Difference Between Corrective Action and Preventive Action

Both these concepts were bought into practice for risk-based analysis and analysis of hazards happening. Both are very essential for the after and before of any kind of political, social, or climatic hazardous damage in any country.


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Corrective Action vs Preventive Action

The difference between corrective action and preventive action is that the process of corrective management is a root of quality management which are the activities that are carried out for rectifying an error, and on the other hand, the process of preventive action are several proactive measures that help in rectifying plans related to a particular organization.

Corrective Action vs Preventive Action

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A corrective action works in such a manner where it takes into consideration the critical condition of nonconformity that occurred with a certain intensity of risk it generates in an organization.

An action that keeps an eye on focusing on a non-happening of a possibility of a nonconformity so that it does not arise again is known as a preventive action.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCorrective ActionPreventive Action
MeaningThis is an organization, or a company are plans that are set for identification of the root cause of problems.This is an organization or a company with a set of activities for the identification of potential risks that might occur in future.
NatureThey are reactive.They are proactive.
ActivitiesThis occurs in such a manner that practices such as audits, investigations, and analysis are carried out in an organization.This takes plan in such a manner that practices such as identifying causes of a particular problem are carried out.
Time of occuranceThis takes place before the event occurs.This takes place after the event occurs.
CostThis cost more.This cost less.

What is Corrective Action?

For overcoming the risk of any nonconformity occurring once again, corrective action is taken place. A lot of times, there is an analysis that takes the place of nonconformity to happen in the future.

Through the internal and external scanning, when a person knew what kind of nonconformity might occur, through the corrective action process, they get to know the intensity of issues that would make this nonconformity happen.

The practice of corrective action helps in reducing the transparency level and also helps in fixing the issue, which sets a benchmark for the future development of an organization.

corrective action

What is Preventive Action?

The practice of preventive action is an action practised for a no happening of a future uncertain event. In this practice, there is light given to the reinforcement of any related specific process.

In this prevention action process, it helps to set the measures and plans to take place when that uncertain nonconformity might take place in the future at a certain point.

The practice of prevention action helps an organization for locating the discrepancies. This is done only through Analysis of trends and audition internally through customer review carried out.

preventive action

Main Differences Between Corrective Action and Preventive Action

  1. The corrective actions in an organization or a company take place before an uncertain event occurs, and on the other hand, prevention action in an organization or a company takes place after the event occurs by pre-planning of measures to be taken.
  2. The prevention action is less in cost as compared to corrective action, and on the other hand, the other hand, the corrective action is costlier as compared to the prevention action.
Difference Between Corrective Action and Preventive Action
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