Duolingo vs Duolingo Plus: Difference and Comparison

Duolingo is a popular language learning application or website. Users who are willing to learn multiple languages or even desire to get fluent in one language can avail the services of Duolingo.

Duolingo comes with an extended paid feature known as Duolingo plus. It provides the same facilities along with added benefits to the users

Key Takeaways

  1. Duolingo is a free language-learning platform, while Duolingo Plus is a paid subscription offering additional features and benefits.
  2. Duolingo Plus provides an ad-free experience, offline access, and unlimited hearts for uninterrupted learning, while the free version contains ads and limited hearts.
  3. Both versions offer access to the same language courses, but Duolingo Plus enhances the learning experience with added convenience and fewer interruptions.

Duolingo vs Duolingo Plus                          

Duolingo is a popular language-learning platform that offers free and paid subscription plans. Duolingo Plus is a paid subscription service that offers users an ad-free experience, offline access, and progress tracking, where, users can learn a language without being interrupted by ads.

Duolingo vs Duolingo Plus

Duolingo is a freemium language-learning service provided by the company Duolingo. It helps users to get fluent in their desired language and also learn multiple languages at the same time.

They have a very structural learning program with proper skill tests to test their progress.

Duolingo Plus is the premium version of the company application Duolingo.

They provided all the facilities available in the Duolingo application with added benefits. It also removes all advertisements from the paid version for fluent and unrestricted performance.

Comparison Table

Parameter of comparisonDuolingoDuolingo Plus
FeaturesLimited and restrictedUnlimited with added benefits
ServiceUnpaid servicePaid service
AdvertisementsShows advertisementsRemoved Advertisement
Offline featuresOffline lessens not availableOffline lessons available
Extra benefitsNo such extra benefits providedExtra benefits are provided to the users
Drawbacks  Mistakes have consequencesMistakes have no consequences
Service fluencyInterruptions happen such as advertisements and limited number of heartsFluent and smooth functions no disruption
Accessibility  Comparatively less accessibleAccessible and functioning

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is a free language learning application or website. They help willing users to get fluent in their desired language and also learn multiple languages.

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Duolingo provides the facility of practicing vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar using the spaced repetition technique, also known as evidence-based learning.

The technique uses flashcards for learning. This method of learning has been proved to benefit the degree of learning.

Currently, Duolingo offers a total of 103 courses of language in 40 languages for its users.  The concepts of Duolingo classes are formed over a tree.

Further, these trees are formed of skills that stress particular aspects set as the target by the user. Additionally, the tress is divided into sections and subsections which deal with specific skills.

The sills are further divided into 6 levels 1, 2,3,4,5, and legendary. The skills are divided between vocabulary skills and grammatical skills.

After the completion of a skill, rewards are received. All these services are provided by the company in their freemium model that is Duolingo.


What is Duolingo Plus?

Duolingo plus is the premium paid version of the company application Duolingo. It provides several added benefits along with the services that are already provided in the Duolingo application.

Duolingo plus gives access to enable unlimited hearts to the users, so it provides unlimited opportunities and does not slow the user down upon committing mistakes.

Duolingo plus also gives users to review their mistakes and work upon them, with the help of personalized practice lessons.

At the end of each month, the users of Duolingo plus get to repair their monthly streak. The users also get to take mastery quizzes and inspect their progress along with that they also get to have unlimited skill tests of and desired level.

The most premium and best facility of Duolingo plus is that it does not come along with any sort of disruption or interference between lessons.

It removes all sorts of advertisements from its premium version. It provides exceptional service with zero disruption. The experience of Duolingo plus is a very fluent service.

Main Differences Between Duolingo and Duolingo Plus

  1. Duolingo the language learning application and website is a free service. Where any user is allowed to avail their services, however Duolingo plus is the paid version and it cannot be accessed by all users.
  2. Duolingo being an unpaid service has limited hearts (opportunities) and restricted services however Duolingo has unlimited hearts (opportunities)and several other added benefits.
  3. Users using Duolingo have to come across advertisements which can be quite vexing sometimes however Duolingo plus being the paid service promises no interruptions or advertisements.
  4. Another downside for Duolingo users is that the application does not facilitate the benefit of offline lessons to its users. Duolingo Plus users get the benefit of offline lessons.
  5. The application and website Duolingo does not provide the regular users with any extra benefits, whereas the users of Duolingo plus get to enjoy a couple of extra benefits such as free monthly streak repair, mastery quizzes, unlimited tests outs, and extra speaking practice.
  6. Duolingo users get to compensate in terms of hearts (opportunities) if mistakes are made during lessons however for Duolingo plus users there are no consequences if mistakes are made during lessons.
  7. Interruptions such as advertisements and limited hearts interrupt the fluency of Duolingo, however Duolingo plus provides exceptional service with no disruption.
  8. As Duolingo as an application has certain drawbacks it is comparatively less accessible to the users, although the paid service Duolingo plus provided a very fluent service with no disruption and therefore is more accessible to the users.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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