D800 vs D5300: Difference and Comparison

Photography has become crucial now. Clicking and freezing happy moments have become a part of our lives. People use different kinds of gadgets to take photos and record videos.

But, when it comes to professional photography, the gadget you use greatly matters. DSLRs have dominated the photography world for a long time.

The most famous and trusted DSLR brands in the world are Canon and Nikon. They produce DSLRs in different models with varying features.

Key Takeaways

  1. D800 is a professional-grade full-frame DSLR, while D5300 is an entry-level crop sensor DSLR, resulting in differences in image quality and low-light performance.
  2. D800 features a higher resolution at 36.3 MP, compared to D5300’s 24.2 MP, providing more detailed images.
  3. D800 has a more robust build quality and additional features, such as dual memory card slots and higher shutter durability, compared to D5300.

D800 vs D5300

The D800 is a professional-grade camera with a full-frame sensor, has a higher resolution sensor at 36.3 megapixels, and is suited for professional photographers. The D5300 is an entry-level camera with an APS-C sensor, has a 24.2-megapixel sensor, and is more suitable for amateur photographers.

D800 vs D5300

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D800 is a DSLR camera from the most popular brand Nikon. It is one of the well-known Nikon DSLRs. It has a 3.2-inch display. Nikon D800 was launched on February 6, 2012.

It has a Nikon F mount lens which can be interchanged. This lens interchanging feature makes this DSLR an easy-to-maintain one.

D5300 is also a Nikon DSLR. It is made up of a special type of carbon polymer. It was released on 17 October 2013. It didn’t receive a great reach among users since its features are limited.

Its resolution is also low compared to many other DSLR cameras on the market. But it comes with a variety of exposure modes.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonD800D5300
Launched on6 February 201217 October 2013
Price rangeD800 is costlier than D5300 and it is loaded with amazing features D5300 is relatably cheaper than D800
ColorsD800 is available only in black color D5300 comes in red, black and, grey
Resolution D800 has a high resolution which is 36.2 MP. It is higher than the resolution of D5300It has a resolution of 24 MP

What is D800?

D800 is an award-winning DSLR from Nikon. It has a good resolution, and professional photographers prefer it. It is the successor of the D700. It has an impressive ISO span of 100-6400.

Nikon has improved the video features of the D800, which makes it the most desired camera by professionals. D800 can be a good choice for studio and landscape photography.

D800 is dust and splash-proof, so it can also be of great use in field works. The shutter is an electrically controlled one. This shutter has an impressive speed range.

Continuous shooting can be done. Four frames per second can be continuously shooted. This camera gives full coverage of a view. It can magnify up to 0.70x.

The screen is 3.2 inches in size, and it is an LCD screen. D800 has a lithium-ion battery. D800 weighs about 900g. It has an HDR imaging mode. It also has the settings to adjust lighting and thus enables the user to click a picture with the lighting they like.

Other features to adjust sharpness, exposure, and saturation is also available. Pictures can be edited, saved, and imported to another device.

To transfer files to another device USB cable can be used. It has the space to accommodate two SD cards. The most impressive feature is the direct geotagging by a GPS interface.

nikon d800

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What is D5300?

D5300 is an F-mount Nikon DSLR. It was designed in a way to give the users a DSLR with new features. But, it turned out to be not very impressive.

It has a crop sensor, and the dot NEF files can only be edited in Photoshop with some raw plugins. The lens can be changed. SD cards can be used for storage purposes.

Manual and autofocusing features are given. A huge set of exposure modes are available. Auto exposure and advanced exposure modes are present.

Some of the exposure modes are landscape, Night portrait, Beach, Dusk, Sunset, Dawn, Autumn, Candlelight, etc. Special effects include night effects, selective colors, low key, high key, Miniatures effects, etc.

Flash is a pop-up model. The shutter is electronically controlled in D5300, also. 5 frames per second are the continuous shooting ability. Color balance can be done.

White balance can be carried out in auto, incandescent, sunlight, cloudy, flash, and manual preset. The LCD screen of D5300 is 3.2 inches. Like D800, D5300 also uses a lithium-ion battery.

D5300 weighs about 480 grams. Data transfer is done with the help of a USB. GPS and Wi-Fi ports are available. Time-lapse can be captured. D5300 is not weather or dust resistant.

nikon d5300 1 scaled

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Main Differences Between D800 and D5300

  1. D800 was released in the year 2012, while D5300 was launched in 2013.
  2. D800 is larger in size, and D5300 is smaller compared to D800. D800 is also heavier compared to D5300.
  3. D5300 comes in different colors. Customers have a choice to choose from a range of three colors black, red and grey. But D800 comes only in black color.
  4. D800 is best suited for studio photographers, while D5300 is useful for landscape and wildlife photographers because of its effective GPS geolocalization feature.
  5. D800 has weather protection so that it is hardy and resistant to extreme weather, but D5300 does not have this weatherproof ability.
  6. D800 provides a higher image resolution than D5300, which has a relatively lower resolution.
Difference Between D800 and D5300
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Last Updated : 22 June, 2023

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