GFI vs GFCI: Difference and Comparison

Giving circuit connections to our homes is more important. But we can’t simply use normal outlets because it might cause some serious damage later.

GFI and GFCI are two common outlets used by many people because of the impeccable features that are incorporated into them. If you find the rate to be the problem, then you can install them in the main areas. 

Key Takeaways

  1. GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) and GFC (Ground Fault Circuit) are devices used to prevent electrical shocks, with GFI being a type of GFC.
  2. GFI and GFC work by detecting any imbalance in electrical current, but GFI has a faster response time and is more sensitive.
  3. GFI is commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor outlets, while GFC is mostly used in industrial and commercial settings.


GFCI is a specific type of GFI that is used to protect people from electrical shock in wet locations or in areas where the risk of electrical shock is high. GFCIs are commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor locations. GFI operates leading marketplaces, matching counterparties’ trading needs across credit derivatives and fixed income, foreign exchange and financial derivatives, equities, and energy and commodities.


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GFI outlet has got some ultimate pros and cons which makes it more popular among other outlets. It is also called GFCI, and these names can be used to interchange.

But the problem will arise when you don’t follow the rules while giving the connection. And you have to spend your money all over again by replacing it.

In some cases, damage might also happen if you fail to follow the procedures. 

GFCI is an outlet that is mainly used by people to protect wet areas.

It is very helpful in protecting them, and if you think you are running out of money, then make sure you attach them to the places that are frequently used by you so that you can avoid injuries.

Having them is definitely worth your money because it can quickly sense the current shocks. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGFIGFCI
ExpansionGround Fault Interrupting OutletGround Fault Circuit Interrupter
DefinitionIt is used for preventing electrocutionIt is a circuit used for preventing electric shocks
AdvantagesIt can help you in preventing fires and leakagesIt can easily sense the electric shocks
DisadvantagesIt requires so many volts and amperesIt might be expensive
Electrical Flow500 mAmps4-6 mAmps

What is GFI?

GFI is a name that is used for mentioning GFCI. It is designed mainly to prevent electrocution. This term is not commonly used in outlets or breakers.

But they can be interchangeable. You can put a GFI inside a GFCI.

But some common problems like troubleshooting will occur. But you can fix it. And it won’t be a big deal to stop it. 

You can easily check whether the outlet that you are using is a GFI or not. It can be done with the help of a circuit check. The thing about this outlet is it is not grounded.

You don’t need to have any ground connection for this. It can be used as an ungrounded outlet.

An electric current leak is considered to be one of the most serious damages. But that issue can be easily solved with the help of having a GFI outlet.

It has been found that it estimates at least 51,00 electric leakages per year easily.

With the help of this, you can easily avoid the fire. So that you can avoid the unexpected losses that might occur after the fire is gone.

Sometimes appliance damage will also occur. In that case, you have to buy a new one.

But we can’t keep on doing this. This issue can be solved if we have a GFI outlet in your kitchen so that it can sense the appliance damage easily, and you need not worry about buying a new one every time. 

What is GFCI?

GFCI is a circuit that is for protecting your circuits from preventing electrocution. It is an outlet, and you can have one or two outlets and, in some cases, multiple outlets are also used for protecting your house.

It depends on how you are going to build your house. For example, if you are touching electrical equipment when your hands are still wet, then there are high chances of you getting an electrical shock.

Not all outlets will help you in protecting this case. Sometimes you might get an electrical shock without even having wet hands. In that case, having a GFCI outlet will help you.

It will sense that you have an electrical shock, and it will help you in preventing that. All outlets will do that. But some people will prefer having a GFCI outlet because of its features.

These are mostly installed in places where you come in contact with water. 

So that you can be prevented from injuries, you can mainly use it anywhere where the water sources are present. The most requested places are the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and garages.

Wherever you are installing them, make sure you cover all the places with this outlet. Otherwise, some leakages might happen, and it will fail to protect the places that are left by you.

They are very easy to install and won’t require much effort. 

gfci circuit scaled

Main Differences Between GFI and GFCI

  1. The GFI is a common term used for using GFCI. On the other hand, GFCI and GFI both these terms are also interchangeable.
  2. The main use of GFI is to prevent electrocution. On the other hand, GFCI is mainly used by people to prevent electric shocks.
  3. The good use of having a GFI outlet is it will help with leakages and prevent fires. GFCI helps you in sensing electric shocks easily.
  4. The downside of using GFI is it consumes a large number of volts. But the downside of GFCI is it is expensive, and if you want to protect you can use it in one place.
  5. The electrical flow that is required in GFI is 500 mAmps. The electrical flow required in GFCI is 4-6 mAmps.
Difference Between GFI and GFCI

Last Updated : 15 August, 2023

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