Difference Between Honesty and Truth

Honesty and Truth represent the act of being accurate and true to the best of the knowledge. Honesty is the act of being honest, which indicates that a person is acting honestly or is genuine in his/her acts. Truth is the expression of honest, it is the act of being not in favor or unbiased.

Honesty vs Truth

The main difference between honesty and truth is that truth is the representation of accurate measures, it defines what actually has occurred or happened. Honesty refers to the act of being genuine, realistic, sincere in everything. It indicates the character of a person. Qualities such as being honest and true are very important that shape a person into a good character.

Honesty vs Truth

Honesty is always the best policy. An honest person has a genuine and convincing approach in his character, which makes him appealing to everyone. Honesty will help a person in every situation. Honesty will lead to gaining respect and builds trust over the person.

Truth is the idea or the judgment which is true in reality. It is accepted as true in the majority. Truth is the fact which is happening around, it cannot be changed or modified according to the situation or person’s will. In the case of truth, more importance is given to the facts than assumptions.

Comparison Table Between Honesty and Truth

Parameters of Comparison HonestyTruth
DefinitionHonesty is the act or ability to be accurate in facts and humbly presenting them.Truth is the fact that cannot be altered or modified according to the situation.
Refers toIt refers to one of good human quality. It refers to the facts or incidences.
ResultsThe result of being honest will yield respect and trust to the person who is being honest. The result of the truth is that it forms to be common or general rule for everyone forming a unity.
RelationshipBeing honest doesn’t always mean that he/she must be truthful. Being truthful indicates the character of honesty.
Legal stanceIn a legal stance, honesty is not always modified.Truth can be modified by a smart approach.

What is Honesty?

Honest is a moral character, that indicates various aspects like being genuine, modest, helpful, telling facts convincingly, trustable, respectful, and so on. It is one such character that summarises all the other aspects that must be included in a well-mannered person.

Being honest doesn’t always mean that we should fruitfully represent facts. Honesty is always a good aspect but it differs according to the human’s perspective. For a few, it might be the act of being good and genuine. For a few, it appears to be a lack of smartness which differs according to the perspective. But facts don’t change from any perspective.

Every Holy Epics focuses on the act of being true and honest which admires people around us. Being honest will increase our personality and makes us a soulful person. Honesty will make us reach great heights with ease and it is the everlasting treasure in our lives.

Honesty has created great leaders around us. An honest person will be the richest person with a great heart that serves people around with good thought and mind. For a peaceful mind and heart, it is necessary, to be honest in words and acts.

What is Truth?

Truth is the essence of the facts, ideas, and existing reality. Truth never changes for anyone, it remains the same. It can never be modified or outspoken according to period or situation. It is a proven fact that lies as the legal aspect of anything.

Truth is proven in many epics and histories through various facts and examples. It has been legally approved and categorized as a good aspect of a person. To become a well-mannered person, the first aspect we search for the true quality and related aspects.

To prove a particular thing or idea is false, we need to know the truth. The truth is the one quality that finalizes the judgments, to know the truth behind a particular act one must be genuine to his/her knowledge.

False ideas and beliefs do not have any proof of proven ideas. But the truth will always need proven facts and theorems to accept it as a truth. Thus truth is always a truth besides various factors like situations, benefits, and false beliefs.

Main Differences Between Honesty and Truth

  1. Honesty and truth are aspects of well-mannered qualities. Honesty is a human quality, whereas truth is a fact-related quality. It is proven quality.
  2. Honesty can be created by being genuine in their own perspectives. Truth cannot be modified or altered in any situation.
  3. Honesty is not a proven fact or quality, but the truth is a proven aspect in various ways and manners. It is proved in many epics and triologies.
  4. Honesty is quality and it is inferred in every person, but hidden in various ways. Truth can never be hidden for so long. It is not a quality but it is a property of the assertion we make.
  5. Honesty has adhered to the person’s character and quality, but the truth has adhered to the fact in words and situations.
  6. Honesty will always be the best policy, regardless of human’s situations and perspectives.


Honesty is a quality that must be incurred to become a great personality. It helps make the person reach great heights such as it makes the person trustable in all ways, it develops a sense of respect among the other individuals. It develops a person into a better person both professionally and personally. In such a case an honest person will always be preferred by people around him.

Truth is always the truth in its sense, it can only be followed and accepted or rejected according to the person’s perspective. Truth is always the same for anyone. Truth can never be taken for granted or changed. It never changes from person to person. Truths when exchanged will never get diminished in its aspect. It gets increased in its importance.


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