Difference Between Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

Samsung, like other brands of the same niche, extends its popularity by projecting new products or models. In 2019, the stardom company launched new mobile models anointed as Galaxy S10 and the other was S10 plus. Both models are known to be Samsung’s revolutionary phones and are more proximate to each other.


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Galaxy S10 vs S10 Plus

The difference between Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus is that the Galaxy S10 exhibits a 6.1-inch screen size while the S10 plus offers a 6.4-inch screen size which allows users to easily view the content demonstrated on the screen. Externally, it seems all transformed but internally the specifications are almost the same.

Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s series of android-centric smartphones produced and promoted by the company as an extension of the famous Galaxy S line. The Galaxy S10 model had an issue regarding the fingerprint scanner. It was observed that anybody can open the smartphone utilizing a screen protector made from silicon.

Galaxy S10 Plus is the advanced version of the galaxy S10 and gained fame among the public due to its promising features and outlook. This model marked its release on Samsung’s tenth anniversary and it even outperformed the note line. The S10 Plus is beautifully slender in design and incredibly stunning in look.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGalaxy S10S10 Plus
Computing capacity and batteryIt contains a 3.400 milliamp Hour battery and memory goes up to 8GB. It allows easy switching from one app to another.It possesses a 4100 milliamp Hour battery and memory spans up to 8 and 12GB RAM.
StorageThe S10 model possesses excellent storage of 128GB and which can also be raised to 512GB using the memory card.The S10 Plus model has incredible 1TB storage and allows extensive downloading without making people tense about low storage.
ScreenIt has a 6.1-inch exquisite screen having a resolution of 1440Ă—3040 (QHD) and a distinguishing fingerprint scanner.It has a 6.4-inch outstanding screen with similar resolution QHD+ as the S10 model and a prominent camera hole makes it look ravishing.
CameraIt contains one 1MP camera on the front side and three in the back possessing 16MP,12, and 12MP. The rudimentary camera retains varying notch.It has a selfie camera of eight-megapixel and three back cameras. The camera is known to capture sharp and clear pictures.
DesignThe S10 model is identified for having a camera hole and a bezel-less display. This phone is available in white, green, and black colors and created of glass to make it look glossy and nice.It has a slim design, a ceramic back, and a more extensive camera hole. The smartphone looks lusterless and comes in prism green, blue, white, and black colors.

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What is Samsung Galaxy S10?

With the advancement and upgrades in the current models in the galaxy range, Samsung galaxy has come up with their 10th generation series named Samsung Galaxy S10. This series comes under the wide umbrella of the Samsung series originally manufactured by Samsung electronics.

The Galaxy S10 series is differentiated based on screen size and dimensions and front-facing cameras etc. Apart from that, the galaxy s10 series has been presented with 5G technology and a lite version. This series has a 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED and HDR support for the front-facing camera.

Galaxy S10 is differentiated from the previous models with the hardware upgrades such as a rounded top-right display, and an on-screen fingerprint sensor made with ultrasonic technology. The advantage of this on-screen fingerprint sensor in galaxy S10 over others is that this sensor can traverse the protector screen.

The model is water resistant and it can persist in water for up to 30 minutes without damage to the internal board and processing, following the IP68 standards which provide water and dust resistance ranges for mobile phones. However, the battery life for the S10 version is not improved compared to the previous versions which range up to 26 hours excluding the long running hours of video screening.

What is Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the glorified range of the Samsung S series and is the second most expensive phone in the whole range of Samsung galaxy. It has 8 GB ram which provides relatively faster performance and processing time, and also contains a headphone jack like other models along with the SD card space for micro SD chips.

The screen is 6.4 inches wide with a huge display and pixels for color graphics. From the performance aspect, S10 Plus range is divided into two versions, one with 128 GB space having Ram of 8GB and one with 1 teraByte space having up to 12GB RAM processor. This version contains 5 cameras with 3 cameras at the rear and two front cameras, having 8Mp and 10Mp lenses. It offers heavy graphical usage and video streaming along with that the smartphone achieved a more delicate and slimmer attribute as compared to its precursors.

Main Differences Between  Samsung Galaxy S10 and  S10 Plus

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10 has a 6.1-inch widescreen referred to as 6.1” Infinity-O Display¹Quad HD+ whereas S10+ has a 6.4” Infinity-O Display¹Quad HD+ display.
  2. Memory for Samsung galaxy S10 ranges from 128-512GB with 8GB RAM whereas the new S10 PLUS introduced an additional 1 TB space with a RAM of 12 GB.
  3. S10 has a battery capacity of 3,400mAh whereas S10 plus advanced up to 4,100mAh with additional running hours for heavy usage.
  4. S10 has a single front-facing camera compared to a dual front-facing camera introduced in later versions such as s10 Plus.
  5. In dimensions S10 stands at 149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8mm, 157 g, and S10 Plus at 157.6 x 74.1 x 7.4mm, 175 g with a prismatic ceramic back making it wider than the S10 plus.
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