Difference Between JDK 1.5 and JDK 1.6

Several software systems had used to develop and execute a program. Programming languages like python, C, C++, Java and some others help in coding.


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JDK is a programming development kit in Java. There are several versions and updates in Java. JDK 1.5 and JDK 1.6 are the two kinds of versions in Java.

JDK 1.5 vs JDK 1.6 

The difference between JDK 1.5 and JDK 1.6  is that JDK 1.5  is the updated version for Java 5 whereas JDK 1.6 is the development version of Java 6 in the Java platform. The features of both JDK 1.5 AND 1.6 are different where the updated versions come into the market.

JDK 1.5 vs JDK 1.6

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JDK 1.5 is an evolved version of Java 5. Java platform presents various kinds of versions in software development. Depending on the technology, the Java platform will update its features.

Java 5 has its characteristics, whereas 1.5 is a Java Development Kit. This kit had developed with the versions by Oracle corporation. The JDK 1.5 consists of tools that are useful for testing Java coding. 

In contrast, JDK 1.6 is the development kit that had an updated version for Java 6. JDK have stability and security levels and runs the code fastly by consisting of testing tools.

Java 6 is the product version, whereas Java Development Kit 1.6 is a developed version. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison JDK 1.5 JDK 1.6 
Definition It is a development kit of Java that helps in testing the Java 5 version coding. JDK 1.6 is an evolved version of Java 6 in a programming language. 
Corporation JDK 1.5 had developed under the Oracle corporation. Oracle authorizes the JDK 1.6 version.  
Invention JDK 1.5 had initially released in 2004 September. It had released in 2006 December under Oracle corporation. 
About JDK 1.5 is used as an interior version under the J2SE 5 version. It is updated by having authority, stability and securing by running a code in Java. 
Label The JDK 1.5 is from the J2SE 5, which had labelled as Tiger in Java platform.  It had obtained by Java SE 6 that named Mustang. 

What is JDK 1.5? 

JDK is a version in Java coding having kinds of updated testing tools. It had popularly known as Java Development Kit that works for the Java platform.

The JDK versions will release according to the updates by Oracle Corporation in the Java platform. JDK stands for Java Development Kit where it consists of testing applications.

JDK 1.5 was an updated version of Java 5 where both belongs to the Java 2 platform. It is a standard Edition of Java corporates by Oracle. JDK 1.5 is helpful for programming for Java 5, which have stability and authority levels.

The JDK 1.5 had used as a tool to develop and test the coding programs in Java and runs on the Java platform. 

The JDK 1.5 developed version had initially released in 2004 September. JDK have various numbered versions. So the JDK 1.5 differs from others by having some features. They are 

  • Enhanced tools for Loop¬†
  • Garbage collectors¬†
  • Steady import¬†
  • Automatic boxing and unboxing¬†
  • Generics¬†
  • Schema¬†
  • Numeration¬†

The above features can find in the Java Development Kit 1.5. However, the support from the public and Oracle customers gave up between 2009- 2015, but even now, it supports an internal version. This kit had developed with the versions by Oracle corporation.

What is JDK 1.6? 

As aware of the platform, JDK 1.6 was the developed version of Java 6. It supports the Java Standard Edition 6 by testing and running the programs.

The Java Development Kit 1.6 had declared in 2006 November and, it is known as a developed version for Java 6. It had obtained by Java SE 6 that named Mustang.

JDK 1.6 had called the matured version because the testing tools and features had updated ones compared with Java 6. Primarily it is represented as JDK 1.6.0, where it comes under J2 Standard Edition.

But the Sun was renamed by removing the 0 from J2SE to Java SE. This JDK 1.6 indicates the majority, stability and security of the Java search engine.

It runs the code rapidly and consists of testing applications. JDK 1.6 will work fast and run the programs with rapid speed compared with JDK 1.5

Usually, the JDK 1.6 supports the Java 6 version updating the security, public updates. But the Java 6 versions was concluded in April 2013 by stopping the services.

Although the Java brought the brand new JDKs to the other versions. Although the JDK 1.6 version had used in the Java platform, it had released under Oracle association. Some of the features of the JDK 1.6 are 

  • Enhancing the framework¬†
  • Vernacular platform for security¬†
  • Swing combination with Desktop by utilizing the Windows API¬†
  • Self-Loading of Java¬†Database¬†Connectivity drive¬†

The above features had added to the developed JDK version compared with the Java SE 6. The JDK 1.6 is high smoother and runs the program rapidly compared with the previous version. 

Main Differences Between JDK 1.5 and JDK 1.6 

  1. JDK 1.5 is the progress version of Java 5, whereas JDK 1.6 is the updated version for Java 1.6. 
  2. JDK 1.5 had declared in 2004 September, whereas JDK 1.6 had released in 2006 December. 
  3. Although both had been released under the Oracle association, JDK 1.6 runs trouble-free and faster than JDK 1.5. 
  4. JDK 1.5 version developed under Java 5 Tiger where JDK 1.6 progressed for Java 6 Mustang. 
  5. Both JDK 1.5 and JDK 1.6 supports the Java programming platform, they concluded in different years. 
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