Difference Between Gift and Talent

Almighty is the source of everything we receive and give. He has given us the potential to identify, evaluate and work on ourselves.

Gift vs Talent

The main difference between gift and talent is that gift is an inborn skill while talent is acquired and developed. The gift is inherited while talent is built. Gift cannot be chosen but involves genetic components while talent can be chosen according to the passion of the individual.

Gift vs Talent

Gift can be acquired or inherited. Gift can be worked upon to make it better. The gift is a specific word and can refer to a skill or ability that one possesses which can be unique and personal.

While talent is an aptitude for a skill. It is a natural ability and it can be cultivated in an individual through sheer hard work. Talent is not inborn or inherited and therefore requires practice and consistency to excel.

Comparison Table Between Gift and Talent

Parameters of comparisonGiftTalent
Word derivation The word is derived from old Norse English called “gipt”The word is derived from a Greek word called “talanton”
MeaningGift is a skill or ability naturally inherited by individuals Talent is having an aptitude for something
Voluntary choice Gift cannot be chosen or selected and cannot be voluntarily given or received Talent can be chosen or selected and can be further polished with hard work
Acquisition Gift is inherited and naturally acquired Talent is a natural ability that can be cultivated
Examples Gift can be creative like dancing, painting, inclination in music Talent can be artistic, athletic, gymnastics, like in sports or academics

What is Gift?

The gift is synonymous with skill or ability. A gift is a potential that can refer to physical or mental abilities.

The word gift is derived from an Old Norse word called “gipt”. Gifted individuals with determination and perseverance can bring success.

Examples of some naturally gifted skills are beautiful voice, handwriting, perseverance, honesty, enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, innovation, critical thinking, communication skills, music, dance, painting, and many other abilities.

Though the gift is acquired through genes, an appropriate environment is equally an essential factor for further development. Without efficient practice, gifted skills alone cannot shine.

What is Talent?

Talent is an adjective applicable to individuals who have a passion or tendency for something. It is not an inborn natural skill or ability but cultivated over some time.

Talent is derived from a Greek word called “talanton” but has a Latin origin. Talent usually covers practical subjects like art, design, sports, athletics, gymnastics, or other forms of physical education.

Talent is required to survive the competition and emerge exceptional from the crowd. Talent acts as an “X-factor” and makes an individual stand out.

They usually can concentrate and focus for longer periods, are curious, have an imaginative and creative bent of mind, and grasp concepts rapidly.

Main Differences Between Gift and Talent

  1. Not every individual is gifted but every individual can cultivate a particular talent.
  2. Gifted individuals usually excel at artistic fields like singing, dancing, and works of the hand while talented individuals can excel at almost every field like athletics, gymnastics, sports, academics, and every other field.
Difference Between Gift and Talent


Gift cannot be voluntarily chosen and selected and usually refers to inborn and inherited skills and abilities while talent is acquired by an individual by practice, perseverance, consistency, and sheer hard work.

Gifted learners already have a base on which they can further work upon while talented individual creates their base or passion and work upon themselves.

The creator of the world, Almighty, has given us the opportunity of acquisition. Whether it is the acquisition of gift or talent, he decides the ultimate.


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