Golden Syrup vs Treacle: Difference and Comparison

Golden Syrup and Treacle are the two substances obtained during the making process of sugar in a refinery. Both have different usage and characteristics based upon their making procedure.

Sugarcane is the holding source for both the products of the sugar family. They are majorly used in making sweet items like cake, candy, donuts, pudding, and other bakery items. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Golden Syrup is a lighter and milder sweet syrup than Treacle, which is darker and has a stronger taste.
  2. Golden Syrup is made by refining sugar cane juice, while Treacle is made from the byproducts of sugar refining.
  3. Golden Syrup is commonly used in baking and as a sweetener, while Treacle is used in savory dishes and as a flavoring agent.

Golden Syrup vs Treacle

Golden syrup is a translucent, golden-colored syrup that is made from sugar cane juice that has been boiled to concentrate it into a syrup. Treacle is a dark, viscous syrup made from the byproducts of sugar production. It is made from molasses, has a strong flavor similar to caramel.

Golden Syrup vs Treacle

The term Golden Syrup is used for the liquid formed using the first stage refined sugar and water. It is light yellow with a honey texture.

The golden syrup contains a high amount of sugar for making sweet items. The usage of Golden Syrup is enormous in daily life. It is very much like by the kids and teenagers. 

The term Treacle is referred to a thick liquid formed during the last process of sugar refining. There is very limited usage of Treacle in our daily life as it is not sweet.

There is some uncommon usage of Treacle namely candy or tea. The supply of Treacle is very large in comparison to its demand in the market. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGolden SyrupTreacle
Colour Consistency Golden Syrup is light yellow with see-through consistency. On contrary, Treacle is dark brown without see-through consistency.
Procedure Golden syrup is formed at the first step of the boiling process of the sugarcane.Treacle is formed at the last step of the boiling process of the sugarcane.
SucroseGolden Syrup is equipped with 65% of sucrose content. Treacle is equipped with 55% of sucrose content. 
PurposeThe purpose of using a Golden Syrup is to give sugary texture to sweet dishes and cakes. The purpose of the Treacle is to make Treacle toffee or light sugared tea. 
Side-EffectsBeing a high sugary substance, a high intake of Golden syrup leads to diabetes. Being a syrup full of healthy substances, High consumption may lead to indigestion or loose stools. 

What is Golden Syrup?

Golden Syrup is prominently called the lighter form of Treacle. It is an inverted sugar syrup used in enormous bakery products. It is an expensive alternative to sugar if used as a sweetener.

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A high intake of Golden Syrup is not a healthy option for diabetic patients. It has more sucrose and sulfur content which is harmful to the human body. 

The sweetening element of Golden Syrup is 25% higher than the normal sugar consumption. It gives a wonderful flavor to sweet items that suit the tastebuds of small kids and teenagers.

It helps in the inbuilt crystalization process in baking and cooking. It was created by British citizens and mostly used by the people of the United Kingdom. But currently, it is a prominent product all over the globe. 

The price of Golden Syrup is quite expensive as compared to other sweeteners in the market. The whole process of refining sugarcane or sugar beet to produce Golden Syrup requires a high heating level. Sweet desserts and dishes are incomplete in Uk without Golden Syrup.

The average density of the Golden Syrup is 1430 kg and M negative 3 at room temperature. The main 3 ingredients of Golden Syrup are Water, Citric Acid, and Sugar to form thick paste-like honey. 

What is Treacle?

Treacle is a by-product of partly refined sugar. It is dark in color and very strong as edible. It is a form of uncrystallized sugar with very limited purpose. Unlike Golden Syrup, it is not high in glucose content.

Treacle has gained popularity with the movie Harry Potter where the favorite dessert of Harry is Treacle Tart. It contains a high amount of vitamins and minerals with a bitter flavor.

The sugar content of Treacle is less refined therefore it is less harmful to diabetic patients. 

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Treacle is somehow similar to molasses, another by-product of sugarcane but a dark texture and strong flavor. Kids don’t like to have Treacle meals but it works wonders in puddings. It is the end product of lengthy sugar refining activity carried out to make sugar. 

The other name of Treacle is English mustard. It was invented in Greece City. This eminent sweetener is the standard spice for kitchens in the United Kingdom. Treacle can substitute molasses in some desserts items.

A famous celebratory drink Mahogany is made with a mixture of Treacle syrup in it. Treacle is also produced in a light color as well.

The scientific name of Treacle is uncrystallized refined sugar. Some Adverse effects of high consumption of Treacle include indigestion issues. 

Main Differences Between Golden Syrup and Treacle

  1. Taste: Golden Syrup is very sweet on the flip side Treacle is bitter. 
  2. Sugar Level: The level of sugar in  Golden Syrup is very high on the other hand Treacle is less sugary comparatively. 
  3. Sulfur Amount: Being a first process outcome of sugarcane, the Golden Syrup is high in Sulfur Quantity whereas Treacle being the last product is low in Sulfur quantity. 
  4. Usage: The Golden Syrup being sweet can be used in many bakery items and household cooking whereas Treacle has very limited usage due to its bitter taste. 
  5. Price: Golden Syrup is very expensive in comparison to Treacle which is low in price. 
Difference Between Golden Syrup and Treacle

Last Updated : 16 July, 2023

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