Brat vs Cafe Racer: Difference and Comparison

I am sure, you have clicked this site only because you are a motorcycle lover and you want to know about the difference between two motorcycles and that is Brat or BratStyle and Cafe Race.

For many years bikes have been an absolute favorite and are a style statement of each person who owns it or wants to have one. And there is a wide variety of range in these motorcycles.

And, Brat and Cafe Racer are two kinds of modified bikes and look almost the same as they possess some similarities.

Key Takeaways

  1. Brat motorcycles are custom bikes with a minimalist, stripped-down design, while cafe racers are performance-oriented bikes with a vintage aesthetic.
  2. Cafe racers prioritize speed and handling, featuring clip-on handlebars and rear-set footpegs, while brat bikes focus on simplicity and style with flat seats and upright handlebars.
  3. Both brat and cafe racer motorcycles have roots in the custom motorcycle culture and emphasize individual expression and uniqueness.

Brat vs Cafe Racer

The difference between Brat and Cafe Racer is that the flat seat is the style statement of the Beat Bikes. On the other hand, Cafe Racer also has a flat seat but, it comes with a supporter for the butt.

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Brat is a modified motorcycle that is a mixer of Tracker, Scrambler, and Cafe Race. It has a flat seat which can be customized into one-seater as well as for two-seater. Generally, it gives a classic old-school look.

On the other hand, Cafe Racer was the motorcycles that were used by the bikers to travel from one distance to the other, at a high speed. Therefore, it has a powerful engine that boosts the speed of the bike as well as the biker’s mind.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBratCafe Racer
SeaterBrat has been designed for two people, who can comfortably be seated. Only a single person can ride Cafe Racer.
HandleUnlike many other bikes, the handlebars of Brat are the Mini apes or Motocross handles. Only clip-on handlebars are used to design Cafe Racer.
TierA specific kind of tier, that is dirt tier is used. Some tier choices for Cafe Racer are the Heidenau K60 tire, Shinko Super Classic 270 tire, Pirelli Angel GT2 tire, Continental TKC 80, etc.
Appearance Brat bikes have an old and textured look and require lesser maintenance. Sophisticated and modern touch, yet an old look is the appearance of Cafe Racer.
ColorsDark and dusky colors are the main color category used for the Brat bike. In Cafe Racer, vibrant colors are chosen to paint them.

What is Brat?

If we need to define Brat, then we have to jump into its History.

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Brat is a motorcycle, that has been originated in Japan. A man named Go Takamine, who was also a biker back then recreated this motorcycle by customizing it and naming it the BratStyle.

Even his custom store was named the BratStyle, and gradually this motorcycle became popular and spread all over the world. Go Takamine, introduced Brat by giving it the mixed touch of the Tracker, Scambler, and Cafe Race.

This design became unique.

Some cool features that we can only find in Brat are their seat. If you have noticed its seat, we can say that it is completely flat.

And, further, it can be customized into both single or double seater, according to the biker. Also, mini apes and motocross kind of handlebars were used in it to support seating position with the handles.

These bikes are super fast and hs a good engine to beat the speed. Therefore to give a good grip to the biker, a dirt tier that has spikes is used.

And unlike any other bike, spring saddles were never used on this.

The suspension of Brat is set at a lower level with an extra airbox to exhaust the heat. And the average fuel tank capacity was 15 liters with good mileage.

Thismotorcycles are available in dark colors and it gives an old rusty look. Back then when it was introduced, it was like a dream bike for many as its overall look was chic and classy.


What is Cafe Racer?

Cafe Racer is a customized motorcycle. The name Cafe Racer was chosen for these motorcycles because back in the 1960s after its introduction the bikers used to race with one another from cafe to cafe at a very high speed.

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And, after such occasions, people named it Cafe Racer. Cafe Racers can be driven at a speed of 140 mph. And has a tank capacity of 13.5 liters.

And the UK is the base house of the originality of the Cafe Racer.

One special point of these motorcycles that we can never ignore is their flat seat, with a butt stopper to give it the support which riding.

The butt stopper was also known as a cowl, and this was very important because it is a single-seater motorcycle, and the bikers were to have the support.

It was a racing motorcycle and was used to travel shorter distances and hence below there was a rear footpeg for support. The biker USD to ride it in a crouching position.

From the supporting elements, we can say that Cafe Racers are not the most comfortable motorcycles but because of its speed and overall look, it was in favor.

These bikes are available in bright colors. And gives a rich look.

Also, it has a wide suspension which has been placed taller. For a quick, speedy ride Cafe Racer is the best. And back then it was like an honor to hide its motorcycles.

cafe racer

Main Differences Between Brat and Cafe Racer

  1. Generally, up to two people can sit on Brats. On the other hand, Cafe Racer is a single-seater bike.
  2. Mini apes and Motocross handlebars are the usual handles used for Brats. On the other hand, the Cafe Racer handles are the clip-on handlebars.
  3. Dirt tier is a special tier used in Brats. On the other hand, the Cafe Racer tiers can be customized into different pairs like Heidenau K60 tire, Shinko Super Classic 270 tire, Pirelli Angel GT2 tire, Continental TKC 80, etc.
  4. Brats have a classic old look, with a textured surface. On the other hand, Cafe Racer is a rich and sophisticated-looking bike.
  5. The Brats have their signature dark colors. On the other hand, we can notice Cafe Racer is popping colors.
Difference Between Brat and Cafe Racer

Last Updated : 18 July, 2023

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