Earrings vs Tops: Difference and Comparison

Outfits and accessories are the two most crucial things in a wardrobe. Accessories and ornaments finish any outfit. Accessories like watches and ornaments are selected to match an outfit.

People wear different types of clothes and accessories. Each person has a unique taste in picking the outfit and accessories. Taste in clothing tells about character. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Earrings are any jewelry worn on the earlobe or ear cartilage, while tops are a specific category of earrings characterized by a small, simple design.
  2. Tops have a stud or small hoop design, whereas earrings can come in various styles, such as dangle, chandelier, or drop earrings.
  3. Tops are suitable for everyday and casual occasions, while earrings can be worn for formal and special occasions.

Earrings vs Tops

Earrings are a type of jewelry that are worn on the ears. They consist of a decorative piece hanging from a earlobe piercing. Tops are a type of earring. They are small and sit directly on the earlobe, without climbing upwards, any dangle or drop below the ear.

Earrings VS Tops

An earring is a piece of ornament made from elements like gold or silver and enhances the look and beauty of the ear and adds sparkle to the outfit.

Studs that remain attached to the earlobe or hangings that drop down are the main types of earrings. More than one earring gives a chic look.

Tops cover the upper body. They are worn along with a long or short bottom. Tops differ in length some go down till the thigh. Crop tops are short.

Men pair tops with pants and women pair them with skirts, shorts, and pants. Blouses, Shirts, and T-shirts come under the category of tops.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonEarringsTops
Part woreEarUpper body
MaterialMetal, Gold, Silver, Wood, DiamondSilk, Cotton, Wool, etc
PurposeAdds beautyEssential clothing

What are Earrings?

Earring is an ornament that women wear every day. Earlobes must be pierced to wear an earring. Piercing is done during childhood.

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In India, some groups of people celebrate the earlobe piercing day as a ceremony. The history of various cultures represents the usage of earrings in ancient times.

Earlobes are the most pierced part of the ear. Piercing more than one spot of the ear is common in western culture. Cartilage piercing takes a long while to heal and is complex to carry out.

Metals, plastic, beads, wood, bones, etc are used to make earrings. Studs and hoops give a simple formal look.

Large dangling earrings with stones embellished are for special occasions and parties. Stud earrings are formal they don’t attract eyes and are light.

Dangles are heavy and shining. Dangles and sparkles are suitable for party occasions.

Ear piercing and wearing an earring are part of some cultures. Hindu traditions refer to piercing as a dharmic rite called Karnavedha.

Ear piercing is carried out shortly after a few weeks of birth. All girls and some boys wear earrings. Only one hole is made in this traditional rite. However, some people prefer to have more than one piercing.


What are Tops?

Tops are essential for any wardrobe. Tops differ in type and model depending on a few characteristics. Type of fabric, Color, sleeve, neckline, and the length of the top is a few characteristics.

Some tops lack a sleeve and are called sleeveless tops. The fitting of the top also changes based on the type of fabric used.

Hooded tops have a high neckline with a hood to cover the head, V-line tops have a low neckline. The neckline of a top determines the occasion it is suitable for.

Tops made from thick fabric with long sleeves are suitable for cold weather Tops with shoulder straps and barebacks are best for hot summers.

The crochet technique is effective in making breathable tops ideal for summer. Crop tops go well with high-waisted jeans since they are short.

Denim tops are thick and casual. High collar or turtle necks have covered necks. T-shirts and tank tops have a simple, casual look Silk tops are classy and perfect for parties and dates.

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Smocked waist top has the waist region stitched to remain tighter. The model of tops has changed over time. There are still women who love a classical vintage polka dot top.

Shirts are eternal they have a prominent place in the wardrobe of men and women. There are formal and casual shirts.


Main Differences Between Earrings and Tops

  1. An Earring is an ornament whereas a top is a part of an outfit. Earrings help to enhance the look
  2. Earrings are made from metals, plastic, wood, beads, gemstones, etc. Whereas a top can be made with any fabric. Fabric type determines the price and quality of a top
  3. Earrings that are made out of gold or gemstones cost high. Precious gems added to earrings increase the price. But a top may not cost as high as a gold earring
  4. Ear piercing is essential to wear an earring. Piercing the ear lobe, cartilage, or other parts of the ear pinna is common. Top covers the upper portion of the body
  5. Studs, dangles, hoops, and sparkles are some types of earrings. Whereas t-shirts, shirts, turtle necks, tank tops, and wrap tops are some examples of tops.
Earrings vs Tops – Difference Between Earrings and Tops
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Last Updated : 19 July, 2023

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