Difference Between Gillette Fusion and Gillette Skinguard

Gillette releases several premium razors since time immemorial. This company has been a trusted brand for a large portion of its existence. Their razors offer a smooth finish without requiring much effort.

The Gillette Fusion is an older version and is the first razor created in the Fusion series. The Gillette Skinguard is the more recent razor. 

Gillette Fusion vs Gillette Skinguard

The difference between Gillette Fusion and Gillette Skinguard is that the Fusion has a five-blade cartridge, and Skinguard has a two-blade cartridge. This arrangement allows the Fusion razor to achieve a cleaner shave.

Gillette Fusion vs Gillette Skinguard

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSkinguardFusion
Types of skinSkinguard is better for the sensitive skin type that is more prone to cuts while shaving.Fusion is better for rough skin types. It may harm the softer skin due to its extra blades.
No of BladesSkin guard possesses two special blades lined by a small rubber material that can grip hair better. Fusion has five blades, including another blade on the opposite side, which makes it easier to shave off larger portions.
PrecisionSkin guard has a few blades, which requires one to shave the same area many times. Fusion has a solid 5 number cartridge, which allows it to cut the hair at the lowest possible height. 
EffortThe Skinguard requires more effort while shaving longer beards.The Fusion razor can shave off longer as well as thicker beards without much effort.
UseBetter for everyday use as it produces a more comfortable shave.This razor is better for weekly use as it can irritate if frequently used. In addition to this, it can cause cuts while shaving.

What is Gillette Fusion?

Gillette Fusion is a cheaper alternative when compared to the other razors in the Gillette Fusion Range. It has five blades in the front of the cartridge and a 6th blade on the cartridge’s outer side.

This 6th blade plays a vital role in creating a smooth and precise finish. It allows one to attain a more detailed look. The Fusion series cannot be used on softer skin that is more prone to getting wounds.

This razor will enable one to achieve a smooth finish quickly. The five-blade mechanism not only finds use in creating a more comfortable shave when compared to the earlier razors.

It also reduces the pressure per blade while shaving.

The Fusion series also contains a battery-powered razor known as the Fusion Power. It uses electricity to vibrate the blade for a quick shave. The vibrating also reduce friction while shaving.

The Fusion PowerGlide is another razor that has a better-rubberized coating at the top of the blade. 

It also has a button near the cartridge. Upon pressing this button, the blade pops out fairly easily. The Fusion razor saw its release after the Mach razor.

The Fusion series possesses many more features than the Mach, which makes Fusion a favorite in comparison to the Mach razor.

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What is Gillette Skinguard?

The Gillette Skinguard is a recent addition to the Gillette razors. It is lighter than the other razors. Each cartridge consists of 2 blades.

A protective sheath covers these blades that reduce the friction between the skin and the blade. This covering prevents one from cutting through the skin.

This razor is perfect for everyday shaving as it is non-invasive. It is also a good option for individuals who have acne problems and cannot shave for that reason.

It is the first razor that possesses the double lubra strips on the blade. It helps to lubricate the skin while shaving.

This razor also has a button that, upon pressing, releases the blade from the stick. It has a compatible handle that can fit easily in one’s hand while shaving.

It is slightly more expensive than the fusion razor but compensates for it because of its comfort.

Although it does require more effort to shave longer beards, it is excellent for everyday shaving. Each pack comes with two cartridges. 

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Main Differences Between Gillette Fusion and Gillette Skinguard

  1. Fusion razors produce more friction than skin guard razors. It causes the skin to feel more irritation.
  2. Skinguard razors contain only two blades in each cartridge. The Fusion razors consist of 5 blades. This aspect causes the blades of the Fusion razor to experience less pressure.
  3. Fusion razors are better for shaving longer beards. Skin guard is better for shorter and more frequent shaving bouts.
  4. Fusion razors do not have the lubricating sheaths present on the skin guard blades. The lack of these stripes implies that the Fusion razor will make the skin more susceptible to cuts.
  5. The Skinguard finds use in shaving sensitive skin. Thus it is better for shaving areas that possess acne and dry skin.
  6. The price of the Skinguard razors is a little higher than the Fusion razors.
Difference Between Gillette Fusion and Gillette Skinguard


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