Hoarding vs Laziness: Difference and Comparison

Many of us want to be free of the high burden of work and want to just leave things as they are. For example, people do not pay attention to the neatness of their bedrooms and even do not hold themselves accountable for the mess that they have created all around them.

This behavior tells a lot about the attitude of a person. Some people are affected by laziness, and some of them are just okay with hoarding things.

Key Takeaways

  1. Hoarding involves accumulating excessive items, while laziness is a lack of motivation to perform tasks.
  2. Hoarding can be a symptom of a mental disorder, whereas laziness is not considered a mental health issue.
  3. Hoarding can create unsafe living conditions, while laziness impacts productivity and efficiency.

Hoarding vs Laziness

Hoarding is the consistent collection of things and items that may or may not be useful, and a person who does this is unable to part with their items and get rid of them. Laziness is the negligence or unwillingness to work or use energy. Those who are lazy are called slackers or couch potatoes.

Hoarding vs Laziness

Hoarding refers to the continuous collection of things that even may not be useful. A person who loves hoarding finds immense difficulty in parting with things and getting rid of them.

The individual tries to hoard and collect as many things as possible. The house of a person who loves to hoard things is always messy and dirty.

Laziness refers to the negligence of using energy to get the work done. Most people are suffering from laziness and run away from tiring work. They tend to shift responsibility and accountability to other’s shoulders.

According to research, human beings are lazy because most of us would always prefer lying down rather than working hard towards our dreams.

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHoardingLaziness
DefinitionHoarding refers to a tendency of human beings or animals where they accumulate stuff and things that may be useless for a long period.Laziness refers to the unwillingness of human beings to do a particular task despite having the capability and skill to do it.
Major CauseThe major cause and factor due to which an individual hoards things and stuff are the current economic state of the country or the individual.The major cause of laziness may be some noxious habits in a person’s lifestyle.
TraitThe process of hoarding something may be a business strategy for increasing or decreasing the demand.Laziness is a characteristic trait that is found in many individuals.
State Hoarding is a trait that may be displayed due to the current economic conditions.Laziness is a personal state, the intensity of which differs from person to person.
Clearing processThe things that have been accumulated due to hoarding can be easily cleared off.The unwillingness accumulated due to laziness is difficult to clear off.

What is Hoarding?

Hoarding refers to the tendency of living beings to accumulate and collect things, thus making their surroundings unclean. The hoarding disorder may range from mild to severe.

It may not directly impact your life, but it will make your daily routine troublesome. The major symptoms of hoarding disorder are:-

  • Regularly buying things even if they are not needed.
  • The great difficulty in getting rid of unuseful things.
  • Always thinking about saving and protecting useless items from other people.
  • Cluttering and hoarding things until the room becomes unclean.

The major reasons why people tend to hoard things are:-

  • They believe in the significance of these items and consider it important to store them as they will definitely benefit them in the future.
  • They are used to these items and hence do not wish to come out of their comfort zone.
  • Sometimes items may be a source of emotional support for them.
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If an individual is experiencing the symptoms of hoarding disorder, they must immediately consult a doctor who is specialized in this type of treatment.


What is Laziness?

Laziness refers to a personal state in which a person runs away from doing work. A person just wants to sit, relax, and enjoy rather than working hard to achieve his goals.

This is the reason for rising red-tapism as people tend to shift responsibility to another person and be themselves free. The major causes of laziness in human beings are lack of sleep, anxiety, and tiredness.

Many people are lazy by nature and do not wish to complete the assigned task. The major psychological causes of laziness are:-

  • A person may not find his interest and passion in the work assigned to him.
  • The person does not see the reward and end purpose of doing a particular task.
  • Self-deception may also be one of the major causes of laziness.

The most important steps that one should take to overcome laziness are:-

  • Set long-term goals and short-term goals. Proceed slowly towards the aim.
  • One must not deceive oneself.
  • Set your goals in accordance with your interests and passions.
  • An individual must reward himself so that he does not burn out.

Main Differences Between Hoarding and Laziness

  1. Hoarding refers to the tendency of human beings and animals to collect and accumulate useless things, whereas laziness refers to a personal state where an individual does not wish to work.
  2. Hoarding is guided by economic interests, whereas laziness is guided by personal interests.
  3. The major symptom of hoarding is collecting items, whereas the major symptom of laziness is shifting responsibility to others.
  4. The things accumulated due to hoarding can be easily cleared off, whereas the unwillingness instilled due to laziness is difficult to clear off.
  5. Hoarding may be a disorder or a business strategy. On the other hand, laziness is a personal state.
Difference Between Hoarding and Laziness
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Last Updated : 10 September, 2023

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