BSc vs BEng: Difference and Comparison

Today students are facing great difficulties in deciding which career path is right for them. This is because of so many specialized courses and degrees offered by different universities and colleges.

The prefixes linked to most of the degrees today make students more confused about which degree they should choose.

An example of such degrees can be BSc and BEng.

BSc is Bachelor of Science, and BEng is Bachelor of Engineering. These two degrees have similarities, but the knowledge and skills they offer after completion differ. The purpose of both these degrees is also different.

Key Takeaways

  1. BSc (Bachelor of Science) is an undergraduate degree awarded for completing a program in a scientific field, such as mathematics, biology, or chemistry.
  2. BEng (Bachelor of Engineering) is an undergraduate degree awarded for completing a program in an engineering discipline, such as civil, mechanical, or electrical engineering.
  3. BSc and BEng are undergraduate degrees, but BSc focuses on science disciplines, while BEng is specific to engineering.

BSc vs BEng

The difference between BSc and BEng is its viewpoint. Bachelor of Science includes mainly more general science subjects, while BEng covers subjects that are more centred around engineering. Also, BSc is more theoretical based, while BEng is more practical based.

BSc vs BEng 1

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Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonBScBEng
Degree CourseThis is a general undergraduate degree course.This is also an undergraduate degree course but is specialized.
SubjectsBSc focuses on science subjects such as botanical science, physics, chemistry, and math.BEng offers knowledge in many streams, such as computer science, civil, chemical, mechanical, etc.
Duration of the courseThe duration of a BSc is mostly 3 years.The duration of a BEng is mostly 4 years.
Job ProspectsJob prospects are less compared to BEng.Job prospects are more compared to BSc.
NatureBSc focuses more on theoretical aspects; thus, nature is speculative.BEng is mainly practical.


What is BSc?

Bachelor of Science is what BSc stands for.

It is a prevalent degree that most colleges and universities award. Many universities refer to numerous degree programs like Bachelor of Science degree programs.

My interest in this course is unceasing as there are numerous subjects that this course covers. BSc offers multiple career-based subjects, a few of which may include computer science, agriculture, biochemistry, animation, and so on.

It focuses more on science subjects and provides thorough knowledge and understanding of the subjects chosen. This degree is mainly theoretically based but includes a practical part as well.

Mainly BSc includes one of the leading science subjects, Physics, Chemistry or Biology. The other fields depend on the specialization that the student opts for.

BSc General and BSc Honors are the two kinds of BSc degree courses offered to students. There are a few differences between the two of them.

BSc Honors is a more systematized degree that instils advanced theoretical and practical knowledge among students. In contrast, basic knowledge of science subjects is provided to the students in BSc General.

bachelor of science

What is BEng?

Bachelor of Engineering is what BEng stands for.

An engineering degree is believed to be one of the most reputed degrees all around the globe. This is because it helps to develop countries by developing the latest technologies in the world.

BEng is an undergraduate degree program offered in most parts of the world. It is offered in universities and colleges in China, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, and New Zealand.

It can be said that engineering has different branches, such as Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Mechatronics, and Electronics & Communication Engineering are the most demanded branches of engineering.

This academic program is more practical based. It can be said that they are the opposite of BSC degree programs.

Students are also introduced to theories, but a significant portion of the academic program concentrates on applying the acquired theoretical knowledge in a practical manner. This would be helpful for them and prepare them for joining the corporate world.

This program grants knowledge in many engineering streams, such as civil, chemical, mechanical, electronics, etc.

BEng is more appealing to those who want growth opportunities and a steady job in the engineering field. It is evident that with the rising technological changes, the demand for engineers will also keep rising.

Thus, choosing this as a career will fetch you a successful career.

After completing this degree, one can become a Computer Architect, Computer Hardware Engineer, Development Engineer, Design Engineer, Technical Engineer, Hardware & Network Administrator, Quality Control Engineer, Computer Operator, Professor, and so on.

Bachelor of Engineering degree shall remain evergreen because the future rests in technology.

bachelor of engineering

Main Differences Between BSc and BEng

  1. BSc and BEng are undergraduate degrees, but the difference is that BEng is a specialized degree, whereas BSc is a general one.
  2. BSc has fewer job prospects as compared to BEng. BEng has broader job prospects as compared to BSc.
  3. It takes 3 years to complete the BSc course, whereas BEng requires 4 years.
  4. Science subjects such as botanical science, chemistry, physics and maths are what BSc mainly focuses on. On the other hand, BSc does not focus on only one stream; instead, it offers knowledge in many streams, such as civil, mechanical, computer science, etc.
  5. BSc is mainly theoretical, whereas BEng is practical.
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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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