Confederate vs Union Constitution: Difference and Comparison

The Constitution is an essential part of a democratic country. The constitution contains all the regulations and fundamental rights of citizens and governing bodies.


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The situation and needs differ from country to country. The Confederate constitution and union constitution are two types that are implemented in America and India due to their specific needs and certain situations.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Confederate Constitution emphasized states’ rights, while the Union Constitution focused on a strong central government.
  2. The Confederate Constitution explicitly protected the institution of slavery, whereas the Union Constitution did not mention it directly.
  3. The Confederate Constitution had a single six-year presidential term, while the Union Constitution allowed multiple four-year terms.

Confederate vs Union Constitution

The Confederate Constitution was adopted in 1861 by the Confederate States of America. The Union Constitution was established in 1787 and remained in effect throughout the war and created a strong centralized government with a balance of power between the federal and state governments.

Confederate vs Union Constitution

The full name of the Confederate Constitution is The Constitution of the Confederate States. It was considered to be the supreme law in the Confederate American States.

The Confederate States Constitution was implemented on 11 March 1861. This constitution added various important clauses related to terrorism and slavery. Its first executive was held on 22 February 1862.

The Union constitution is a constitution where the power is divided equally in each unit of the nation. The Indian constitution is the Union Constitution that reflects all the specifications of a Union constitution.

The Indian constitution is considered to be the supreme law of India. India is a union of its states and other territories.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonConfederate ConstitutionUnion Constitution
YearThe confederate constitution was constituted in the mid-1900s that came into effect on 22 February 1962.The Union Constitution was being constituted for a long time and it came into effect on 26 January 1949.
ReasonThe confederate constitution was constituted after the civil war between the southern and northern provinces of America. The union constitution was constituted after the independence of India when its states and territories have fallen apart.
Power-sharingThe Confederate constitution gives power to all states equally who then connect to the central government. The union constitution gives more power to the central government, but states also have separate powers.
NeedThe confederate constitution was required to raise questions on slavery in the states and to make them independent. The union constitution was required to string all states and other territories together which were separated and broken away.
FocusThe main focus of the confederate constitution was the slave also referred to as ‘negro slave’ of American states. The main focus of the union constitution was to unite separate states and territories. The Union constitution assembled them all.

What is Confederate Constitution?

The Confederate Constitution is also known as The Constitution of the Confederate States. It was adopted in America after the end of the American civil war in 1865. The Confederate Constitution came into effect on 22 February 1962.

The jurisdiction of this constitution was across the federated states of America. The Confederate Constitution provides the system of a Constitutional presidential republic, and it has 3 branches.

The type of chambers in The Confederate Constitution is bicameral, and the highest executive or authority is the President. In this constitution, the judiciary has also been divided into 3 parts which are the Supreme, Circuits, and Districts.

As the name suggests, it follows the federalism system for a ruling. The Confederate Constitution shares many similarities with the preambles at the same time, it gives a different feel, like a new preamble.

When the confederate constitution was made, it adhered to the rules described in the US Constitution in its main body. But it made notable changes in the specific articles. Congress ratified this constitution.

The President of Congress, Howell Cobb, and many other precious political personalities signed the confederate constitution.

Alexander Stephens, who later became vice president of Confederate states, made a statement that the Confederate constitution, which was constituted keeping in mind various specific objectives, was “decidedly better than” the other constitution known as the American one.

What is Union Constitution?

The Indian constitution is a union constitution that was implemented on 26 January 1949 and became effective on 26 January 1959. It is divided into three branches: the judiciary, legislature, and executive.

The constituted assembly constituted the union constitution of India. Part-1 of this constitution is dedicated to the Union and Its territories. Part-1 consists of information about the union of states for the nation and India as a country.

The laws on establishing various states, reshuffling, and merging the borders of union territories and states.

The words like Central Government, union, territories, union territories, acquired territories, states, and territories of states are thoroughly in the union constitution of India. According to the constitution, India is a nation made of unity of the states and territories.

Since the country India is considered as a union of states and territories, these states can differentiate on multiple parameters such as geological, cultural, and political.

Regarding these terms, amendments are written in the constitution, and the Indian government enacted multiple Acts.

Also, states have been given some exclusive powers, such as they can impose taxes or royalties on the objects that are minerals and other elements extracted from their territorial waters.

Main Differences Between Confederate and Union Constitution

  1. The Confederate Constitution was necessary for the problems arising in American states after the civil war, while the Union Constitution was necessary for the Indian circumstances after independence.
  2. The Confederate constitution was made for the development of the slaves. On the other hand, the union constitution was made to give a new direction to the country.
  3. The Confederate Constitution gave power to the states per unit, while the union constitution assembled the states under a central government.
  4. The main cause of the formation of the confederate constitution was the American civil war, while the union constitution was formed after being independent of British rule.
  5. It was the year 1962 when the Confederate constitution was implemented upon states, while the Union constitution was implemented in 1950.

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