Image vs Shadow: Difference and Comparison

Images play a big part in human life. With the help of images, we can clearly understand the other point of view. Shadows are our image that forms when we block the light.

Images are available in different formats. Based on our requirements, we can use the formats. The format plays a big role while we upload those images on social media.

Key Takeaways

  1. Images represent objects or scenes captured or created through various mediums.
  2. Shadows are areas of darkness created when an object blocks light.
  3. Images can be tangible or digital, while shadows are intangible and dependent on the presence of light and an object.

Image vs Shadow

An image is a representation of an object or scene that is created by light reflecting off the object and entering the eye or a camera lens. The image is a direct representation of the object, with details and colours. A shadow is an area where light is blocked by an object, resulting in a dark patch on a surface behind the object. Shadows are created when light from a source is obstructed by an object. 

Image vs Shadow

The image represents the external form of a thing or a person in the art. Image may be two-dimensional such as screen display and photograph.

It may be three-dimensional such as a hologram or statue. Images are captured by optical devices called mirrors, telescopes, cameras, lenses, and microscopes. Any two-dimensional matrix can be technically treated as an image. 

Shadow is made when lights are blocked. When an opaque object gets in its way, light rays will be stopped from traveling through it.

This will create an area of darkness behind an object. We call that dark area shadow. Children can learn about shadows by their bodies and some objects to block the light. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonImageShadow
VisibilityThey cannot be seen on a screen when they are formed in a plane mirror.It can be seen on the surface.
FormationLight rays.Absence of light.
Produced byA true reflection of an object.Obstruction of light.
SizeIt is not changed.It can be changed.
OutlineDetailed outline.Rough outline.

What is Image?

It is a visual representation of something. According to science, it is a representation of an object which is produced by radiation with a mirror system or lens.

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An example of an image is when you take a picture with a camera and develop it. In a computer, it is a binary representation of visual information. It can include drawings, graphs, individual video frames, pictures, or logos.

The advantage of digital images is they can be saved electronically on any storage device. 

Image type described in what format the image will be stored. It can be stored in vector format, compressed, and uncompressed format.

JPG or PNG format is good for the web. In physics, it is a likeliness of an object that can be at a location in space. It would seem to all observers as though like a reflected light.

In computer graphics, images are divided into vector and raster. Images can be in a variety of formats such as photographs, paintings, semantics, drawings, television pictures, motion pictures, and maps. 

Image restoration is similar to image enhancement but it will be more objective. It improves the image in some predefined sense. It attempts to restore images that can be degraded by prior knowledge of the degradation phenomenon.

Ultrasound images are produced using a sound wave in the place of light, so they are called images. 


What is Shadow?

It is a dark area where light from a light source will be blocked. A shadow in the lung means lung cancer. It appears without a well-defined nodule or mass. It will appear as a tumor first with a shadow or a spot.

To form a shadow, three things are required. You should have enough sources of light. Have an opaque object. Have a screen. With the help of these things, you should place the opaque object in between the source of light and the screen. 

Shadows are divided into two types called Self and Cast. Shadow was found by Eratosthenes. He did his own experiments on Alexandria. He found this on the same day and at the same time, that they were shadows.

This happened when Alexandria was at an angle and the sun shone straight down on Syene. It is simply the black side of someone’s personality. Shadow can be related to the personal unconscious. The difficulty of absorbing shadow is huge if we are required to face alone this powerful feature.

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The black shadow can appear as an archetype. According to spirituality shadow work is a practice of self-growth and healing. It requires surrender and acceptance.

The main purpose of shadow work is it can heal generational trauma. It helps people to cope with their emotions and make them feel more whole. 


Main Differences Between Image and Shadow

  1. When images are formed by a plane mirror, they cannot be seen on a screen. On the other hand, people can see shadows on the surface. 
  2. Image is formed by light rays. On the other hand, the shadow is formed by the absence of light.
  3. True reflection of an objection is called Image. On the other hand, the shadow is produced by the obstruction of light.
  4. Size of the image in a plane mirror will be the same as an object. On the other hand, the size of the shadow can be changed by the position of the object and the source of light.
  5. Image provides the detailed outline of an object with colors and shapes. On the other hand, the shadow only provides a rough outline. 
Image vs Shadow – Difference Between Image and Shadow

Last Updated : 24 July, 2023

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