Golden Globes vs Oscars: Difference and Comparison

The two awards are given to honour excellent performances in the field of cinema, and sometimes these two awards are quite confusing to people.

There are several differences between the two awards and the most common one being the Golden Globes also awards television stars, whereas the Oscars only focus on cinema.

Let us discuss the major differences between the two types of awards in detail.

Key Takeaways

  1. Golden Globes, awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, covers film and television.
  2. Oscars, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, focus on cinematic achievements.
  3. Golden Globes have a more informal atmosphere, while the Oscars are prestigious and formal.

Golden Globes vs Oscars

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) presents the Golden Globes annually to honour outstanding achievements in the film and television industries. The Oscars, also known as the Academy Awards, are presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to honour outstanding achievements in the film industry.

Golden globes vs Oscars

The Golden Globes awards are given in January every year. It was first awarded in the year 1944 in the USA.

HFPA presents the award, there are about 25 categories that are 14 in the motion picture categories and 11 in the field of television. The guests are served beverages and food in between the award function.

The Oscars are considered as world’s most outstanding award, which is related to cinema. It was started in the year 1929 and comprises more than 10000 individual works in the field of cinema.

It focuses only on cinema and does not include performances by television artists.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Golden Globes Oscars 
First time awarded It was awarded for the first time in the year 1944It is the oldest award which was first awarded in the year 1929
Voting International level journalists are included Committee members take the charge of voting
Duration  This award function is held in January every year On the other hand, Oscar’s award function is held in February every year 
Presented byHollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA)Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)
Presented to  Both cinema and television  Focuses only on cinema

What is Golden Globe?

The first time when Golden Globes Awards were given was in the year 1944 in the United States.

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This award is presented by Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) which recognizes excellent performances in film and television in both the states and other countries.

It takes place in January every year, along with a dinner for the guests. There are about 25 categories, 14 in motion pictures and 11 in the field of television, for presenting this award.

The procedure of voting in the case of Golden Globes is done by the international level journalists who are from Hollywood, sometimes new members are also added, but the numbering is very less.

The voting by each voting council member is done in a very private manner. In the year 2020 (77th Golden Globes Award Show), the Golden Globes was awarded to Tom Hanks.

The award is telecasted in 167 countries worldwide, making it one of the most-watched awards shows in the world.

The collected revenue through this award show makes donations in the field of entertainment-related charities and scholarships for aspiring professionals.

This award is a major part of the film industry as it recognizes the best performance in the field of both cinema and television.

The award show is telecasted to 167 countries worldwide and is considered the third most-watched award show. In the award’s category list, a new category was added in 2007: Best Animated Feature Film.

What are Oscars?

Oscars are also known by the name Academy Awards and presented annually, and this award is also considered as world’s most outstanding award.

The committee responsible for organizing this award show is AMPAS, which stands for Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It includes a number of categories, and a wide range of genres of films are included.

The first ever Oscar for the category of best actor was given to the German tragedian Emil Jannings.

The Oscars are one of the oldest awards, which were first given in the year 1929and it was kept away from the public eye. The award show is followed by an after-party and is presented in the month of February every year. Oscars are awarded specifically to the category of motion pictures. The Oscars were introduced to honour the artists full of talent who belong to the industry of motion picture. There were only 270 guests during the first Oscars award ceremony.

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The first-ever Academy Awards were given to around 250 people, and the event took place in California.

The award is exclusively given to honour the artists of the cinema. In the year 2020, Oscars were given to Parasite (best picture category), Joaquin Phoenix (best actor), Renee Zellweger (best actress) etc. this event took place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, on 9th February 2020.


Main Difference Between Golden Globes and Oscars

  1. The two awards are presented for films and entertainment industries, but Golden Globes also includes television stars and cinema stars, but the Oscars are for cinema only.
  2. The golden globe awards are presented to all forms related to media, but the Oscars are awarded specifically to the category of motion pictures. 
  3. In terms of voting, it is done by international journalists who are affiliated with the media outside the states but residing in Hollywood in the case of golden globes. For voting in the Oscars, the members of the committee are involved.
  4. The Hollywood foreign press association that is HFPA takes charge of presenting the golden globe awards, whereas the Oscars are presented by the Academy of Motion pictures arts and Sciences, which is AMPAS. 
  5. The golden globe awards were first awarded in the year 1944 on the other hand, Oscars is the oldest award which was first awarded in 1929. 

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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