Difference Between Irish and Scottish (With Table)

The world is home to several cultures, traditions and languages. The world comprises 195 countries, all having different languages, cuisines and lifestyles. Ireland and Scotland are two such beautiful nations having amazing people, culture and social habits. Both the countries are located on the same continent called Europe.

Irish vs Scottish

The main difference between Irish and Scottish is that Irish basically refers to inhabitants of Ireland, whereas Scottish basically refers to the people residing in the country of Scotland. Ireland lies in Northwestern Europe, whereas Scotland is located in the Northern third of Great Britain.

Irish people speak English and Irish (Gaeilge), which are also the official languages of the Republic of Ireland. The National currency is the Euro. In 1948, Ireland became a completely free country, but the northern region of Ireland was taken over by the British back then. There are two states in Ireland, one is The Republic of Ireland, and the other is North Ireland which is under the control of the British parliament.

Scottish people speak Scottish Gaelic and English as their major languages. The National currency of Scotland is the Pound sterling. Scotland has a limited say over its Executive and Legislative affairs, while the British Parliament has the authority over the reserved matters.

Comparison Table Between Irish and Scottish

Parameters of ComparisonIrishScottish
RegionIrish are residents of Ireland.Scottish are residents of Scotland.
GeographyIreland is located in Northwestern Europe on an Island.Scotland is located in the Northern third of Great Britain.
LanguageThe official language of Ireland is Irish Gaeilge.The official language of Scotland is Scottish Gaelic.
CuisinesThe cuisine here is developed upon the vegetation and plenty of seafood.The cuisine mainly found here is typical European cuisine.
CurrencyThe Currency of Ireland is the Euro.The currency of Scotland is the Pound sterling.
Dance formThe major dances are Ceili dance, Irish stepdance, and Festival Irish dance.The major dances are Highland dancing and Scottish country dance.
FestivalsThe Irish people celebrate festivals like Dublin Horse Festival, Kilkenny Arts Festival and others.The most famous festival in Scotland is Hogmanay.

What is Irish?

Irish is defined as the basis of everything in the country of Ireland. The language, people, the cultural practices of Ireland are all termed, Irish. Ireland is an island that does not come under the control and administration of the United Kingdom. The capital of the Republic of Ireland is Dublin.

Ireland has vast green and majestic mountains and is known to be one of the most attractive places on Earth. Most of the people of Ireland belong to the religion of Roman Catholicism. Ireland is a secular country as per its constitution and treats every citizen equally irrespective of their culture, religion and gender.

The Economy of Ireland is flourishing and is majorly directed towards services in life sciences, technology and agriculture. One of the major characteristics of Irish people is that they are extremely welcoming and friendly.

When you are in Ireland, you must visit Blarney Castle and Dublin Castle, which are some of the famous attractions. Tourism in Ireland is one of the most contributing sectors in the Irish Economy as almost 90 lakh people visit Ireland every year.

What is Scottish?

Scottish is defined as the basis of everything in the country of Scotland. ‘Scottish’ is used for referring to the inhabitants of Scotland, the language, and also the cultural practices of Scottish people. The capital of Scotland is Edinburg which is also one of the major tourist attractions in the country.

The lowlands of Scotland are majorly made up of Farms and Forests, while the mountains constitute a major portion of the Highlands. Most of the people of Scotland practice Christianity as their religion.

Scotland is also a member of the G7, the G8, and the G20. Scotland is one of the industrial giants in Europe, having a GDP of $205 focussed mainly on the service sector.

One of the interesting facts about Scotland is that it is the place from where the bagpipe, a well-known musical instrument, originated. Scotland is progressing in all the sectors due to its advantage of being a resourceful nation that is home to minerals like Quartz and diamond.

Main Differences Between Irish and Scottish

  1. Ireland is an independent country, whereas Scotland is a part of the British monarchy.
  2. The Irish people speak Irish Gaelic whereas, Scottish people speak Scottish Gaelic.
  3. Roman Catholic is the most practised religion by Irish people, while the most practised religion by Scottish people is Christianity.
  4. Ireland is well known and famous all around the world for its beer and stews, while Scotland is famous for its haggis and Angus beef.
  5. Ireland is completely surrounded by the Celtic Sea, Irish Sea and The Atlantic Sea, while Scotland shares its borders with England and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.


One of the reasons why people are always confused between Irish and Scottish is because of the political and geographical coincidental nature of both countries. The main difference between Irish and Scottish is that Irish refers to the people of Ireland, and Scottish refers to the people of Scotland.

Irish culture, lifestyle, social values are quite different from Scottish values, but since both countries are a part of the European continent, they have a connection that cannot be ignored. Both the countries are doing really well in every sector, whether it is agriculture or it is the industrial sector.

Both the countries have equally beautiful places to visit, which helps them boost their economy through tourism. One quite interesting fact is that there is no time difference between Ireland and Scotland as they fall in the same time zones.

Although both nations are quite different, both are necessary for the emergence of Europe as a Superpower in the upcoming decade. They both provide a boost to the European Market and Economy. Both the countries may be separated by various barriers but are playing an important role in the promotion of the European Economy and the World Economy as a whole.


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