Difference Between F1 and F1B

If you are interested in knowing about Goldendoodles, you probably must have wondered what is the difference between its breeds. One such breed includes F1. F1B  includes the other variety. 


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F1 vs F1B

The difference between F1 and F1B is that the former is less Poodle than the latter. Their percentages are 50 and 75 respectively. In the majority of cases, more poodle genes ensure non-shedding and hypoallergenic dog breeds. Therefore, these breeds are the most preferred. However, F1 has been observed to have better health via Hybrid vigor than F1B.

F1 vs F1B

Being among the most popular generations of Goldendoodles, F1 has a unique genetic combination. It is a 50 percent golden retriever. The rest is 50 percent poodle. However, this is not the best variety of Goldendoodle.

However, they need better grooming. This is to ensure their fur remains untangled. It has less Hybrid vigor trait.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonF1F1B
Poodle geneIt has comparatively fewer poodle genes. It has 50 percent poodle gene and the rest 50 percent Golden Retriever gene.It has comparatively more poodle genes. It has 75 percent poodle gene and the rest 25 percent Golden Retriever gene.
SheddingAs there are fewer poodle genes, it usually sheds hair.As there is more poodle gene, it usually is non-shedding.
AllergyAs there are fewer poodle genes, it usually is allergy-causing.Having more poodle genes, it is hypoallergenic.
Hybrid vigorBetter health by Hybrid vigor is usually observed in them.Less Hybrid vigor is usually observed in them.
GroomingIt does not require much grooming. This is because it sheds.Being non-shedding requires a lot of grooming. This is to ensure that its fur is untangled.

What is F1?

F1 is among the most prominent dog breeds. This does not, however, imply that this breed of Goldendoodles is the greatest.

There has not even been an estimate of how hypoallergenic it is or We cannot even be certain how their coat of fur might appear because of their unique genetics.

This is also shedding. The Poodle will be more clever than the Golden Retriever in terms of character, while the Golden Retriever will be more affectionate and devoted.

Because perfect inbreeding causes the very same genetic flaws to be handed on to their children, this is the case. Because the F1 Goldendoodle is a crossbred dog, it will only acquire Poodle and Golden Retriever health genetic concerns.

What is F1B?

F1B genetically is Poodle by a greater proportion than Golden Retriever. Their respective percentages in its gene are 75 and 25. This makes it have a better coat of fur.

Being the second generation crossbred this variety acquired a trait of a lower level of Hybrid Vigor. The Hybrid Vigor characteristic is passed down through the generations of Goldendoodles.

When staying with F1B Goldendoodles, allergy sufferers reported considerably fewer or no responses than when living with F1 Goldendoodles.

This allergy-free dog comes at the expense; F1B Goldendoodles are more pricey than F1 Goldendoodles. This factor should be kept in mind before a potential owner can determine which is best for him and settle for either of these two varieties.

Main Differences Between F1 and F1B

  1. Better health by Hybrid vigor is usually observed in F1. This is one advantage of petting them. On the other hand, F1B has less Hybrid vigor.
  2. F1 does not require much grooming as it sheds. However, as F1B is non-shedding it requires exclusive grooming. This is to ensure that its fur is untangled.
Difference Between F1 and F1B


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