Difference Between Duolingo and Memrise

Learning something new is very fascinating. Therefore, there are several classes both online as well as offline where are can learn different things.


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And, Duolingo and Memrise are two such learning applications that enable us to learn and guide different languages and to work on our vocabulary.

In general, as a hobby or while traveling learning the respective language in the correct vocabulary should be a must as it helps the person to relate more with the co-existing people of that society.

And, here are going to briefly discuss both the educational applications and their usefulness.

Duolingo vs Memrise

Duolingo is an app which offers free language courses. The courses are structured around vocabulary and grammar, with a focus on building a strong foundation in the language. Memrise is more focused on memorization and repetition than on grammar and structured lessons and has a community aspect.

Duolingo vs Memrise

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Duolingo is a learning platform where are can access through its website and application as well.

It not only helps us to learn a new language but also to improvise its grammar, pronunciation, and as well as vocabulary.

On the other hand, the platform that enables us to improve the vocabulary of our respective selective language is known as Memrise. It is mainly designed for vocabulary.

It even helps us to understand irregular words, formation of sentences, adding character while speaking, etc.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDuolingoMemrise
OriginDuolingo is an American-based company. Memrise us a vocabulary application that has its roots in London, UK.
SoundThe audio of the Duolingo learning application is robotic and hence sometimes it becomes difficult to understand the vocabulary. Memrise has a clear sound.
ContentA better and wider range of content is found in Duolingo.The content quality of Memrise is limited to a certain level.
VideoNo video feature is available in Duolingo. Memrise has added some videos, to make their content more interesting.
UsersCurrently, 500 million people use Duolingo. There are just 40 million users of Memrise.

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is a platform wherein we can acquire knowledge about different languages.

It is designed in such a way, that we can byheart the language by performing some specific teaching techniques of Duolingo. Duolingo is available in both application and website forms.

Both forms are the same, but it is much more convenient to use the application form, as you get all the latest updates in your notification bar.

Even its main aim is to create various languages to learn without any issues, as it is a friendly application.

Also, Duolingo not only helps us to learn the languages but also helps us to improve the grammar, pronunciation, and at the same time vocabulary of that very selected language by you.

On 30th November 2011 Duolingo was first introduced to the market and since then it has never taken a step back as it has become more and more popular amongst the population.

Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker are the co-founders of Duolingo. Maybe even the creators never thought that Duolingo will take such a great pace and would collect about 500 million users.

It is available for free as well as for paid subscribers.

Duolingo consists of about 103 language courses in 40 different languages so that no one finds difficulty while learning. By this, we can say that it is full of content.

Some noticeable advantages of Duolingo are that it provides Grammarly tips, it is a friendly application, tests are implemented for better understanding, etc.

But, the disadvantages are that it is repetitive, there are videos, sometimes confusing, etc. But overall if anybody wants to learn any language then Duolingo should be the go-to platform.

What is Memrise?

Memrise is a learning platform where we can improve our vocabulary.

In short, it is a vocabulary-improving platform where polishing the vocabulary of a respective language is the central element of it. Memrise was initially launched in the year 2010.

There are three co-founders of Memrise and they are Ed Cooke, Grey Detre, and Ben Whately. They together created the application. It is a UK-based company.

Now that we know, Memerise is a vocabulary application and therefore other features also come along with it like a basic phrase or sentence learning, characters of different languages, etc.

There are around 26 languages and in the format of 19 languages. 40 million is the correct count for their users.

It is an easy-to-use application where there are certain levels that the user needs to accomplish. Like if you can clear the first level then it allows the next level to unlock and so on.

Hence, it takes the proper attention of each user to learn their selected language.

Memrise comes with some advantages like the best option to learn irregular terms, videos, focus on vocabulary, etc.

The videos make the application more appealing and attractive that it would be fun to learn the vocabulary and even the sound quality is also amazing.

The only problems with it are that there are no test sessions, no grammar tips, etc. But, if you want to improve your vocabulary then please go for Memrise.

Main Differences Between Duolingo and Memrise

  1. Duolingo is originally an American company. On the other hand, Memrise is known to be a British organization.
  2. Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand the audio of Duolingo. On the other hand, we can completely rely upon Memrise’s audio quality.
  3. Duolingo is assigned with a wide variety of content. On the other hand, comparatively, the Memrise has packed content to present.
  4. The Duolingo website or application has never used videos to teach. On the other hand, to make the content more fun and interesting Memrise has implemented some videos.
  5. According to recent sources, there are 500 million subscribers of Duolingo. On the other hand, the average percent people who are engaged with Memrise is only 40 million.
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