Difference Between Garbanzo Beans and Chickpeas

Garbanzo beans and Chickpeas are basically the two names of the same plants, or more precisely, the same legume. Even though the two terms appear to be unrelated, they refer to the same bean. They are the two different names for the same nutritious superfood. In a nutshell, there is no distinction between the two. The long response, on the other hand, could be quite different.

Garbanzo Beans vs Chickpeas

The main difference between Garbanzo beans and Chickpeas is that while the name chickpea comes from the Latin word “cier,” Garbanzo beans derives from the Spanish words “garroba” or “algarroba,” as well as the ancient Spanish word “arvanço. Even though both these terms pertain to the same species, their uses may vary among the English and Spanish speakers. English-speaking people call more often use the term “chickpeas,” whereas Spanish-speaking people call them “garbanzos.

Garbanzo Beans and Chickpeas

Humanity has been growing garbanzo beans over a long period of time. The crop is so old that it has made it difficult to trace back which civilization was the first to come up with the hummus recipe using the tasty ancestor garbanzo beans. Garbanzos were first recorded in Turkey around 3500 BCE and France around 6790 BCE.

The French adopted Cicer’s “pois chiche”, which they then used to produce socca, a renowned flatbread sold as street food in southern France. The English subsequently added to the French word “chich-pease”, which, as you can see, is where we ultimately got “Chick-Pea,” which is now the most widely used phrase worldwide. Chickpea seeds are a great source of nutrients like protein.

Comparison Table Between Garbanzo Beans and Chickpeas

Parameters of ComparisonGarbanzo BeansChickpeas
Etymologies It has a Spanish origin.It has a Latin origin.
The original term Derived from the Spanish words “garroba” or “algarroba,” as well as the ancient Spanish word “arvanço.The Latin word “cier” evolved into the Anglo-French “chiche,” then to the English“chich pea,” and finally to “chickpea.”
The term used by Spanish-speaking or Latino people.English-speaking people use this term more often.
Named in This term traces its name back to the year 1759.This term was first printed in English in 1338.
More common termThough this is not the most common term, it is used interchangeably worldwide.To simplify stuff, we have stuck to this term today.

What is Garbanzo Beans?

The term “garbanzo” comes from Spanish-speaking bean lovers. These people used to make tapas like garbanzo bean stew with our ancestors. The name has arisen in the 1750s from the Basque word “garbantzu,” which literally translates to “dry seed” in the old language. It is still in use in the Basque area between northern Spain and Western France.

The name “garbanzo” has a Spanish origin and was first used during the year 1759. The phrase derives itself from the Old Spanish words “garroba” and “algarroba,” as well as the Old Spanish word “arvanço.

Garbanzos have been grown and cultivated by humankind for hundreds of thousands of years, first appearing in early records in Turkey around 3500 BCE and France sometime around 6790 BCE.       

Garbanzo beans are divided into two categories: Kabuli and Desi. The Kabuli variety of chickpea has a pale tint, large seeds, a silky coat, and a spherical, uniform shape. Its name means “from Kabul. The northern part of Africa, Europe, countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chile, and the Northern part of America all grow Kabuli, which is the sort of Garbanzo we use at Roots! The Desi, which means “local” in Latin, is the second type. It’s small, black, and rugged on the outside, with a bright interior. India, Ethiopia, Mexico, and Iran are among the countries that grow it.

What is Chickpeas?

The word “chickpea” has its primary meaning roots in a Latin word. The initial root word is “cicer. “Cicer” became “chiche” in Anglo-French, and eventually “chich” in English. It evolved from the word “chich” to “chich pea”. Finally, it took its contemporary form, “chickpea.

In the year 1338, the name chickpea was first printed in English. English-speaking people have been using this word more frequently in recent years.

Chickpeas are versatile legumes, usually used in a variety of Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines. They are also rich in minerals. If one is looking for a great source of folate, protein, and dietary fibre, chickpea is an excellent option to be considered. The plant also can improve our diet and appetite.

Consuming this can reduce the intake of processed foods and food in general, lowering calorie intake. It is a good source of carbs for diabetic patients and can help with blood sugar management.

Chickpea is also used to make a special kind of flour which is used to prepare various types of dishes and snacks, for example, pasta, Hummus, crispy chips, and even puffs. The flour is sometimes also referred to as besan. It is also called garbanzo or sometimes even gram flour.

Main Differences Between Garbanzo Beans and Chickpeas

  1. The term “Garbanzo beans” has a Latin origin, whereas the term “Chickpeas” has a Spanish origin.
  2. “Garbanzo” is derived from the Spanish words “garroba” or “algarroba,” as well as the ancient Spanish word “arvanço. On the other hand, the Latin word “cier” evolved into the Anglo-French “chiche,” then to the English“chich pea,” and finally to “chickpea.”
  3. Spanish-speaking or Latin people use the term “Garbanzo” beans more often, whereas English-speaking people use this term more often.
  4. “Garbanzo” dates back to the year 1759, when it got its name. The term “Chickpea” was first found in the English print in 1338.
  5. “Chickpea” is the most common term used by everyone and even all over the internet to refer to this type of beans, while “Garbanzo”, even though not the most common term in use, is used interchangeably with the former term worldwide.        


Therefore, we can observe that Chickpeas and garbanzo beans are the same plants, or more precisely, the same legume. Garbanzo beans and chickpeas are just two of the many names and layman’s terminology for Cicer arietinum, as are many other plants. Cicer arietinum is a member of the Magnoliophyta division, Magnoliopsida class, Fabales order, Fabaceae family, and Faboideae subfamily of the Magnoliophyta division. Cicer is the genus of the plant. Cicer arietinum is a plant species with both common and scientific names.

Garbanzo bean and chickpea have the same scientific categorization and applications as they are the same plant entity.

Spanish-speaking or Latino people usually refer to this variety of beans as “Garbanzo”. Meanwhile, English speakers refer to chickpeas as “chickpeas.

The origins of the words “chickpea” and “garbanzo” are distinct. The term “chickpea” has its origin in the very well-known English language, but “garbanzo”, on the other hand, comes from the Spanish language.


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