Difference Between Interpolation and Extrapolation

Interpolation and extrapolation are two methods of finding different values which come under a sequence of a straight line or in the same pattern of a curve.


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Interpolation vs Extrapolation

The difference between interpolation and extrapolation is that interpolation gives more accurate values compared to extrapolation. Interpolation requires picking values that are actually between the data points received from research or study. Extrapolation requires picking values that are beyond the data points one has received through the experiment or research.

Interpolation vs

These points may be part of a straight line with an equation or a curve with the constant curving. One can find values more easily and accurately through it.

Extrapolation involves finding one value based on another value and these value lie beyond some of the data points that one already knows is accurate.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonInterpolationExtrapolation
ExtensionIt does not require an extension of the pattern. It requires an extension of the pattern.
Finding data pointsData points are found within the range.Data points are not found within the range.
ConvenienceIt is more convenient to find data points here.It is less convenient to find data points here comparatively.
AccuracyThe data points or simple points found here are more accurate and precise compared to extrapolation.There is more chance of finding inaccurate data points in this process compared to interpolation.
EasyOne can easily find data points in this process. One cannot easily find data points in this process.

What is Interpolation?

Interpolation is the process of finding values that fall under a particular range of values. Interpolation helps to find data that is part of a data range.

Hence only a few points of a particular location are taken as a reference point so that the rest are determined based on the constant pattern with the help of interpolation.

When two points are connected to each other on a plane surface, an equation can be found for the line based on the two points of reference.

There are various other points that are connected on the ways of connecting these two points, and these can be taken as the points that are found using the interpolation process.

What is Extrapolation?

Extrapolation can be a little complicated than compared to of interpolation. Similar, to interpolation it requires one to find points, but this time the points do not lie in between the data points we already have.

If the extension of the graph pattern is not possible, one has to find an estimated point according to the pattern.

One example of this is a plane connecting two points. When we join them with the help of a line, the line incorporates an infinite number of points in it.

These points can be easily located if the line is further extended, but this is not always possible, similar to the case of finding whether points of a location.

Main Differences Between Interpolation and Extrapolation

  1. Interpolation has values within the range, whereas extrapolation does not.
  2. Interpolation requires less time than extrapolation.


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