Difference Between DTS and AC3

Every digital product like, movies, songs, dramas, etc., goes through some technical works, before the actual release. These technical procedures are important to make things more soothing.


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While shooting there are various noises or sometimes the actual  voice is low or not up to the mark for which various sound systems have been introduced to make the content more audible.

In the digital world there are lots of sound systems which are used to improve the quality of content which enables the viewer or listener to listen to things more clearly and loud.

Using such sound enhancing technologies are helpful for audiences in  theatres as the base enhances with loud voices and makes the audience feel more.

DTS vs AC3

The difference between DTS and AC3 is the quality difference between both. Both DTS and AC3 are two different technologies serving the same purpose but there are differences between both of them.

DTS vs AC3 1


Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDTSAC3
CompanyDTSDolby digital laboratories
Encoding bit8 to 512 kbps per channel192 kbps
Sound qualityGoodBetter
LoudMore loudLess loud
Used mostlyIn theatresOn DVDs and CDs


What is DTS?

DTS stands for Digital theatre system is a company that makes multichannel audio technologies for films and videos, by enhancing the sound quality of it this company specializes in digital surround sound system.

DTS company is based in Calabasas, California and was introduced in 1993 as a higher quality competitor to Dolby Laboratories and undoubtedly accomplished the goal of being better in the market.

DTS is also known as their technology. It is the technology which makes audios more loud and clear, making films appropriate for the theatre audience for the people who have home theatre.

DTS  has a working system in which six different audio channels are encoded on to one or two CDs. in theatres there are many decoders and CD players which enable to separate the sound onto different speakers as per the need.

DTS uses higher bits which makes the sound quality more appreciable, for the home theatre version the most appropriate version is 5.1– channel audio , which gives the exact cinematic feel to the audience with speakers and subwoofers.


What is AC3?

AC3 is the audio compression technology  introduced by dolby digital which is also known as Dolby AC3. This technology is developed under Dolby laboratories.

AC3 is appropriate with home theatre equipment and quality is transparent to lossless if 640k 5.1 channel audio is chosen. It is a file extension for sound format used on DVDs.

AC3 provides 5.1 audio channel which consists of five full channels and one low frequency effect channel which gives the viewer an immersive feeling.

AC3 can operate sound frequency from 20 to 20,000 Hz which is equivalent to human’s audible frequency. This refers to the spectacularity of sound effects.

AC3 is widely used on DVDs but merely used in other respects. It supports 7.1 audio channel in CDs and maximum it supports 5.1 audio channel with limit of 448Kbps. And the bitrate of AC3 on DVDs is upto 640Kbps.


Main Differences Between DTS and AC3

  1. DTS takes more space than AC3.
  2. DTS is clear and sharper than AC3.
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