Hurts vs Hertz: Difference and Comparison

The English language is characterized by a plethora of different words, phrases, idioms, and nouns. While some may appear synonymous vocally or in the written language, they tend to have considerable differences.

The words hurts and hertz are one such pair of words in the English language. Although they may seem identical, there are considerable differences between the two. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Hurts is a verb meaning to cause pain or injury, while hertz is a unit of frequency measuring the number of cycles per second in a periodic waveform.
  2. “Hurts” is used in various contexts to describe physical, emotional, or psychological pain, while “hertz” is primarily used in physics, engineering, and acoustics to quantify frequency.
  3. The term “hertz” is named after the German physicist Heinrich Hertz, who made significant contributions to the study of electromagnetism, while “hurts” is derived from the Old French word “hurter.”

Hurts vs Hertz

The difference between hurts and hertz is that the word hurts is a plural verb. On the other hand, the word hertz is a noun. While hurts refer to mental or physical pain inflicted upon an individual, the word hertz is a unit of frequency in the International System of Units.  

Hurts vs Hertz

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According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the word hurts means to cause pain or injury to oneself or someone else. Another common meaning of the word hurts is something detrimental to an individual or society as a whole.

For instance, rising prices are hurting the economy. The word hurts may refer to mental distress or pain experienced by an individual. 

The word hertz refers to the standard unit for measuring the frequency of a wave. One Hertz is equal to one repetition per second. The unit can be applied to any periodic event.

For instance, the human heart might be said to beat at 1.2 Hz. The symbol of Hertz is Hz. Hertz can be converted to units such as megahertz and kilohertz. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHurtsHertz
Definition Hurts mean mental, emotional, or physical pain.Hertz means one cycle per second. 
Significance Hurts connote injury or pain of an individual. Hertz is used to indicating the frequency of vibrations. 
Symbol Hurts is a verb with no symbol. The symbol of Hertz is Hz.
Alternative MeaningThe word hurt may connote sympathy or pity for someone. Hertz is the name of a US car rental business. 
Example My back hurts from sitting for long hours. The radio waves are coming at 10000 hertz. 

What is Hurts?

Hurts means to cause pain or injury to yourself, someone else, or a part of your body. For example, be careful while working with the knife, you might hurt yourself. Another example of the word hurts in a sentence is David hurts the feelings of every person in his life.

The word hurts has several different connotations in everyday life apart from its conventional meaning. 

The word hurts may mean to be a source or cause of pain. For instance, I hurt myself with the kitchen knife while cutting vegetables or the injection did not hurt at all. In addition, the word hurts may refer to physical pain.

For instance, Revan told the doctor that her stomach hurts badly since the morning. Another example is Riyas head hurts from all the work she did last night. 

The word hurts also refers to emotional pain inflicted upon an individual. For instance, Michael was emotionally hurt when his best friend stopped talking to him for no reason.

Another example is that John has become rather socially withdrawn since her girlfriend hurt her feelings. The word hurts may refer to a feeling of sympathy or pity for someone. 

A less-known meaning of the word hurts is to injure or damage something or someone. For instance, the goons put a hurt on Joan. Here, the phrase hurt on means to injure him very badly.

In addition, hurts may refer to something detrimental. For example, high rates of interest are hurting the local economy. Therefore, the word has several practical implications. 


What is Hertz?

Hertz is the unit of frequency measurement defined as one cycle per second. The symbol of hertz is Hz. Hertz is an SI-derived unit. The word Hertz has been named after Heinrich Rudolf Hertz.

The most common application of Hertz is in the description of sine waves and musical tones. In addition, Hertz describes the speed of clocks at which computers and other electronics are driven. 

A less common application of Hertz is in the representation of the energy of the photon. The most well-known use of hertz is in the determination of vibration.

For instance, an infant’s ear can perceive sounds with a frequency ranging from 20 Hz to 20000 Hz. On the other hand, an adult ear can perceive sounds with a frequency ranging from 20 Hz to 16000 Hz. 

Computer buses, like front-side buses connecting the CPU and Northbridge, function at varying frequencies in the megahertz range. The Hertz unit has become the primary unit of measurement of the performance of the CPU.

However, it has been criticized because it is an easily manipulable benchmark. 

The description of electromagnetic radiation is done in terms of frequency that is expressed in Hertz. Thus, the most common use of the frequency unit Hertz is in the measurement of electronics.

One Hertz is equal to one repetition per second. To conclude, the unit Hertz serves multiple applications. 

Main Differences Between Hurts and Hertz

  1. While the word hurts is a plural of the verb hurt, the word Hertz is a noun. 
  2. The basic meaning of hurts is to cause physical or mental pain or distress to oneself or someone else. In contrast, hertz is the standard unit of frequency. 
  3. The word hurts originated in 1200, whereas the word Hertz originated in the early 1920s. 
  4. While the word hurts comes from the Old French hurte, the word hertz comes from the German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz.
  5. An example of hurts in a sentence is Maya’s head hurts since yesterday because of the late-night work. In contrast, an example of hertz in a sentence is the audible frequency range of an infant is 20 Hz to 20000 Hz.
Hurts vs Hertz – Difference Between Hurts and Hertz

Last Updated : 26 July, 2023

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