Dota vs Lol: Difference and Comparison

The use of the internet has massively increased compared to the past decade.


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The internet has expanded its horizon from the workspace to households, schools, colleges, etc. Everyone uses the internet for the tiniest things, such as – surfing, getting knowledge, reading, playing online video games, using social media platforms, etc.

Online video games have changed the old video console games. The graphics, gameplay, and story have emerged beyond expectations.

Key Takeaways

  1. Dota (Defense of the Ancients) and LoL (League of Legends) are both multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games.
  2. Dota was created as a community mod for Warcraft III, while LoL was developed as a standalone game.
  3. Dota has a steeper learning curve and is known for its complex gameplay and strategic depth, while LoL is considered more accessible and has a larger player base.

Dota vs Lol

The difference between Dota and Lol is that Dota is a complex game while Lol is a simple, easy-to-go game. Someone finding a game to play that is built in-depth, slow, and complex must choose Dota, while if wanted to prefer a fast-moving and easy one can go for Lol.

Dota vs Lol

Dota is also known as Defence of the Ancient. This game is a multiplayer online game. The game is based on the battle arena and was released in 2003.

This game was designed by – Eul, Steve Feak, and IceFrog (pseudonymous). Dota was released for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Lol is also known as Legends of League or vice-versa. It is also an online multiplayer video based on the battle arena. Also, it was inspired by Defence of the Ancient (Dota).

Released in 2009 and developed by Riot Games. This game is available for Microsoft Windows and macOS users.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDotaLol
DepthThis game has a lot of depth and requires mastery to play at high levels.This game requires a huge amount of time and effort to be good.
DenyingA feature that allows players to prevent opponents from gaining XP and gold.It does not have any such feature.
MicrotransactionsIt has a well-balanced microtransaction system and is centred on cosmetic items mainly.Players aren’t praising this feature in Lol because they have to spend money on the stuff earned by tons of hard play.   
Skill ShotsThey have fewer skill-shots abilities.Lol has a typical projectile-based skill shot ability that kills the enemy from a fair distance.
Summoner SpellsThey don’t have this feature.These spells, which are supposed to be chosen initially, are added advantages further in the game.

What is Dota?

Dota is a series of the game, although it is also called Defence of the Ancient. Valve developed this series, and the game genre is based on strategy.

There have been many disputes over the ownership of this game until today -it is owned by Valve. There has been a legal dispute with Blizzard Entertainment for the same. 

Released in 2003 for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It has been a complicated, in-depth game that has always gripped their audience. Dota was designed by Eul, Steve Feak, and IceFrog (pseudonymous).  

The main plot of this game is that two teams are competing against one another of about five players assumed as “heroes”.

The five team players have to coordinate within themselves to destroy their enemies’ central base structure, referred to as “ancient”, to win the game. This series contains four games follows- 

  1. Dota 
  2. Dota 2 
  3. Artefact 
  4. Dota Underloads 

What is Lol?

Lol or Leagues of Legend are both the same terms used and vice-versa. This game was developed and designed by Riot Games. It was released in October 2009.

Leagues of Legends is inspired by none other than the Defence of the Ancients (Dota). It is also a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) like Dota.

Riot Games wanted to make it a standalone game within the same genre, so he created Leagues of Legends (Lol).
It was created for Microsoft Windows and macOS platforms.

It is free to play, and you can purchase cosmetic items per the game requirements.

The game’s main plot is that there will be a team of about 5 players each. All the players are assigned a character with unique powers, abilities, and play styles.

The characters are referred to as “champions”. Both teams must save half of their map area from the enemies.

While playing a match, all these champions get more potent because of the collected experience points and items purchased to defeat the enemy. In the main mode, a team is a winner when they destroy the base of opponent teams called “nexus”.


Main Differences Between Dota and Lol

  1. Dota is a game that persists a lot of in-depth in the game. The mechanics and their hero diversity will make you feel overwhelmed, while Lol is a game that requires a lot of time and effort to be on your fingers. 
  2. Dota’s game feature allows players to prevent their opponents from taking XP and gold from the creeps. This feature is known as ‘denying’ because it lets their enemy not take their XP and gold. In contrast, Lol does not have this feature.
  3. Dota’s microtransaction system shows a well-balanced, creative game and focuses on cosmetic items only. While Lol has this system, it appears to be complicated and fussy. The Lol users do not like this feature because they must spend money on not-worthy products.
  4. Dota does not have the very creative and developed skill-shots ability, while Lol has this feature and is projectile-based, helping the users kill their enemies from a distance. 
  5. Dota does not have a feature called summoner spells present in the Lol game as it is an added feature for the users that help them in the game afterwards. 



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