Difference Between Job and Work (with Table)

There are many words which are used by people frequently in their day to day life and two such words are work and job. Most of the time people get confused between these two words.

The difference between Job and Work is that work is an activity that a person does either physically or mentally to get the desired result in his day-to-day life whereas a job reflects a particular position of a person in a company. The work is not the same systematic every day whereas the job is more or less the same and systematic every day.

Comparison Table Between Job and Work

Parameter of ComparisonJobWork
NounIt is a countable noun.It is an uncountable noun.
MeaningIt refers to the assigned activity done by a person for consideration.It refers to any activity done by an individual either physically or mentally. 
NatureIt is specific.It is generic.
PaymentIn this case, people mostly get paid.In this case, people don’t get paid.
Derivation of nameThe word ‘job’ is derived from the Middle English word “gobben”.The word ‘work’ is derived from the Old English word “weorc” or “worc”.
DescribesThis describes the position of an individual in a company.It describes the normal activities done by an individual.

What is Job?

The job often refers to an activity performed by an individual in return for a specified payment, which is also called as salary. It describes the position of a person in a company. It is also called as occupation, profession, career, or trade. The responsibility of an employee is to fulfill the allotted work by the employer because he is paid for it. The word ‘job’ comes from the Middle English word “gobben”.

Difference Between Objective and Goal (With Table)

In a job, a person is first asked to sign a contract and complete the required formalities. The goals and targets are assigned by the company and the activities are almost the same every day.

Jobs can be categorized into 3 main types, they are:

  1. Full-Time Job: A full-time job is the one in which the employee works full working hours as specified by the company and he is not supposed to work in any other company simultaneously. The employee gets the status of a permanent employee in the company and it is his main source of income. Almost all people except students, housewives and old people prefer full-time jobs.
  2. Part-Time Job: A part-time job is the one in which the employee works half of the working hours as specified by the company and he can also work in any other company simultaneously. The employee might get the status of a permanent employee depending on the company policies. This job is often done just for a side income. It is mostly preferred by housewives and students.
  3. Internship: An internship is a type of job done by students for industry experience, certificates, and also stipends. It is mostly of a specified duration from 1 week to 6 months or even more depending on the company. Students mostly do internships during their summer break. An intern gets the status of a temporary employee in the company. It is preferred by college students.
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What is Work?

Work is an activity, done by an individual that requires physical or mental efforts to accomplish a goal or finish a task for oneself. An individual does the work for his friends, family, employers, or himself. It basically means that any activity which produces some output and consumes time is considered as work. The word ‘work’ comes from the Old English word “weorc” or “worc”.

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Work is mostly done because of interest, need, or responsibility and it doesn’t always include payment. Work doesn’t have any specification it could be of any kind. 

It has been misunderstood by many people that mental efforts cannot be termed as work but actually thinking requires energy and it is work as well.

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Main Differences Between Job and Work

  1. Job refers to an assigned activity that an individual does for consideration whereas work is an activity done by an individual for themselves. Also, the job refers to a designated post or position in a company whereas work is not doesn’t describe any position.
  2. The number of activities done by an individual can be calculated in a job because the activities to be done are specified whereas the number of activities done as work cannot be calculated.
  3. People get specified fees or salary for doing jobs but there is no fees or salary for work. Their fees or salary is calculated depending on the output they give to the company.
  4. The word ‘job’ is derived from the Middle English word “gobben” whereas the word ‘work’ is derived from the Old English word “weorc” or “worc”.
  5. The activities done in a job are specific and almost the same every day whereas the activities which are done as work are general and are not the same every day.


Job is basically a position at a company. It involves activities done by an individual which is his responsibilities as an employee of the company which pays him. There are different types of works and each having different kinds of responsibilities and tasks. The tasks and goals are specified in a job.

Difference Between Paraphrasing and Summarizing (With Table)

Work is something that a person does in general due to interest or need. It involves doing tasks for family, friends, or even for oneself. An individual doesn’t get paid for doing work. The main motto behind finishing work is the achievement of a goal for oneself. It involves physical as well as mental efforts.


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