Difference Between Coverlet and Bedspread

Coverlets and bedspreads are two forms of bed linen that are extremely similar. They are light and may protect the mattress and bedsheets while giving the area a beautiful touch.


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As previously stated, the fundamental distinction between a coverlet and a bedspread is size.

They‘ve even defined the same way in several dictionaries. On the other hand, coverlets and bedspreads are two unique goods that may be found in a bed linen store.

Key Takeaways

  1. Coverlets are typically lighter and thinner than bedspreads.
  2. Coverlets are often used as a decorative layer on top of a bed, while bedspreads are used as a covering for the entire bed.
  3. Coverlets may be quilted or woven, while bedspreads are often quilted.

Coverlet vs Bedspread

The difference between coverlets and bedspreads is size. Coverlets are shorter and much lighter than the bedspread. Coverlets are often smaller than bedspreads and cover the top of the bed, whereas bedspreads cover the entire bed and go all the way to the floor. Coverlets suit best for a modern look, and bedspreads are majorly for a traditional look.

Coverlet vs Bedspread

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Coverlets are woven in the same manner as bedspreads are, but instead of falling to the floor, they fall halfway. Furthermore, unlike a bedspread, they rarely have enough length to allow for a pillow tuck.

A coverlet is a good option for those who want the weight and feel of a woven but don’t want the typical look of a bedspread.

Bedspreads are woven bed coverings that cover the bed and extend to the floor.

Bedspreads are ideal for people who desire a more conventional look in their room as well as a larger size cover to sleep beneath when compared to other alternatives.

They are available in a range of weights and are frequently layered with sheets and blankets as required.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCoverletBedspread
DefinitionA smaller version of the bedspread.A bedspread is a quilted cover that is used to dress up your bed.
SizeSmaller in comparison to the bedspread.Larger as it falls touching the floor.
StyleModern style look.Traditional style look.
SeasonBest for winters.Best for the summer season.
CoverageThey cover the whole bed but fall halfway down.They cover the entire bed and fall touching the floor.

What is Coverlet?

A coverlet is a smaller version of a bedspread. It’s as thin as a blanket and available in a variety of basic designs and patterns. It sits on top of the bed like a bedspread.

It does not cover the floor or the pillow; it merely covers the mattress. Coverlets come in several fabrics, the most popular of which are cotton and linen.

Coverlets may be used as an extra layer on top of your blanket during the colder months.

An Individual can use them as their primary sleeping option during warmer seasons. Coverlets are sometimes used as a decorative feature and often paired with dust ruffles.

Coverlets are also often lighter and smaller than other types of bed sheets. Coverlets are commonly made of cotton, linen, velvet, or silk, but you are free to experiment with different materials.

Coverlets go particularly nicely on platform beds. One may tuck sheets, a blanket, and a coverlet into a platform bed for a wonderfully sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

They’re great for bed designs with striking legs and platform beds. Show off your legs by tucking a modest coverlet into a striking bed frame.

If an individual lives in a seasonal environment, a coverlet can be used with a blanket during the colder months.

When it’s cold outside, layer a sheet, blanket, and coverlet on top of the bed, and in the warmer months, only use sheets and a coverlet.


What is Bedspread?

When the bed is not in use, a bedspread is a decorative cover that covers it. Bedspreads are draped directly over the bedsheets.

If you don’t use bedsheets, the mattress will normally be directly on top of them. Bedspreads are often huge, covering the entire bed and extending to the floor.

They’re light and may be worn on their own in warm weather.

During the colder months, we may also utilize them as beautiful embellishments to blankets. As a result, bedspreads serve as attractive pieces as well as protection for the mattress and/or bed sheets in colder locations.

Because bedspreads are often designed for an elegant, conventional bedroom, you’re more likely to come across patterns when browsing for a bedspread than you are when shopping for a coverlet.

Because bedspreads are more conventional and sometimes even shabby chic, they frequently have a pattern or design on them. In that scenario, one must think about the remainder of the space.

A different design or print may compete. Even though a bedspread stretches to the floor, it doesn’t mean a bed skirt isn’t required.

Even if you pull aside the bed covering, you’ll still see the unsightly section of the bed. Addressing your underpinnings with a bed skirt always gives you a more polished look.

A bedspread is not only a lovely complement to your bedroom, but it’s also ideal for the summer months when the temperature grows hotter.


Main Differences Between Coverlet and Bedspread

  1. A bedspread is a layer that is synonymous with the term duvet. A bedspread is a beautiful element that may be utilized in both warm and cold weather, whereas a coverlet is a decorative or warm additional layer of bedding. It is available in both simple and patterned designs.
  2. Coverlets are often smaller than bedspreads and cover the top of the bed, but bedspreads cover the entire bed, including the pillows, and go all the way to the floor.
  3. Coverlets are more appropriate for modern bedrooms, whilst bedspreads are more appropriate for classic bedrooms since they are beautiful and traditional.
  4. Coverlets are best for winter, whereas bedspreads are best for summer.
  5. Coverlets fall halfway, whereas bedspreads cover the whole bed and fall all the way down, touching the ground.
Difference Between Coverlet and Bedspread
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