Ultegra vs Ultegra Sl: Difference and Comparison

If you are a biker, you must know the significance of groupset in your bike. In case you are not, you will want to ride a bike after reading this article. The article defines the variation between two highly mechanized groupsets introduced by Shimona.

Key Takeaways

  1. Ultegra SL components weigh less than their Ultegra counterparts due to material differences.
  2. Ultegra SL employs ice grey anodizing, whereas Ultegra components have a dark grey finish.
  3. Ultegra and Ultegra SL offer high performance and reliability, with Ultegra SL catering to weight-conscious cyclists.

Ultegra vs Ultegra Sl

The difference between Ultegra and Ultegra Sl is that Ultegra looks different than Ultegra Sl. The Ultegra series has a darker shade, whereas the new series, the Ultegra Sl, has an ‘icy grey’ shade that gives it its exquisite look. Also, the former is supposedly heavier than the latter. They have a difference of 100 gms in weight.

Ultegra vs Ultegra Sl

Ultegra groupset was presented to the market by Shimano. It comes with 7 things: gear shift and brake levers, brake callipers, Cassette, Chain, Chainset (cranks and chainrings), Front derailleur, and Rear derailleur.

They are mostly required by professional bikers for their advanced mechanism. They come in eleven speed. The last cog has 25 teeth.


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Ultegra Sl is the advanced series of Ultegra introduced by Shimano. They have a furnished appearance. Their body parts come in ‘icy grey’ shades.

They have developed shifters that make riding smoother, and the quality of their brakes is on point. They weigh less as compared to Ultegra. They are comparatively expensive.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonUltegra Ultegra Sl
Worth Cheaper by 90 to 120 bucksExpensive ($90-$120 more)
Weight It weighs 100 gms moreWeighs 100gms less
Color Darker shade (grey)Ice grey
CranksetNon-compact cranksetCompact crankset 
Shifters Relatively less smoothSmoother as compared to Ultegra

What is Ultegra?

Ultegra is a biking group set introduced by Shimano. A groupset is part of the bike responsible for changing gears, applying breaks, and enhancing the overall performance.

If you need to upgrade your biking experience, you need to upgrade the groupset.

Ultegra groupset includes the following parts:

  1. Gear shift and brake levers
  2. Brake callipers
  3. Cassette
  4. Chain
  5. Chainset (cranks and chainrings)
  6. Front Derailleur
  7. Rear Derailleur

The gear shifters let us take charge of the derailleur via cables (non-electric bikes) or circuitry (electric bikes) or shifting up or down the gear according to the situation.

Brake capillaries are found in association with the rotors. They provide resistance to your bike when you apply bake.

A cassette is a bunch of gearwheels or sprockets present in the core of the rare wheel of your bike.

The chain is part of the bike via which we rotate the rotors that generate motion in our bike.

A chainset bridges the chain to the cassette.

The derailleurs are more like chain shifters.

Ultegra groupset is considered for professional use, they are sporty with high speed ( Ultegra model ranges from 10 to 11 speed).

They are 200 grams lighter than the Shimano 105 model. Also, one must be aware of the bike’s compatibility before installing an upgraded version of the groupset.


What is Ultegra Sl?

Shimano tends to increase the anticipation of bikers with their upgraded version of Ultegra. This time they introduced a new name to the series, which they named Ultegra Sl.

Though they did not print ‘Sl’ on the upgraded version, the name that appears on models is still Ultegra. 

When it comes to ranking, the order is Shimano Dura-ace, Ultegra Sl, followed by Ultegra. Ultegra Sl is the intermediate connecting the gap between Dura-ace and Ultegra. They fall under the ‘Road’ range of Shimano. 

The Ultegra series is highly appreciated for its unique and elegant looks. It is not only the looks that overpower, but also its performance is promising.

The shifting mechanism is one point, the Shimano Ultegra Sl series did not let the hopes go down. Admiringly, the installation of the groupset was hustle-free and quick. 

The chain has a mild change, and it has a different vibe, the steel body gives the Ultegra Sl series a unique shine. The control levers are handy, they are not ginormous.

The chain and cassette take after the initial Ultegra series. On the other hand, the front derailleur, wheels, and pedals do not have any significant changes apart from the shiny bodies or the overall appearance.

The Ultegra Sl series promises to be comparatively lightweight. The reason for the light-weighted brakes is the use of Aluminium.

ultegra sl

Main Differences Between Ultegra And Ultegra Sl

  1. Ultegra weighs more than Ultegra Sl. The difference between their weight is roughly 100 gms.
  2. Ultegra is economical, whereas Ultegra Sl is pricier by 90 pounds.
  3. Ultegra comes in darker grey shades, whereas Ultegra Sl comes in an ‘icy grey’ shade.
  4. Ultegra has good shifters, but the shifters in Ultegra Sl are better.
  5. The Ultegra model’s appearance is unaffected by the situation, whereas the highly polished Ultegra Sl is worn out easily.
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