Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator: Difference and Comparison

Being able to transform a particular space of land into a functional as well as an eye-pleasing home requires both creativity and science. Many times, one may be confused about making the space comfy, cosy, and functional at the same time.

Key Takeaways

  1. Interior designers plan and design the interior space, while interior decorators focus on decorating and furnishing the space.
  2. Interior designers require formal education and certification, while interior decorators may not require formal education or certification.
  3. Interior designers may work on large-scale projects such as commercial buildings or public spaces, while interior decorators may work on smaller residential projects.

Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator 

An interior designer is a person who is in charge of designing the interior area of a room or a building, and they make a space functional by selecting all the items. An interior decorator is a person who is hired to create an atmosphere that the client wants with paint, furniture, fabric and accessories.

Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator

Interior designers are people with both imaginative and practical mindsets. They first imagine the setting of space and later put it up practically so that doing day-to-day things around the space is easy and convenient.

Interior decorators may or may not have gone through a formal course or education. Putting up couches, cupboards, rugs, chairs, tables, or any furnishing necessities in a good combination of colour and texture is important.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonInterior DesignerInterior Decorator
EducationA course certificate or degree is required.No such formal degree is required.
FunctionalityFunctionality in the space is their prime objective.Functionality is not an important criterion.
DurabilityThey make sure that all the things in the space are long-lasting.Durability is not a major concern.
Accessibility in spaceThey make sure the things in the space are easily accessible.They are more concerned about the looks of the space than easy access.
TechnicalityIt requires more technical skills.It comparatively is less technical.

What is Interior Designer?

Interior designers are passionate and creative people. They are able to make any space or piece of land functional where one feels convenient to move around and perform necessary daily activities.

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The designing can be according to the necessities of someone living there, or sometimes interior designing is also done before a space is sold to a party or third person.

We hear of celebrating big renounced designers to make their space interesting and elegant. This has become a demanding and fun job over the years.

The main and foremost skill of an interior designer is creativity. Further, they learn about the colours of walls and other necessities, placement of furniture, flooring, designs of ceilings, designing small spaces, the role of lighting, etc.


What is Interior Decorator?

Interior decorators have a sense of style and pattern. They can easily make any space aesthetic and sophisticated looking.

They are responsible for working on the looks rather than the durability and use. Obviously, this does not mean they put random things together that look good but have no use.

It means that they may not be responsible for providing storage, making things easy to access, choosing rugs and couches that are easy to clean, etc. Basically, they look for good looks rather than use.

Most of these decorators design receptions and lobbies of hotels, cafes, meeting rooms, hotel rooms, bars, corridors, sitting areas, etc. Overall, they work according to the client’s vibe and theme.

interior decorator

Main Differences Between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

  1. Interior designers make sure things are easy to access and one can move around conveniently, whereas convenient spacing is not the prime goal of a decorator.
  2. Interior design has much more technicality than interior decoration.
Difference Between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator
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Last Updated : 26 August, 2023

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