Difference Between Dota and Warcraft

Dota, the short form of defence of the ancient and Warfare, is both online multiplayer games in the global multiplayer world.

Both these games are available and offer landscapes that help build upon a person’s skills and strengths and even communicate with the game players. Both these online games have their own features and characteristics to be looked upon.

Dota vs Warcraft

The main difference between Dota and Warcraft is that Dota is an online multiplayer battle for the players who play it. In contrast, Warcraft is an enormous online multiplayer which is available widely for gamers to play. Dota is easy to understand but hard to play kind of game that needs strategic thinking and skills for playing, clearing each level, whereas Warcraft is based on exploration and new adventure, which makes the game thrilling and fun to play. Consequently, in Dota, a person who has been playing for three years has high chances of getting defeated by a player who has just been playing past two months, which is not the case in Warcraft.

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Dota is a multiplayer battle online game which is pretty famous around globally. In Dota, the player can control one hero with several skills that keep glowing as the hero keeps gaining experience after each level is completed.

This game’s motive is to defeat the opponent by destroying their antique things in the middle of their game. In this game, there is no continuation from where a player left which means that every time a person starts a game, the hero will always start from level one.

Warcraft is an enormous, massive role-play game that is online. This is also like Dota, where the player will be given one hero to control, but this game is tenacious, which is not the case in Dota.

In Warcraft, a player controls the same hero in each session. The change a player makes to the hero in his character remains the same.

Besides that, whenever the player hits level 10, new gear is given as a piece of equipment to the hero. This equipment can be used in the levels after the player logs into the game again.

Comparison Table Between Dota and Warcraft

Parameters of comparisonDota Warcraft
Date of releaseIt was released on the 9th of July,
It was released on the 11th of February, 2005.
Designer of the gameIce frogJeff Kaplan Rob Pardo Tom Chilton
Game-playSmooth functioning, which is easy to understand but hard to playIt is a fun game as compared to Dota, which is easy to play too.
Skills requiredStrategic planning, coordination and teamwork. A player having time and who loves to explore.
Kind of gameAn online multiplayer battle game. A franchised online role-playing multiplayer game.

What is Dota?

Dota is a multiplayer game where a person has to control a hero having special powers to destroy the ancient items and equipment that the opponent player’s hero has.

Every time a person ends and starts the game, the player has to start from scratch. Dota is stated to be one of the most played e-sports in the world today.

The game is available to be streamed without any charge or fee, making it convenient for everyone to play. This game was invented by Valve.

This game’s motive is too easy -destroy the opponents’ ancient items before they try to slay yours.

This game is easy to understand than many of those in the competition, making it fun to play. Although the motive is pretty simple, there is proper coordination and teamwork to achieve the motive’s success, which isn’t as easy a task as it sounds.

In contrast, while playing Dota, a player in any position in the first two minutes and something totally different place within an hour. The tables may turn real quick, which makes the game even more fun.

Winning a Dota game is actually next to impossible without proper teamwork, and that’s why this game is usually played with a group of friends.

What is Warcraft?

Warcraft is a massive online role-play multiplayer game in which the player has to control the hero, and the hero would get some special gears and powers after Completing each level.

The player can continue from the level he left after logging back. Warcraft is a combination of novels, storylines and other media created by Blizzard entertainment.

This game is ranked as the fourth best-selling title in online role-playing, where a player controls the character and communicates with each other in a virtual world.

Unlike Dota, Warcraft has no win or game length conditions, making it available for the players to have new challenges with new loot and new raids to be found.

A player cannot win the entire career as such but can surely win the best player who comes through skills getting better after playing. Warcraft is basically an extensive comprehensive game filled with explorations.

Warcraft is considered a game of players instead of a game of skills. It functions through time and items.

Main Differences Between Dota and Warcraft

  1. In Dota, it offers the same map for every game with the increase in level. In contrast, Warcraft is a game filled with explorations that include upgrading the players’ character and exploring different game places.
  2. Dota is a very competitive and strategic game that needs a game plan and skills, whereas Warcraft is for players with time and items and does not emphasize skill.
  3. In Dota, the player has to always start from scratch, which means that a 7-month player can easily beat-up a 2 years player, whereas, in Warcraft can be continued from the level a player last left.
  4. Dota includes strategic thinking skills, so this game requires experienced players, whereas, since Warcraft doesn’t require skill as such, it is a newbie-friendly game.
  5. Dota is a real-time strategy game with limitations, whereas Warcraft is a game for explorations that makes it more fun than Dota.


Both the games include controlling a hero from the player to achieve a particular motive with specific upgrades into the hero, making him powerful after each level. Both the games indeed requires skills.

But if a person is a new player, that person should for sure try Warcraft as it is more fun and easy to play than Dota.

On the other hand, if a person loves having different challenges and putting his mind into strategic thinking and applying his skills, Dota is sure the game he should be playing.

Both these games have their objectives and characteristics so, it differs from person to person on which game the player is willing to play.


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