Difference Between Conform and Confirm

Every day we listen to many people and talk to many people and sometimes we don’t know the meaning of the word and get confused where and when to use.

Homophones, heard this term ever? Yes, homophones are words that have the same pronunciation but the meaning of the words is completely different.

These homophones sometimes make the sentence difficult and when these words are interchanged, they make the whole sentence wrong. So, the words conform and confirm change the whole sentences, they create a lot of confusion for a situation.

Conform vs Confirm

The difference between conform and confirm is when there are few rules and regulations and if we accept them and follow them then it is called conform, whereas confirm is to make sure that it is true. 

Conform vs Confirm


Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonConformConfirm
DefinitionTo follow instructionsTo make sure that is right or true
UseIn explaining the human behavior mostlyTo give the truth
SynonymAbidance, complianceValidate, authenticate


What is Conform?

In simple terms conform is to say that working under instructions just like a machine conforms to the command given to it. This conform has many applications in different situations.

For example, people conform to traffic rules on the road that means they need to go on the road based on the traffic rule. 

This conform is also used in explaining the behavior of human beings. In whatever case conform means to follow and act according to the given rules. We accept as it is and no questions are asked and this is called conforming.

Here conform can be explained like when someone is living or working according to the law or the rules then we say they are conformed to the rules, which means they are following or obeying.

Based on this the terms conformist and non-conformist are born. A person who follows is a conformist and who doesn’t follow is a non-conformist.


What is Confirm?

Confirm is all about truth. It is all about the fact when there is the usage of confirm that means it is accepted based on the truth. In simple terms it is definite and while taking a decision this term is used.

Confirmation is to make sure everything is alright. And the usage of this word is in the present tense, past tense, future tense also. 

When there is a list of things to collect or use then for making sure all the mentioned we use this confirm word. So just to make sure an appointment or a meeting and to agree we use this word confirm.

Even during the explanation of why something has happened whether it is right or wrong, we use this word.

This confirmation is used in ratifying any issue or research and it is as evidence for the thing which we come across. Just like the taste of anything we confirm it by tasting it. We call people to ask whether the news we heard is confirmed or not.

When we deny something then we are against confirmation. When we give assurance then it means we are acting according to the confirmation.


Main Differences Between Conform and Confirm

  1. Confirm is about evidence whereas conform is to accept. And conform is just to follow as per the rules. So, the definition of the word confirm and conform is different.
  2. Conform can be used to any type of acceptance or satisfaction and dissatisfaction for any rule or regulation. Confirm is used while taking a decision and must be accepted.
  3. The spelling of these two words is different. The usage of these words is also different as per usage. Conform is just like compliance with any rule and regulation. It can be used in any part of the work and our lifestyle.
  4. Conform is just to change our way according to the specifically mentioned way. Confirmation will show the accuracy of anything. Verifying or proving or validating something usually comes under the synonyms of confirm and contradict, deny are the antonyms of confirm.
  5. The synonyms for conform are complied with, stick to, acting accordingly, paying attention to something. Being rebel or against something will come under antonyms of conform. With a proper understanding of the two words and their synonyms and antonyms, the usage of these words will change the whole sentence and situation.
  6. As these two words are homonyms people who use these words must be very careful as the meaning is all different even if the pronunciation is the same. Here according to the part of grammar, we can say that confirm comes under verb while conform comes under an adjective.
Difference Between Conform and Confirm
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