Difference Between Haddock and Cod

Fishes are vertebrates that live in salt or freshwater. There are a large group of fishes present worldwide, around thirty-three thousand. Each fish has a different size, colour, shape, and taste.

Some fishes are used commercially. Haddock and codfish are from the same Gadidae family but are different in shape, colour, and tastes.

Haddock vs Cod

The main difference between haddock and codfish is that haddock fish has a dark black lateral line on its back on a thin silver body, whereas cod has thick skin with a light lateral line on its back. Haddock fish are smaller in size compared to codfish and have a small lifespan of about ten years.

Haddock vs Cod

Haddock fish is sold on the northern side as cod. The fish can be frozen for up to seven days. Haddock fish live for ten years and become mature in four years.

It can weigh up to seven pounds and has a height of three feet. It reproduces millions of eggs and has high demand in the North Atlantic. It has a light fishery, sweet taste and is best used for smoking, baking, and frying.

On the other hand, cod is saltwater groundfish that lives for twenty-five years. They can weigh up to 77 pounds and height 51 inches.

It travels to warm water during winter and spring and reproduces eggs the whole year. It eats other fishes and is hunted by humans. It has savoury tastes and is best used for steaming and grilling.

Comparison Table Between Haddock and Cod

Parameters of ComparisonHaddock Cod
Scientific nameMelanogrammus aeglefinusGadus morhua
LifespanTen yearsTwenty-five years
ColourBlack, grey, and silverGreen-brown, grey-brown, and red-brown 
FlavourIt has a Light Sweet flavour.It has a Mild and savoury flavour.
Shape Small to medium size with thin skin and dark lateral linesBigger than haddock with thick skin and light lateral lines

What is Haddock?

Haddock fish is a commercial fish mostly found in the North Sea. Haddock is a medium size fish that has similar looks to codfish as it is from the same cod family.

Melanogrammus aeglefinus is its scientific name and is commonly called scrod, finnan haddie, and cod. Haddock fish taste sweeter than codfish. It is usually smoked, fried, or baked like fillets.

Haddock fish live in deep water and also spawn in the deep water. It also lives on the surface for some time.

Haddock fish swim under the deep water, and the depth would be 700 to 1500 feet. It searches for small invertebrates. They eat small fishes, sea stars, urchins, crustaceans, molluscs, sand dollars, and eggs.

It is hunted by juveniles like cod, dogfish, stakes, and seals. 

Fishermen use trawl, rod lines, gill net, or longline methods to harvest Haddock fish. It has a black or purple line on its back cited as devil’s thumbprint that distinguishes it from other codfish.

Its senses the environment using its dorsal fins, anal fins, and barbel. It lives for more than ten years and enters the maturity stage in four years. A female haddock fish lays three million eggs.

It has a height of up to three feet and weighs up to forty pounds. It has multiple proteins, vitamins, and minerals that keep the body healthy. It also tastes more promising than codfish.

What is Cod?

Codfish is a groundfish from the family of Gadidae. Gadus morhua is its scientific name and is commonly called cod or codling fish. Codfish have a variety of species, and the common species are Atlantic cod and Pacific cod.

Every codfish varies in its flavour, and its liver is used to make oil. The cod liver oil has high demand in the Northside market. Codfish liver oil is used in treating depression, heart, liver, and other diseases.

Codfish eat other codfish, haddock, and other small creatures in the sea. They are hunted by humans to cook delicious dishes.

Codfish live more than twenty-five years but swim slower than haddock fish in the water. Its skin colour is green-brown, grey-green, or red-brown and has a white underbelly.

It senses the environment with the help of dorsal fins, anal fins, pectoral fins, and barbel under the chin. It can also sense the vibration, pressure, and motion in the water using the white lateral line in the gill slit.

Codfish can spawn in any month, mostly between January to April. They travel to warm water during spawning under a depth of 660 feet.

Female codfish can lay 5 million eggs, but most of the eggs are eaten by other creatures. They get to the maturity stage after eight years. The fish tastes mild and savoury. It is also rich in proteins, fatty acids, and vitamins.

Main Differences Between Haddock and Cod

  1. Haddock is a marine fish that lives in cold water and swims faster than codfish.
  2. Haddock lives for more than ten years, and cod live for twenty years.
  3. Codfish spawns in the whole years, but haddock only between January and June
  4. Haddocks taste sweeter, and cod tastes savoury.
  5. Haddock is smaller in size than codfish.
Difference Between Haddock and Cod


Fish is rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids. Fish and its oil are used in treating health issues like depression, joint pains, and others.

There are over 33000 fish groups available, each differing in size, shape, colour, and taste. They have unique identifying features that distinguish them from others.

Haddock and codfish are from the Gadidae family but have slight differences. Haddock are smaller in size and have thin skin than codfish. Haddock fishes are less expensive and have high demand.

Both fishes are sold interchangeably but have different flavours. They have proteins, minerals, and vitamins. They have Omega 3 fatty acid that helps to maintain a healthy body.


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