Duolingo Promo Codes (2023) – 50% OFF Discount Codes

Duolingo, a widely embraced language learning platform utilized by millions worldwide, boasts extensive language courses on its website. Although Duolingo offers budget-friendly options, it may still stretch the finances of some learners. Enter Duolingo promo codes for your ticket to substantial savings.

These codes can grant users access to exclusive discounts and special offers, making the pursuit of language acquisition more accessible and affordable.

In this article, we will furnish you with an up-to-date compilation of Duolingo promo codes for the current year, accompanied by step-by-step instructions on how to apply and benefit from these promotional codes.

Furthermore, we will delve into the intricacies of leveraging Duolingo referrals, enabling you to maximize the value of your Duolingo subscription.


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duolingo 1

Duolingo Promo Codes For Free Trial

FREE TRIAL | Two Week of Duolingo FreeApplicable for new usersGET HERE
Refer and Get 1 Week Duolingo FreeRefer your Friends and earn one week of free Duolingo SuperGET HERE
FREE COURSE | No Promo RequiredSign up for the course at free of cost GET HERE

OfferDuolingo Promo Codes
Use Code 10% offTHANKYOU10
Use Code 30% offMOM
Use Code 1 Month FreeJETBLUE
Use Code 20% offHOLIDAY20
Use Code 10% off10OFF
Use Code Get 1 Month FreeDRACARYS
Use Code 20% offPUMPKIN
Use Code 30% offFALL30
Use Code 20% offSUMMER25
Use Code 20% offFALL
BEREALRedeem this Duolingo promo code to get 20% OFF on ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS
DUOLINGO25Redeem this Duolingo promo code to get a 25% discount on an annual Duolingo subscription
FREEGEMSRedeem this Duolingo promo code to get 500 free gems
SPRINGSALERedeem this Duolingo promo code to get 20% OFF all subscriptions.
NEWYEAR2023Redeem this Duolingo promo code to get 30% OFF on Duolingo
MEMORIAL DAY SAVINGSRedeem this Duolingo promo code to get 25% OFF ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS of Duolingo
SUMMERSALERedeem this Duolingo promo code to get 30% OFF all subscriptions.
BACKTOSCHOOLRedeem this Duolingo promo code to get 20% OFF on all subscriptions
LIMITED TIME OFFERRedeem this Duolingo promo code to get 15% OFF on ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS

Expired Duolingo Promo Codes 

We have listed the expired codes for Duolingo, which will not work anymore. Make sure to check them, as there is no benefit of using them repeatedly.

  • 20OFF – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get Ten percent at Duolingo
  • 30OFF – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get 30 percent at Duolingo
  • 40OFF – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get 40 percent at Duolingo
  • 50OFF – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get 50 percent at Duolingo
  • 60OFF – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get 60 percent at Duolingo
  • 100OFF – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get 100 percent at Duolingo
  • BACKTOSCHOOL10 – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get offers a Ten percent discount on all subscriptions.
  • REAL – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get Twenty-Five percent ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS
  • CARY – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get 1 Month Free Trial
  • DUOLINGO50 – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get a discount on an annual subscription.
  • DUOLINGO150 – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get a discount on an annual subscription.
  • DUOLINGO250 – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get a discount on an annual subscription.
  • DUOLINGO350 – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get a discount on an annual subscription.
  • DUOLINGO450 – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get a discount on an annual subscription.
  • DUOLINGO550 – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get a discount on an annual subscription.
  • DUOLINGO950 – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get a discount on an annual subscription.
  • ETBEE – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get 15 percent OFF ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS
  • FALL300 – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get Thirty Percent at Duolingo
  • FREEGEMS10 – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get Every membership that comes with 500 free gems.
  • HOLIDAY200 – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get Save Twenty Percent at Duolingo
  • LIMITEDTIMEOFFER: Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get 15 percent OFF ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS
  • DUOLINGOLOVELANGUAGE – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get 1 Month of Super Duolingo for Free at Duolingo
  • MEMORIALDAYSAVINGS – Redeem This Duolingo Promo Code To Get Twenty-Five Percent OFF ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS

How To Redeem Duolingo Promo Codes?

duolingo 2

If you possess a valid Duolingo promo code but are uncertain about the redemption process, please follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Begin by visiting Duolingo’s official website.
  2. Next, either log in using your existing Duolingo account or create one if you haven’t already.
  3. Select a functional code from our compiled list of Duolingo Promo Codes and paste it into the designated field during your purchase on the Duolingo shop.
  4. Your rewards will be applied instantly if you have successfully redeemed the code.
  5. Keep in mind that these codes are case-sensitive. If you omit or incorrectly enter any letters or numbers, you will receive an “invalid” notification, and the code won’t yield any benefits.
  6. To avoid errors, we recommend avoiding manual input of the codes. Instead, copy the codes directly from our list and paste them precisely as they appear in our compilation of promo codes.

That’s all there is to it! Following these steps will ensure a smooth and successful redemption of your Duolingo promo code, allowing you to enjoy the associated benefits.

How To Use Duolingo Plus?

duolingo 3

Using Duolingo Plus is a great way to enhance your language learning experience on the Duolingo platform. Duolingo Plus offers several benefits, including an ad-free experience, offline access to lessons, and more. Here’s how to use Duolingo Plus:

  1. Get a Duolingo Plus Subscription:
    • Open the Duolingo app or visit the Duolingo website.
    • Log in to your Duolingo account or create one if you don’t have an account.
    • Navigate to the “Duolingo Plus” section in the app’s settings or the website’s top menu.
    • Choose a subscription plan that suits your preferences (e.g., monthly or annual subscription).
    • Enter your payment information and complete the purchase to activate Duolingo Plus.
  2. Access Duolingo Plus Features:
    • Once you’ve subscribed to Duolingo Plus, you will immediately gain access to its premium features.
    • You can now enjoy an ad-free learning experience, which means no more interruptions from ads while you’re learning.
  3. Offline Lessons:
    • One of the significant benefits of Duolingo Plus is the ability to download lessons for offline use.
    • To do this, navigate to the language course you want to download for offline access.
    • Look for the download icon (represented by a cloud with a downward arrow) on each lesson or skill.
    • Tap or click the download icon to save the lessons to your device.
    • You can now access these lessons without an internet connection, making it perfect for learning on the go.
  4. Track Your Progress:
    • With Duolingo Plus, you can closely monitor your learning progress and track your streaks and achievements.
    • Check your progress by visiting your profile or dashboard within the Duolingo app or website.
  5. Subscription Management:
    • You can manage your Duolingo Plus subscription by going to your account settings.
    • You can update payment information, cancel your subscription, or switch between monthly and annual plans.
  6. Enjoy an Enhanced Learning Experience:
    • Duolingo Plus aims to provide a smoother and more enjoyable language learning journey by removing ads, offering offline access, and providing other premium features.
    • Use Duolingo regularly to reinforce your language skills and progress in your chosen language courses.

How To Use Duolingo Referral?

duolingo 4

Using Duolingo’s referral program is a great way to earn rewards while sharing the language-learning experience with friends and family. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Duolingo referrals:

  1. Open the Duolingo App or Website:
    • Start by launching the Duolingo app on your mobile device or visiting the Duolingo website on your computer.
  2. Log In or Sign Up:
    • If you already have a Duolingo account, log in using your credentials. If you don’t have an account, sign up for one by providing your email address and creating a password.
  3. Access the Referral Program:
    • On the Duolingo app, tap on your profile picture or icon in the top-left corner to access your profile.
    • On the Duolingo website, click on your profile picture or icon in the top-right corner to access your profile.
  4. Navigate to the Referral Section:
    • Look for a section or tab labeled “Invite Friends” or “Referrals.” Click or tap on it to access the referral program.
  5. Generate Your Referral Link or Code:
    • You will find options to generate a referral link or code in the referral section. Duolingo offers both options.
    • If you choose the referral link, Duolingo will provide you with a unique URL to share with others.
    • If you choose the referral code, Duolingo will generate a code your friends can enter when they sign up.
  6. Share Your Referral Link or Code:
    • Share your unique referral link or code with friends, family, or anyone interested in learning a new language. You can share it through email, social media, messaging apps, or other means.
  7. Earn Rewards:
    • When someone uses your referral link or code to sign up for Duolingo and starts learning, you and your referral will earn rewards.
    • Rewards often include free Duolingo Plus subscription time, which provides ad-free learning and other premium features.
  8. Track Your Referrals:
    • Duolingo provides a dashboard or section where you can track the status of your referrals, see who has signed up, and monitor your earned rewards.
  9. Redeem Your Rewards:
    • Once you’ve accumulated enough rewards through successful referrals, you can redeem them within the Duolingo app or website to access Duolingo Plus features or other benefits.
  10. Continue Referring:
    • Please keep sharing your referral link or code with more people to earn additional rewards and help others embark on their language-learning journey.

How To Get More Duolingo Promo Codes?

duolingo 5

Obtaining Duolingo promo codes can be a great way to access discounts and benefits on the platform. Here are some strategies to help you get more Duolingo promo codes:

  1. Official Duolingo Promotions: Keep an eye on Duolingo’s official website, blog, and social media channels for announcements of special promotions and promo codes. Duolingo occasionally runs its own promotions, especially during holidays or special events.
  2. Email Subscriptions: Subscribe to Duolingo’s email newsletters. Duolingo may send promo codes and exclusive offers to its subscribers. Make sure to check your email regularly for updates.
  3. Referral Program: As mentioned earlier, Duolingo has a referral program that rewards you with free Duolingo Plus subscription time for referring friends. Encourage your friends to sign up using your referral link or code; you and your referrals can earn rewards.
  4. In-App or In-Website Offers: Sometimes, Duolingo may display special offers or promo codes within the app or on its website. Look for banners, pop-ups, or notifications that advertise discounts or promotions.
  5. Duolingo Events: Participate in Duolingo events or challenges, which may offer promo codes as prizes or rewards for completing specific language learning tasks or achievements.
  6. Third-Party Websites: Search for Duolingo promo codes on third-party coupon websites, forums, or communities where users share discounts and promotional offers. Be cautious and ensure the legitimacy of the codes on such websites.
  7. Follow Duolingo on Social Media: Duolingo often shares updates, promotions, and promo codes on its official social media accounts. Follow Duolingo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay informed.
  8. Participate in Language Clubs: If you use Duolingo’s language clubs feature, other users may share promo codes or discuss discounts. Join these clubs to connect with fellow learners.
  9. Review Websites and Blogs: Look for reviews, guides, or blog posts related to Duolingo. Some bloggers and reviewers may share exclusive promo codes or offer tips on how to find them.
  10. Duolingo Events and Meetups: Attend Duolingo language events or meetups in your area. These events may provide opportunities to connect with other learners and possibly receive promo codes as part of the event.

Why is Duolingo Promo Codes Not Working?

If a Duolingo promo code is not working, it can be due to several reasons. Here are some common reasons why a Duolingo promo code may not be functioning as expected:

  1. Expired Promo Code: Promo codes have expiration dates. It will no longer work if you’re trying to use a code past its expiration date.
  2. Incorrectly Entered Code: Promo codes are often case-sensitive, meaning you must enter them exactly as provided, including any capitalization or special characters. Double-check that you’ve entered the code correctly.
  3. Ineligible Account: Some promo codes may be limited to specific user groups, such as new users or users who meet certain criteria. Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements for the code you’re trying to use.
  4. Location Restrictions: Promo codes may have regional restrictions, meaning they are only valid in specific countries or regions. Check if the code applies to your location.
  5. One-Time Use: Many promo codes are for single use only. If the code is already used on your account or someone else’s, it will not work again.
  6. Already Redeemed: Some promo codes can only be redeemed once per user. If you’ve previously redeemed a code, you won’t be able to use it again.
  7. Technical Issues: Occasionally, technical glitches on Duolingo’s platform may prevent promo codes from being applied. Try again later or contact Duolingo’s support for assistance.
  8. Invalid or Expired Promotion: Sometimes, Duolingo may discontinue certain promotions or codes, rendering them invalid. Check if the promotion is active and the code is still being offered.
  9. Adherence to Terms and Conditions: Ensure you’re using the promo code in compliance with Duolingo’s terms and conditions. Violating these terms can result in the code not working.
  10. Duplicate Codes: If you attempt to use multiple promo codes for the same offer simultaneously, it may cause conflicts, and the codes may not work. Only use one valid code at a time.

Can I Generate Duolingo Promo Codes With Duolingo Promo Code Generator Website?

Duolingo promo code generators or websites claiming to generate Duolingo promo codes should be approached with caution. These websites often promise free or discounted Duolingo subscriptions or other benefits, but many are not legitimate and may be scams. Here are some reasons to be cautious about using such websites:

  1. Legitimacy: Duolingo promo codes are distributed by Duolingo through official channels, such as email newsletters, promotions on their website or app, or referral programs. Websites claiming to generate promo codes may not be associated with Duolingo and may not provide valid or genuine codes.
  2. Scams and Fraud: Some websites offering promo code generators may be scams designed to collect personal information, sell data, or engage in fraudulent activities. They may ask for your email address, phone number, or other personal details.
  3. Security Risks: Visiting and interacting with such websites can expose your computer or device to security risks, including malware, viruses, or phishing attempts.
  4. Violation of Terms of Service: Using promo code generators may violate Duolingo’s terms of service. Duolingo may take action against accounts that engage in fraudulent or unauthorized activities.

To ensure you’re using valid Duolingo promo codes, it’s best to obtain them from official sources, such as Duolingo’s website, official emails, or trusted promotional offers. Be cautious of any website or service that claims to generate Duolingo promo codes, especially if they ask for personal information or payment.

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