FMLA vs ADA: Difference and Comparison

Employees rights are very important for a strong foundation of the economy. The rights of workers and employees are taken into consideration with different acts and laws.

It helps employees to handle both professional and personal life. FMLA and ADA are essential federal laws that are followed in the US.

Key Takeaways

  1. FMLA provides eligible employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave for specific family or medical reasons, while ADA prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities and requires reasonable accommodations.
  2. FMLA applies to companies with 50 or more employees, whereas ADA covers employers with 15 or more employees.
  3. FMLA is time-limited, while ADA protections extend throughout an individual’s employment if the employee meets the eligibility criteria.


The FMLA is a law that provides all government employers and private businesses that have 50 or more workers with job-protected, unpaid leave for qualified medical and family reasons. ADA is a law that applies to employers with 15 or more workers protecting employees against discrimination based on disability.


FMLA is the shortened form of the principle, The Family and Medical Leave Act. ​The principle law allows the employees to take long weeks of leave without losing their job and free of charge to pay.

Workers could benefit from the continuation of group health insurance and other existing remuneration.

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) is a prominent enactment.

This act is introduced that there should not be any differentiation in disabled individuals with disabilities in terms of pay, knowledge cultivation, practical work, promotion, opportunities.

This act provides a break for working people to care for their medical reasons.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFMLAADA
LimitationIt only allows eligible working people to take leave not everyone.It allows taking leave every disabled person to take leave
Family CoverageFMLA does cover family people’s medical conditions.The ADA does not cover family people’s medical conditions.
Eligible PeriodWorking people are given off if they have worked for about 1,250 hours in the preceding year.Workers are given off if they have worked for the employer about 25 hours per week.
Absence Time LimitsThere is a time limit for professionals to take leave for up to 12weeks and can take further leave informing.The worker may take as much time as needed to recover from their disability
DemotionFMLA prohibits demoting an employee who has informed his medical state.An employee can be demoted only if his or her disability interferes with the job in question.

What is FMLA?

FMLA is represented as the Family and Medical Leave Act. Organizations and owners let eligible workers in a year take up to 12 weeks of job guaranteed, no paid leave.

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The law was enacted in the year 1993 and has been regulated and followed since.

The objective of FMLA let working people take time off from work to care for their family, personal life, illness, family members military enlistment, taking care of elders, etc.,

It let them free from not losing their work.

If a woman is in the need to take care of her children, they are also taken into consideration.

The FMLA covers government and non-government enterprises with 50 or more employees within 75 miles of your employment, as well as any company that employs a covered working people”s parent, spouse, or kids.

The military is exempt from this amendment legislative act.

To avail of FMLA off, an employee should have worked for at least one year and worked at least specific hours in a week and a year.

This amendment law is followed in the United States nation and it supports working people to let the stress out to care both the personal issues and personal life.

What is ADA?

The Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act have become powerful on January 1, 2009. American With Disabilities is vast and important in scope and affect almost each enterprise zone of society.

Employers with 15 or extra personnel are eligible for this act.

Instead, it enables people with disorders to reap self-sufficiency and independence with the aid of using presenting identical get right of entry to fundamental network dwelling assets along with training and work.

The regulation affords complete protections for humans with disabilities in employment, transportation, work training and authority position, other services, public gathering meetings, and communications.

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People are taken into consideration not to have an incapacity if they’ve got a bodily or inner impairment that in particular limits one or similar.

The most important thing taken they should not be discriminated against in the field because of such impairments.

The U.S. Department of Justice has successfully enforced the ADA’s access requirements against thousands of covered entities under title III and its employment requirements against hundreds of covered entities under title I, but there are still many barriers to full participation in society that need to be addressed.

It is strictly followed for individuals not to feel low in work.

Main Differences Between FMLA and ADA

  1. Americans with Disabilities Act is taken care of by the EEOC organization, at the same time FMLA is taken care of by the DOL team. Both are government teams specifically taking care of these acts.
  2. Family Medical Leave Act suits everyone who falls under the eligible category, while the ADA accommodations suit a person with physical disorders.
  3. FMLA covers both caregiving and medical issues while ADA covers only medical issues, not all the categories.
  4. The ADA covers working people with all physical disorders and the Family Medical Leave Act law covers only twelve health illnesses that are specifically listed by the regulatory bodies.
  5. FMLA suits organizations with 50 or more employees, while the Americans with Disabilities Act suits organizations of all sizes.
Difference Between FMLA and ADA

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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