Difference Between Cuddle and Snuggle

Falling in love and staying in love are two different stages that need different levels of dedication and commitment. This could be very well expressed by many ways of affection like hugging, kissing, spending time with your loved ones, respecting each other, cuddling, compromising, etc.

Wait! If cuddle is an expression of love, then what about snuggle?

Even though people think cuddle and snuggle mean the same thing and can even be interchanged at times, that is so not the truth. There are “small” variations to both these intriguing words which intrigue the feeling of warmth and sympathy.

Cuddle vs Snuggle

The difference between Cuddle and Snuggle is the crucial role of intimacy in it. Cuddling does not just happen between two human souls, but you can cuddle with any of your family members, your best friends (surely not in a weird way), pets, children, etc.

Snuggling, on the other hand, takes place frequently between lovers, couples, etc.

Cuddle vs Snuggle


Comparison Table

Parameters of the ComparisonCuddleSnuggle
DefinitionCuddling takes place between two members who are comfortable with each other and it is a non-physical initiative.It is defined as two people who lie down next to each other and one wrap his body into another’s chest in a cozy manner.
Level of IntimacyIt is not initiated to provoke the sexual desires inside a person. But instead, it gives a sense of comfort and warmth.Snuggling leads to more sexual desires and is often practiced like an act of confidentiality.
Rule of ExhibitionIt is more often denoted as a feat of devotion and passion.It can be regarded as a sexual appetite that occurs when someone is high on ” to
Who is the master?Cuddling can be between a master and a pet, a mother and a child, or between a couple in the early stages of their relationship.Snuggling happens certainly between two people in a serious relationship like between a husband and wife.
Mode of elementsBoth legs and arms can be utilized to initiate this deed.A major part of your body is used here to snuggle with your significant one.


What is Cuddle?

Cuddling is an act of compassion that takes place between any two individuals. It is an intimating deed where one person wraps their arms around another person’s body.

Cuddling is a beautiful way of expressing how much you care about a person and it gives out a lot of messages without even talking. 

Cuddling just simply conveys that “It’s okay, everything is going to alright.” Cuddling occurs in a sleeping or intimate position.  

Many often confuse hugging with cuddling. Hugging is like welcoming someone.

Unlike cuddling, hugging happens between two people who are in a standing position.  Cuddling releases a hormone called the oxytocin also known as the love hormone, which helps a great deal for newborn “mothers” in breastfeeding and in de-stressing,  increases the level of comfortability, etc.


What is Snuggle?

Snuggle is much like a cuddle, but it has more of a physical attraction in it. It involves two people who are want to be together in a cozy space and enjoy each other’s warmth and comfort. 

Snuggling is mostly considered as a sexual interaction as it happens between partners who are sexually involved, couples, etc. It often takes place in a lying position and unlike cuddling, it can last for many hours.

One can even snuggle just by themselves while they are watching a movie or if they just want to relax in a calm manner. 

People who snuggle more during their bedtime or maybe after a long day of work have indicated signs of a strong and an everlasting bond between them.


Main Differences Between Cuddle and Snuggle

  1. One of the major differences between a cuddle and snuggle is cuddling is not a physical act of affection whereas snuggling happens more often between couples who have increased levels of sexual desire.
  2. The word cuddling was found in the 16th century which was way before snuggling came into existence in the 17th century.
  3. The best example to explain cuddling is the growing fondness between a mother and a newborn baby. But snuggling is common for the newly married couples.
  4. Cuddling often releases oxytocin, also known as the feel-good hormone that has a lot of benefits for newborn children.
  5. Snuggling your partner can awaken the sexual intentions in you and your spouse as the dopamine hormone gets released into the environment.
  6. There are many kinds of cuddling, among which spooning is a well-known position. Snuggling is one of a kind deed and has no major divisions too.
Difference Between Cuddle and Snuggle
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