Failure vs Success: Difference and Comparison

Every situation in life is a test, and the outcomes are either failed or succeeded. The Success and failure of a person depend on his expectations. The Terms success and failure are used in every field to assess the work.

However, it is the individual mindset that differentiates between success and failure.

Key Takeaways

  1. Failure occurs when an individual or organization doesn’t achieve its goals or objectives, providing an opportunity for learning and growth.
  2. Success signifies the achievement of desired outcomes, goals, or objectives, bringing satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.
  3. Embracing failure as a stepping stone towards success can foster resilience, innovation, and personal growth.

Failure vs Success

Failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desired goal and can also be defined as the lack of success in achieving a particular objective or task. Success is the achievement of a desired goal or outcome and the state or condition of accomplishing something that was planned or intended.

Failure vs Success

Failure occurs in health, relationships, education, business, society, and sports. Failure is a moment when a person fails to meet his or his family’s or boss’s expectations.

The reason behind the failure may be negligence, irresponsible behaviours, and an uncertain situation. Sometimes, people fail even when they do hard work due to simple mistakes or unfavourable conditions.

Success is the other side of a coin that comes either with fate or hard work. Success is a favourable outcome in any situation. Success boosts confidence in a person. It encourages us to do more hard work to achieve other things.

A person’s success not only gives him happiness but inspires others to strive for success.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonFailure Success  
DefinitionFailure is a situation when someone’s efforts are not recognized, not reached to the expectations.Success is a situation when someone achieves his aims with effort and hard work.
Negative senseFailure causes depression, sorrow, low confidence, discouragement.Success may lead to overconfidence, pride, and arrogance in some people.
Positive sensePeople with positivity take failure as a lesson and learn from mistakes to achieve success.Success increases self-confidence encourages us to do better.
Derived fromOld French  word faile or falirLatin  word successus
Reasons behindNegligence, demotivation, mistakes, lack of planning, ignoranceFailures, dedications, planning, vision, and focus

What is Failure?

Most people take failure as a negative word because failure means not becoming successful in work. The inability of a person to reach success is a failure.

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Failure causes when we do not keep full efforts in doing something and also causes when we keep full efforts but still fail. Every person fails in one or the other way in his everyday life. It can be in his personal or professional life.

Failure has many definitions, as it is used in every field and every work. Failure, for example, is a bug in an application for a software engineer, it is your fault in a machine, and so on.

In any way, Failure is the inability to meet one’s expectations and the expectations of society.

Failure hurts, and the level of pain depends on the efforts of the person behind the work. For example, if a student fails an exam feels less pain when he does not prepare for the exam, but the student gets devastated after putting in a lot of effort.

Failure occurs in every work,  in personal and professional life. It depends on the person on how he takes the failure. A person who takes failure positively will try again until he reaches his objectives or goals.

He ignores the negative words passed by society.

failure 1

What is Success?

Success means achieving Expectations. Success is not measured in terms of income and status in society but in terms of one’s satisfaction, happiness, and joy. Success is not easily achieved.

It is a slow process that requires patience, effort, and planning. It requires one to take risks and face challenges in his way.

The word ”success” is used in professional life and personal relationships. A successful person gets respect in society and the family. Successful people become successful after tasting the failure only.

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Success brings positive Vibes into life and also into others’ lives. Success leads to changing the world.

The success of one person changes the lives of others in some way. Success means living a life that has a meaningful purpose.

However, success also harms a person’s life as it increases arrogance, pride, and confidence. The successful person forgets about past failures and only feels proud about his success, then will become overconfident, which may affect future successes.

Success requires proper planning and execution and assessment of the previous work to do better in the future. Success also increases the responsibility of a person to keep going and improve.


Main Differences Between Failure and Success

  1. Failure is an unfavourable outcome, and success is a favourable outcome of a work.
  2. Failure happens because of mistakes, and success comes because of failures.
  3. Multiple failures tend to discourage a person, and multiple successes tend to increase overconfidence in a person, which may affect his next step.
  4. For an optimist person, failure is a lesson to be used to succeed, and success is an achievement of a goal.
  5. Failure requires new ways to reach the goal, and success requires setting new goals to continue.
Difference Between Failure and Success

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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6 thoughts on “Failure vs Success: Difference and Comparison”

  1. I appreciate the breakdown of failure and success. Understanding the differences can help guide our responses to both.

  2. We mustn’t let failure define us. It is just a small stone on the long road to success. It’s about learning from mistakes and not giving up.

  3. The discussion around success and failure is quite insightful. It’s essential to recognize their impact on self-perception and motivation.


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