Difference Between Vidnami and InVideo

Stunning Videos are the order of the day for many prospects. Be it business or personal portfolio enhancement, videos are the viral aspects of brand management.


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There are video creating software for the education industry, marketing services, personal brand management, and also for entertainment. Choosing the best for the requirement gets confusing.

It is not only because of too many availabilities of too many applications but also because of the awareness factor.

Two important video creators were established recently and seem to be working wonders for many strategic marketing purposes. The best thing is both these video creators work on the same lines.

Vidnami vs InVideo

The difference between Vidnami and InVideo is that Vidnami can help create videos of unlimited length while InVideo has a cap of making a video only for 15 minutes.

Vidnami vs InVideo


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonVidnamiInVideo
Video LengthVidnami enables the user to create videos of unlimited length.InVideo allows the user to create videos for a maximum of 15 minutes.
Video Download LimitThere is an unlimited download for the videos.A maximum of 60 videos can be downloaded per month.
Video ExportVidnami is fast in exporting the videos.InVideo takes time to churn out videos. It is slow compared to Vidnami.
Ease of UseVidnami has very easy access and easy editing options.Vidnami is slightly rigid. Once a template is selected it becomes highly difficult to change it.
Purpose of the VideoExplainer VideosMarketing Advertisements and Short videos


What is Vidnami?

Vidnami is an online video creator that helps create videos for marketing purposes or personal entertainment purposes. Vidnami does not need the user to have any skill in video creation.

Vidnami completely simplifies the video creation and edition process. The videos can be created with the pictures and videos that have been taken earlier.

These stock images can be used to create a movable picture that can captivate the audience. Vidnami has inbuilt templates that can be easily utilized.

The best part is the smart editor shall suggest the templates for a particular purpose. With the use of inbuilt templates and themes, an incredible professional video can be created in no time.

Vidnami was founded by a marketing research organization called the Noble Samurai. The product is made wonderfully capable for beginners too.

The wide range of features offered by Vidnami simply guides the user to create a sensational video. This requires no prior video creation knowledge.

The audio library of Vidnami adds more value to the video. The user can reduce the volume of the audio track and also merge own voice over to the video.

The videos can be created to unlimited length and also can be downloaded with unlimited capacity.


What is InVideo?

InVideo is an online video creating software that can be used to create high-performance videos for advertisements, marketing campaigns.

The content that is already available with the user in the form of still pictures, videos, or audio can be made a full-fledged video with InVideo. This is an apt video creator for advertisements and short information sharing purposes.

InVideo has numerous templates to be chosen from while making the video. The templates are indeed simple and also highly captivating.

The AI used in InVideo will automatically suggest the audio for a particular video made. It does save a lot of time searching for the audio too.

The videos created using InVideo has a cap of 15 minutes and no longer than that. And the download limit for the videos is a maximum of 60 per month.

The free version of InVideo does allow the user to create the videos but it has its watermark in it. There are some incredible features in InVideo which is unmatchable, like highlighting the script and searching for videos.

Personal tweets or photos can be used to make videos. The preview and uploading of videos are fast but not as fast as its other counterparts


Main Differences Between Vidnami and InVideo

  1. The main difference between Vidnami and InVideo is, Vidnami helps create amazing unlimited length videos while a user can create a maximum of 15-minute video using InVideo.
  2. An unlimited download limit is offered by Vidnami while InVideo has a limit of 60 per month even in the paid versions.
  3. The speed of video export is good with Vidnami while InVideo is slower and sluggish.
  4. Vidnami has a wide range of features and is very easy to use unlike InVideo, where the features are quite rigid, even the template which is chosen earlier for creating a video cannot be changed later.
  5. Vidnami is widely used for explainer video creation and has many features complimenting it, however, InVideo can be relied on creating short videos and web advertisements.


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