Difference Between Herbs and Shrubs

All living things on earth are divided mainly into two categories, the first is Animals, and the second one is Plants. Plants are further divided into many other subcategories, in which Herbs and Shrubs are two different categories of plants that are usually confused with the same.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Herbs are plants with soft stems that do not produce woody tissue, while shrubs are plants with hard stems that grow woody tissue.
  2. Herbs are generally smaller than shrubs and can be annual, biennial, or perennial, while shrubs are perennial and can grow quite large.
  3. Herbs are often used in cooking and medicine, while shrubs are used for landscaping and ornamental purposes.

Herbs vs. Shrubs

Herbs are small, non-woody plants with soft, green stems and leaves. They are often used for culinary or medicinal purposes and can be grown in gardens or pots. Shrubs are woody plants with a permanent, above-ground framework of branches and stems. They are often used for landscaping and can create hedges, borders, or screens.

Herbs vs Shrubs

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Herbs are defined as herbaceous plant according to botany, which means it does not have a woody stem and it also lacks a branching system.

Shrubs are types of plants with a woody stem and are Larger than herbs but smaller than trees. It can be differentiated from a tree as it has branches all over the stem and near the ground.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHerbsShrubs
SizeIt is smaller in size.It is comparatively bigger.
Stem It has a nonwoody soft stem.It has a stiff woody stem.
BranchIts stems do not have branches.It has many branches from the base to the top.
Growing Season It has an annual, biennial, and perennial growing season.It has a perennial growing season.
Example Rice, Onion, Wheat, Grass, etc., are examples of herbs.Rose, Peach, Orange, Lavender, etc., are examples of shrubs.

What are Herbs?

Herbs are types of plants that are short in height and don’t have any woody stems. It has a soft green stem; in some cases, it does not even have a stem, such as grasses.

It can have different life cycles like annual, biennial, or perennial according to the time it takes to grow entirely and then die to form a new plant.

It has aromatic and medicinal properties that are useful for us. Due to these properties, it is used as medicine and in foods to give a unique flavor.

It can reproduce through seeds, flowers, and artificial stem-cutting methods. Some are fast-growing species and grow naturally in forests, grasslands, deserts, etc.; some are cultivated using different methods for various purposes.


What are Shrubs?

Plants are divided into many types. Shrubs are the type of plants that have woody branches and are more extensive as compared to herbs but smaller than trees. It also has many components that start from its base.

It can be evergreen as well as deciduous. The life cycle of shrubs is generally perennial, meaning it takes more than two years to grow and then die.

Shrubs are of many kinds, some bear fruits and flowers, and some only have left on them. They are helpful in many ways according to their types. The Shrubs that bear fruits are cultivated commercially, and some are developed just for decorative purposes.

It has long, stiff roots hold it with the ground so it can not be uprooted easily. There are a lot of examples of shrubs. Some of them are Rose, Orange, Peach, etc.


Main Differences Between Herbs and Shrubs

  1. Herbs have three growing seasons, annual, biennial, and perennial, but Shrubs’ life cycle is of perennial type.
  2. Herbs are used for various purposes like medicines, giving a unique flavor to food, tea, etc., and Shrubs are used for decorative purposes and to get fruits.
Difference Between Herbs and Shrubs
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