Difference Between Diversity and Inclusion

The concept of unity in diversity is based on the numerous problems associated with the intermingling of different categories of people.

Inclusion means the inflow of different groups to form a compact group where overall cooperation is maintained, irrespective of the minor shortcomings of either of the groups.

Comparison Table Between Diversity And Inclusion

Parameters of ComparisonDiversityInclusion
MeaningDiversity is the principle that guides people to recognize the existing differences and understand the resultant uniqueness. Inclusion is a cooperative factor that lets go of minor and major differences for the sake of everyone's mutual benefits.
FunctionsThe main function of diversity is garnering respect by understanding the natural existence of differences. Inclusion finds its significance in the blend of diverse thoughts to make people feel capable of being valued.
Driving FactorNecessity is the sole driving factor of diversity. Morals, ethics, and sociological principles help in the furtherance of inclusion.
Concept in WorkplaceDiversity in the workplace might lead to arguments and heated conflicts due to a lack of cooperation. Inclusion in the workplace acts as a guiding factor for people having different mindsets.
Form of RepresentationRepresentation of different individuals in their natural form. Cooperative representation of diverse individuals as a single unit.

What is Diversity?

Diversity is the fact that everyone is unique in some or the other way. The uniqueness brings with it some discrepancies in thoughts and opinions.

For instance, diversity is when a person is given an invitation to a house party and then the person might not feel included. Once allowed to handle household chores like managing furniture, this diversity is converted into inclusion.

Such a relation implies widespread confusion with regard to the overall perception. Diversity is a combination of all the different ways in which people or religions are different.

What is Inclusion?

Inclusion means the acceptance of differences among a large number of people. These differences are embraced to maintain equilibrium in society.

The common feeling of belongingness and feeling one with each other is the core concept of inclusion. People can feel it in the inclusive atmosphere or through the words spoken by the leaders.

Variety is the key ingredient for the practice of inclusivity. If there are no differences to be ignored or shunned, inclusivity cannot reach its highest potential.

Main Differences Between Diversity And Inclusion

  1. In a workplace, diversity sparks conflict since people might not find an easy way to settle the existing differences in a short while. Inclusion in the workplace is essential for conflice resolution and boosting productivity.
  2. Diversity represents different individuals but inclusion represents a whole group.
Difference Between Diversity and Inclusion


Equity in life is essential since a lot of people benefit from the policies framed by the authorities. Practicing inclusion is considered to be a motivating factor in most cases since the community is driven by morality.

Representation of diverse individuals is delegated to a powerful leader and thus, people feel secure.Obligations make the nature of leadership much more complicated.


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