. In short, you no longer want them to exist for you.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBlockUnfriend
ReasonYou want to get completely disconnected from them.They might not interest you anymore or are no longer active on their social media pages.
ActivitiesWill not be able to see each other’s social media updates and posts.We will still be able to see each other’s social media updates and posts.
MessagesI will not be able to send or receive any messages.Will be able to send or receive messages.
ReturningJust have to add them back to your friend list.Have to unblock them first and then add them back to your friend list.
Sharing contentWe will not be able to share any content.We will be able to share any content.

What is Block?

“Block” is an option on social media sites that allows you to disconnect entirely from the person you want to block. There can be various reasons behind blocking someone like you might have some serious issues with them.

Maybe you don’t like them to have access to your profile, or perhaps you don’t want the person you wish to block to exist for you anymore because your relationship has become so negative.

Once you block someone on your social media, they are not allowed to see your profile, and neither are you, but you still have access to unblock them, whereas they do not have any such access.

They also can not send you any messages, and neither can you. You both will not be visible to each other’s searches anymore. You can unblock the person later if you want, but once you block someone, that person is automatically removed from your friend list.

So later, if you unblock them, you have to add them back again to your friend list by sending them a friend request if you want to see their social media activities. However, if that person’s account is public, you don’t have to send them a friend request to see their activities on their social media profile.


What is Unfriend?

“Unfriend” is an option on social media sites that allows you to remove a certain someone from your friend list. The reason behind someone taking this action can be that the person you want to block does not interest you anymore or is no longer active on their social media page.

Sometimes you both might have some issues with each other. It is important to understand here that unfriending someone does not mean disconnecting them from you completely.

The person you block can anytime see your social media activities unless you have a private profile, and vice versa is also true. You both will be able to see each other’s posts and updates and will also be able to text each other.

You both will still appear on each other’s searches. You can add them back to your friend list anytime you want. Also, when you unfriend someone from your profile, they are not notified about it.


Main Differences Between Block and Unfriend

  1. Unfriending someone does not mean you want to end all your ties with that person, whereas blocking them does mean that.
  2. The person you unfriend can still see your posts and updates unless you have a private account. In contrast, the blocked person cannot do any of these things.
  3. The person you unblock can still send you messages, and so can you, but the person you have blocked can not, and neither can you.
  4. You can add the unfriended person again to your friend list, whereas you have to unblock the person you have blocked first and then add them back to your friend list.
  5. When you unfriend someone, you both will still appear in each other’s searches, whereas this is not the case with the person you have blocked.
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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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