Black vs Pinto Beans: Difference and Comparison

Black and Pinto Beans are two kinds of beans. These two can be at a glance differed by their colours. Black beans, as we can guess by the name itself, is black, while Pinto beans are brown with different kinds of spots throughout the body.

Black beans also have a creamy white centre. Black beans don’t change any colour, which means that even after cocking they don’t change colour.

Black beans are the shinny kinds of beans that stay black with white inside. Black beans contain a lesser amount of carbohydrates when compared to Pinto beans.

Pinto beans are different from black beans in shape, colour, and even size, along with all other significant differences in nutrients. Pinto beans are brown with lots of different kinds of spots throughout the body.

The beans change their colour to pink after cocking, which also makes them different.

Key Takeaways

  1. Black beans have a slightly higher protein content and lower glycemic index than pinto beans.
  2. Pinto beans have a milder flavor and creamier texture, while black beans have a richer, earthier taste.
  3. Black beans hold their shape better during cooking, making them suitable for various dishes, whereas pinto beans are more likely to break apart and are popular in refried beans recipes.

Black vs Pinto Beans

Black beans are classified as legumes that are oval-shaped, small, firm, and hard-shelled. They can stand high temperatures and resist moisture, so they don’t get mushy. Pinto beans are a variety of common beans that take on the flavours of the ingredients they are paired with, but have a nutty taste.

Black vs Pinto Beans

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Black beans are a very small and shinny variant of beans that is very common or popular in cuisines of Latin America and some parts of South Louisiana. These are also found in Cajun and Creole, a place in South Louisiana.

Black beans also offer a lot of fibres and nutrients, but when compared, it is lesser than Pinto beans.

Pinto beans are a little larger, brown and rougher variant of beans which is very common or popular in cuisines of the United States. These are also famous in northwestern Mexico.

The most famous use of these beans is as fillings of burritos in different parts of the world.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBlack BeansPinto Beans
OriginBlack beans can be said to have first been located as an important part of cousins of central and south Americans.Pinto beans can be said to have first been located as a part of early Mexican and Peruvian civilizations.
AgeAround 7,000 years oldAround 5,000 years old
Invented byMichigan State UniversityManrique Gonzale
Fat0.9 grams per cup1.11 grams per cup
Calories227 calories per cup245 calories per cup
ColourBlack and white insideBrown with spots before cocking and pink after cocking

What are Black Beans?

Black beans were seen to be in existence for more than around7,00 years. It was seen to have come from a place in South America now known as Peru.

These are also known as turtle beans which are quite smaller in comparison with shiny black covers. These kinds of beans are known for their more nutritious values.

There are some nutritious insights in Black beans, which makes a dominance over Pinto beans. It is seen that Black beans offer a little higher fibre when we compare with Pinto beans.

The calories offered by these beans are also a little bit higher when compared. Black beans are served in most Latin American foods.

Brazil to other parts, this acts as a very important ingredient.

It is even present in the national dish, which is feijoada. Other important roles of this can be, for example, used in Moros or Cristianos or soups or many other classic or native or fancy dishes. 

Black beans also have their effects in Southwestern and Caribbean dishes as well. This is a great part of society, which started around 7,000 years ago.

It was first thought to have started from the south and central America. It plays a huge role in the world of food. 

black beans 1

What are Pinto Beans?

Pinto beans are the ones that came quite after Black beans around 5,000 years ago. In Spanish, it is known as Judias Pintas.

In the Southwestern sides of the United States and Northern Mexico, this is one of the most popular in production as well as eating. These are mostly found in a mashed, whole or fried form in food.

In Mexican cuisines, this is a very common ingredient in the food. This is especially important as a filling in foods like burritos, tacos, tostadas, and even with foods like sopaipilla and tortilla.

This has higher carbohydrates of around 26.22. It consists of many different kinds of nutrients. In Brazilian food, also we see the importance of Pinto beans.

We also see that in Spanish food, there are dishes named after them which also shows the importance of Pinto beans. In Pinto beans, we can find three types of varieties which are Burke, Hidatsa, and Othello. 

When it comes to cooking, beans are known for taking a long time, but if soaked earlier in water for some good hours, then they become soft and easy to cook.

Along with the tasty nature of Pinto beans, we also get a very wide range of nutrients which include, for example, phosphorus, protein, manganese, fibre, folate, etc.

pinto beans

Main Differences Between Black and Pinto Beans

  1. Black beans are black with white inside, while Pinto beans are brown with spots throughout the body which turns into pink when cocked.
  2. Black beans are from mainly the Southern region of America, now known as Brazil, while Pinto beans are from now known as Peru.
  3. The texture of Black beans is hard, and they also maintain their shape very nicely from the outside, while Pinto beans are much softer and creamier.
  4. Consuming Black beans lead to improvement in cardiovascular issues and is also good for digestion, while Pinto beans are good for keeping diabetes in control and also decreasing the chances of heart diseases.
  5. The flavours of Black beans are rich, hearty and dense, while Pinto beans have a creamier, earthier and rounded flavour.
  6. Black beans have 10% of vitamin E and vitamin B6 while they are absent in Pinto beans.
Difference Between Black and Pinto Beans

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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