Fashion vs Style: Difference and Comparison

Fashion and style are concepts that can be closely associated with each other. However, they have several characteristics that are distinguishable.

Considering how frequently both terms are thrown around in normal conversations, people confuse them for the same thing. Some even argue that both of them cannot be separated. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Fashion refers to popular trends in clothing, accessories, and footwear, while style represents an individual’s unique way of expressing themselves through clothing and accessories.
  2. Fashion changes frequently with new trends and designs, whereas style is more consistent and personal to each individual.
  3. Fashion is influenced by external factors like cultural events and designer creations, while style reflects personal taste and preferences.

Fashion vs Style

Fashion is a way of expression through different means including footwear, clothing, makeup, accessories, hairstyle and lifestyle. It goes through changes and trends which is made popular by the media. Style is a type of individual expression involving how a person looks, moves around and acts.

Fashion vs Style

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Fashion can be looked at as a way of expressing something through various means, including clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and lifestyle.

This changes during different durations of time, with every new trend having a specific context. Whatever emerges as a new trend is made popular by the industry and media.

A style is a form of self-expression for an individual person. It is a combination of how a person dresses, moves his or her body or does anything.

Through style, distinct ideas are expressed in a creative and artistic manner. Unlike fashion, it may or may not change over time. Most people think of it to be eternal.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFashionStyle
MeaningFashion is a form of expression that a large group of people follows.A style is a form of self-expression that a single person possesses.
TimespanA trend in fashion lasts for a specific period and then changes.Style is considered to be eternal.
NatureFashion is generic and versatile.Style is unique and individualistic.
DependencyFashion is not dependent on style.Style is somewhat dependent on fashion.
MeansFashion is expressed through clothes, accessories, footwear, makeup, etc.Style is expressed through clothing, gestures, expressions, lifestyle, etc.
EffectsFashion promotes consumption.Style promotes mindfulness.

What is Fashion?

Fashion is a way to express something through the means of clothing, accessories, makeup and much more. It is how people relate to the external world.

It creates trends that last for a specific duration of time and then change. These are made for the masses to follow. Whatever may be the trend, people adapt to it based on its popularity. It gives them a chance to blend in and be part of something bigger.

Fashion revolves around the capability to create, predict, spread, and implement a trend that forms a taste for the masses and manages them.

It includes relativism, cyclicity, versatility and even irrationality since it is drawn to human emotions and does not always have to make sense.

Various philosophers have encapsulated what fashion could mean and how people use it to gain societal acceptance. They even claim that it is a way to look distinguishable from others but also imitate what the masses are following.

This means that it combines two contrary principles. Some even claim that fashion bridges the gap between an individual and the society he lives in. It is claimed to be inspired by traditional forms of culture that manifest into modernity.


What is Style?

Even though style cannot be separated from fashion, it is heavily dependent on it. A style is a form of self-expression of an individual person.

It is demonstrated through the means of clothing, gestures, facial expressions, movements of the body and anything that a person does, for that matter. It is unique to everyone as an individual himself chooses what is comfortable or practical for him.

Many consider style to be something that people do to modify their external appearance. However, it is a means to profess what a person feels internal.

It displays self-confidence and promotes mindfulness, as people really need to connect with their inner selves to find their sense of style. Instead of following popular opinion, the style allows people to follow their own opinion and manage themselves accordingly.

Fashion changes from time to time, but style remains eternal. It is a permanent way of being which may not always be right or wrong. It depends on what others perceive at a given time.

Style can be exhibited in different forms as per the nature and job of an individual. For example, for someone who is a writer, style seeps through his literary work in the way he writes, voices his opinion, and presents a concept.


Main Differences Between Fashion and Style

  1. Fashion is a way of expression for the masses, while style is a way of self-expression for an individual.
  2. Fashion changes with time, while style remains permanent.
  3. Fashion is generic and versatile, while style is unique and individualistic.
  4. Fashion is not dependent on style, while style is dependent on fashion.
  5. Fashion is expressed through clothes, accessories, and footwear, while style is expressed through clothing, mannerism, gestures and much more.
  6. Fashion promotes consumption, while style promotes mindfulness.
Difference Between Fashion and Style

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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