Cinnamon Bun vs Roll: Difference and Comparison

Different types of desserts are famous in different cultures. Their sweetness is alluring and almost every person is fond of sweets. They are the major part of a typical meal.

In western countries, people love their cinnamon buns and cinnamon rolls. They can be seen in every shop that sells desserts.

Key Takeaways

  1. Cinnamon buns are larger, denser, and doughier than cinnamon rolls.
  2. Cinnamon rolls have a lighter, flakier texture and may be smaller.
  3. Both cinnamon buns and rolls contain a sweet cinnamon filling and can be topped with various glazes or icings.

Cinnamon Bun vs Roll

A cinnamon bun is a small, dense pastry with a swirl of cinnamon sugar filling and a sticky glaze or frosting. Cinnamon rolls are a popular sweet treat, larger and fluffier with a spiral of cinnamon sugar filling. They can be served as a single portion or sliced into individual servings.

Cinnamon Bun vs Roll

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Cinnamon bun is another form of a cinnamon roll. Cinnamon buns are not widely known as Cinnamon rolls are. Cinnamon buns are a type of dessert that is quite famous in western countries.

It is mainly made of bread and some other ingredients. Cinnamon buns are very soft and delicious and in the shape of a bun.

Cinnamon rolls are loved and served in northern Europe and America. In the country in which cinnamon rolls were introduced, known as kanelbulle.

It is made of butter, sugar, dough, and cinnamon powder that is garnished with cream and cheese frosting. They are also categorized as dessert. Sweden is the country that introduced Cinnamon rolls.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonCinnamon BunCinnamon Roll
OriginCinnamon buns were brought to America for the first time by Germans immigrants in the 17th century. Cinnamon rolls are known to be originated from Denmark and Sweden that then became widely famous.
IngredientsNuts such as walnuts and pecans are used in making a cinnamon bun. The traditional cinnamon rolls do not consist of any sort of nuts like cinnamon buns.
TasteThe taste and flavors of cinnamon buns come with the magnificent flavor of cinnamon and sweetness. Cinnamon rolls provide a specific type of flavor of cinnamon with sweet creamy icing.
StructureCinnamon rolls are made of a little amount of dough but sweeter since it is heavy on brown sugar. Cinnamon rolls are more fluffy and soft and have enough amount of butter.
ToppingsCinnamon buns are baked in a way that their exterior layer becomes shinier to work as a topping. For the topping of a cinnamon roll, fresh cream, brown and white sugar, cheese frosting are used.

What is Cinnamon Bun?

Cinnamon buns are a type of dessert enjoyed in western countries for centuries. Due to using the cinnamon to make these their name became cinnamon. I

f a person bakes them at home then the aroma of cinnamon fills the entire house. They are also available in sweet shops where they can be bought.

Several types of nuts are used to make cinnamon buns tastier.

No person can resist them if they are served in front of him. Cinnamon buns are baked in a Pan and before baking them a layer of sweeteners is laid upon the surface of the pan. After baking them for a while at a side they flipped over.

This is how the sticky side of the bun becomes its topping. Then the nuts are sprinkled on the top of it. Some people also suggest using the zest of the orange to add an extra flavor to the cinnamon bun, it all depends on the preference.

The main ingredient used to make these buns is yeast. The dough should be adequately covered and left in warmth. These cinnamon buns can be used for breakfast and after the meal in the form of dessert.

cinnamon roll

What is Cinnamon Roll?

The cinnamon roll is also a sweet type widely spread in northern Europe.

Different names are given to the Cinnamon rolls in other parts of Europe; some of them are kanelsnurr, korvapuusti, kanelbolle, kaneelirull, kanelsnegl, skillingsboller, etc.

The alternative names used worldwide are cinnamon Danish, snail, and swirl.

A Cinnamon roll can have various tastes and flavours that are tangy, buttery, or yeasty. They are sweetened and creamy in taste. By adding enough amount of brown sugar, they can be sticky as well.

Cinnamon rolls are mainly made of the dough that is leavened or yeasty, then the dough is rolled in sheets.

This sheet is then cut off as loaves to be cooked or baked.

Unlike cinnamon buns, cinnamon rolls do not have an already made topping layer; the other stuff, such as cheese slices, cream, and sometimes nuts, are used as the topping of the cinnamon roll. Generally, Cinnamon rolls are enjoyed with coffee.

There is an occasion known as Fika when all the friends get together and enjoy the robust sweet taste of the cinnamon rolls.

The fam of cinnamon rolls can be seen by the fact that there’s a whole day dedicated to cinnamon rolls in Sweden and Finland.

cinnamon bun

Main Differences Between Cinnamon Bun and Roll

  1. The shape of cinnamon buns is like a twisted bun. Cinnamon rolls, on the other hand, look like a flat strip that is rolled in a circular motion.
  2. No extra ingredient is used to garnish a cinnamon bun, while cheese frosting and cream make the topping for the cinnamon rolls.
  3. Cinnamon buns feel more doughy when eating or squashing them, while cinnamon rolls give a softer and fluffier feeling.
  4. Talking about sweetness, cinnamon buns are sweeter due to the high amount of sugar, while cinnamon rolls are less sweeter than buns.
  5. Germans introduce cinnamon buns in the form of a dessert. On the other hand, cinnamon rolls were made by Swedish people.
Difference Between Cinnamon Bun and Roll

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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